regarding overpopulation

Sometimes we fear things, without becoming clear about what the dangers are, and what the dangers aren't. Our negativity will grasp at many straws.

Overpopulation would not be a problem for us if the Earth was not a rare, limited and ultimately fragile habitable resource — and round.

If the habitable Earth were unlimited, an expanding population would be a boon of sorts, enabling diversity, economic grows and the possibility of human happiness for all (though small governmental/linguistic units might be preferable.

And if we fucked up our environment, we could, as we have tended to do, move on to new territories.

The fact there would be more people we could never know, would not be a problem. We already live in a planet of 99.9999% strangers. We have many genetic mechanisms for living with unknowns. Indeed unknowns excite us.

Let us consider some aspects we tend to think of as parts of the problem of overpopulation:

  • Overpopulation destroys habitats for other species When it comes to a choice between human survival and animal survival, the animal usually loses, if not in theory, in practice. In an Earth of limited resources we cannot keep open the habitats in which many of our fellow animals evolved.
  • Overpopulation causes pollution, of many kinds We change the atmosphere, the temperature, the ocean, the chemicals in many ways, with unpredictable and usually unknown consequences.
  • Overpopulation destroys nature a basic human need. Humans need solitude.
  • The fear of overpopulation should be distinguished form the fear of multi-culturalism Some of the negative aspects of multi-culturalism come from our innate tribalism and fear of the other. We have triggers that are easily pulled.
  • Limited resources and growing populations leads to fighting for limited resources. Though this is hardly the only cause of fighting.
  • Overpopulation leads to overcrowding, and overcrowding is bad. Or at least challenging.
  • Overpopulation and limited resources leads to poverty, and poverty is bad. We humans are easily frIghtened of swarms of desperate people. (We suspect we might be capable of almost anything if we were truly desperate.)
  • Overpopulation and limited resources overwhelm social systems. We can only help so many.

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