names for my unwritten philosophy book

We hold a book in our hand, and we evaluate. We read the title, a blurb or two, a sentence, perhaps a few pages, and move on. Occasionally we read the Amazon reviews, the Wikipedia article, or maybe a review. The title is a big part of the experience.

Perhaps it will be useful to tell you some of the names I have consiered using for my philosophy book.

  • Thoughts on The Way
  • Ten Steps in Every Direction
  • Putting it into Words
  • It's Not That Simple
  • Let's Face It
  • Lacking Better Words
  • What Box? / Outside Thoughts
  • Cuts of Wisdom, Short and Longer
  • Philosophical Travails
  • Leaps of Reason
  • Flying Fucks at Rolling Donuts
  • The Limits of Human Understanding
  • A Variety of Drafts for Prefaces, Forwards and Introduction to a Theory of Everything
  • Stalacthoughts
  • Philosophical staggerings
  • Philosophical ignorance
  • Conceptual ignorance
  • Nexūs

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