What does it means to say someone is creepy/is a creep?

Allen Stairs (@AllenStairs) recently asked in a tweet if "any philosophers has "written on what it means to say someone is creepy/is a creep?" I would like to present my two cents.


Crrepy originally has Originally 1. Of or producing a sensation of uneasiness or fear, as of things crawling on one's skin: a creepy feeling; a creepy story, and 2. Annoyingly unpleasant; repulsive.

In recent time the word has transmuted where creepiness is a commonly ascribed character attribute, no longer given to weird clowns and and creepy old house. Now a character flaw where other normally but to actions that may, by older standards, weem harmless.

Too much staring, unwanted attention and catcalls, especially by undesirable people, the pahse mught be a creepy old man.

Also we have, Don't be creepy. Don't act in a

Is creepiness subjective or objective;is it the fasult of the person ("the creep") or the person who feels "creeped" out. This may depend on the

Labeled as a creep

one time a creepy old man on the bus asked me what my favorite food was so I said "appetizers" and got off even though it wasn't my stop. May have been

Creepy Dad tells his kids about all the girls he hooked up with before their mom.


some of this is incature of scial conventions, which are as fluid as, or as fluid with, verbal conventions.

We may read, watch, see a movie or a comedian who disolays outrageous behavior, but is not acceptable in the world of human boidues and animals. Jolkes that fail. Say a joke about about ediphilia. May work on sites you invite them or comedians, not so much The pont was made, that not simply right or wrong, butoff in other ways. If somone does not want attention, then (based oin the orinciple of not doing what somone wants to do) you should ot do it.

If goies on social media and lambastes that person, that violates other general moral rules. Utilitarianism is a principle of consideration. Does this nhurt anyone? What kind of hurt is acceptable. Pain of being offended, or blashpehemy. Old bumping into people not work; in part becuas epeople are ensconced in social media. Walk down the street Why do we let young epopel set the rules on nscial media, and not say, by a venerable OLD RABBI. In aprt, the venerable rabbi know next to nothing about the many interactive opeoirtiaons of social media.

Just as creepiness is an evolving attribute, so is our thinking about creepiness. We thnk that oir judgment of creepiness is

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