My big ideas II

None of the ideas presented here are new. If there will be anything new in this work, it will lie in the coherency of these ideas, the systematic use and elaboration of these ideas about our particular world, and the demonstration of using these ideas in practice in thinking about our world.

The Grand Synchronicity

There is a strong and conceptually important interconnection connection between:

  • the human brain
  • human language (use)
  • the human animal
  • human societies | cultures

The Manimal

Humans are also part of a blooming species. I will call this species, the manimal. This is a new word, whose purpose is to shake our understanding of ourselves (as it is) and place more focus on the animal | unconscious | biological | instinctual parts of ourselves.

Our minds are constantly Multi-Processing

We talk and we understand with a variety of processes that are at work in our minds all the time. We do not have words for these processes. We will need to find ways of talking | thinking about these processes.

We live | behave and understand | speak in Contexts.

We grow up and thrive or fail in a world not of our own making. This is as much a social world as anything else. Our contexts are both natural and social, and we do not usually discriminate between the two.

We live in a world that is Endlessly Big

(And this is how we evolved.) And not only conceptually. There is an endless supply of everything. We can literally not comprehend our world. At the same time, we have lots of mechanisms to keep our world small and comprehensible. This distorts our ability to think about the world.

Our language is deeply flawed

when it comes to thinking and talking about the biggest aspects of our world. It impacts everything said so far.

  • We are constantly deluded by our words (This is particularly true of our abstract or philosophical thoughts.)
  • We speak and think in metaphors
  • Not all our questions are meaningful. (And an answer to a non-meaningful question is not an answer at all, but a mistake.)
  • We are deeply ignorant about our language and our words.

I will talk about all of these in turn. I will begin with some generalizations about several of them: contexts, multi-processing and language.

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