We Do Not Understand Music

Music is all around us. Yet all our explanations of music hardly get off the ground. Music is a prime example of something universal that we cannot explain at all. But that does not stop us from enjoying it constantly and often effortlessly.

music is all around us
all the time.
Almost everyone likes music.
But why should the sounds of music,
(describable as a complex wave,)
be the source of universal interest?
most discussions of music
soon begins talking of pitch, timbre, volume.
It is what passes for explaining music.
(It is traditional.)
But it does not explain music.
The question can be re-framed:
Why should the sounds of pitch, timbre, and volume,
be the source of universal interest?
another common approach
is to take classical music
as the true form of music.
Everyone begins with non-classical.
The fact that not everyone likes classical music,
is bonus aspect for this idea.
explanations in words
is no substitute for listening to and enjoying music.
here are a few things we do not know about music
How does music express emotions?
How does music soothe?
Why do we like music? (It is a simple structure)
Why does it give us such deep satisfaction?
Why does it seldom fail?
music is people
safely abstracted:
The parts of music are after all the parts of different people.
The power of music is the power of the Many.
(The chorus, in music, is the monkey band.)
music is an impressive skill
It is hard to make good music.
Even collecting music is a skill:
Look! I am a good hunter and gatherer.
And better than you.
recursively metaphorically speaking . . .
music sings to me.

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