Forwords - August 11, 2013

This is—and will no doubt always remain—a work in progress.

Over the last few years, I have attempted to write a philosophy book.
Each attempt has petered out in the sands of confusions.

I will no doubt make a mess of this as well
leaving things undone and half-unfinished.

This books is a series of messes I have tried my best to clean up.

There is more to cover, and more detail, than can ever fit neatly in a few remarks.

This attempt is an attempt that does not try to be a book. It is an attempt to put something down in the time and mind at my disposal.

There is a lot to say, if I can only find the words.
And the time. (The thoughts come slowly.)

Chapters will come and chapters will go.

This should have been a philosophy book.
Both you and I wanted a good philosophy book.
But no philosophy book is forthcoming.

I could present you with considerations that would conclude that no such book is possible. But you would not believe me. You have seen a philosophy book — lots of them.

For one thing, human language may be incapable of describing the world in which we live. This does not stop people from writing and reading philosophy books. (People love that kind of shit.)

I think I have something to say.
Let's see.

There are several questions here:
What do I have to say? and
What can I possibly say?

What can I communicate to you?
And what cannot be communicated in words?
What cannot even be shewn?

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