Conceptual Ignorance

If our factual ignorance, and our theoretical ignorances is not enough, there is alaso a large group of things we don't know that we can misleadingly group under the term 'conceptual ignorance.'

We should not assume we can can ever fully understand all the things that could be included in this term, any more than we can see all the 'places' in the United States. There are too many and too much varieties.

This group, will include things having to do with our words | concepts, our use of these things in sentences, and our understandings of this sentence.

We are generally ignorant, in practice and in theory of:

  • the fuzziness of our words
  • the active multi-criteriality of our words
  • Fragenfeil: questions that are not questions with an answer, but pseudo question which draw us off to pseudo-answers.

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