The philosophy book

I want to write

The philosophy book to end all philosophy books

Well not all philosophy books. Philosophy books do make a pleasant if arcane pastime, like opera, or macrame. Just the stupid ones.

I will explain what I mean by "stupid ones" later. I will explain everything later. And therein lies a big part of a big problem. How do I get to later?

The task of explaining everything, of describing and understanding the actual nature of reality, seems to be an understandable one, and an important one hallowed by tradition. At the same time the world's greatest and productive minds have failed to reach consensus on this, either in academic philosophy and the more boisterous street philosophy of politics, religion and thoughtful discourse of intelligent minds.

I know I do not have the credentials to engage in this, probably for good reasons, some of which I fail to recognize. The task is more ego and illusion than reality.

I do not have time to develop much of a philosophical persona in this book. The old philosopher, The arrogant genius, the wise sage.

Am I serious?

Yes. You should give me that.

What I have written is so far is inadequate.

Why have I not written this?

it is hard to write.

Setting aside the obvious, why is this so hard to write?

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