Aphorisms of Understanding

Do NOT overunderstand!

Our understanding reaches an aesthetic compromise with the world.

We hold on to the way we think things are.

The world has so many lovely places where you can sit, and fail to understand it all.

Understanding does not make you happier, just intellectually sophisticated and closer to the truth. If being intellectually sophisticated and closer to the truth makes you happy, so be it.

Understanding the world, having a coherent sophisticated culturally sensitive understanding of the world is strictly optional.

You don't actually need any insight about the nature of the universe. You can pretty much say and think whatever the fuck you want about it unless you are doing science.

I expect my understanding of the world to be more than just my understanding of the world.

One major problem facing mankind is to understand mankind.

In order to make the world understandable we have to distort it.

We should not oversimplify how we oversimplify.

We create spurious entities like knowledge, wisdom, meaning, being, communication, etc. in order to get our mind around and by things.

Distractions often come disguised as understandings.

Because you can say almost anything about anything big, you actually can't say anything about anything big.

If we make our explanation of life really hard, we don't have to begin to understand it and we don't have to begin to understand that we don't understand it.

Just give me the wrong explanation. At least I can understand that one.

We have a gift for understanding things we don't understand at all.

All our understanding are misunderstandings.

We'll understand almost anything.

Puzzling out the world is figuring out what words to say about the world.

The quest to understand the world is a seduction. All answers to that question are seductions as well.

The world and all its components are very big. We do not see this because we can only see small.

The world is full of things that draw us away from understanding it.

Genuine understanding is tentative.

It is amazing we think we can understand the world. It is even more amazing that we think we already do.

Is it that we like our confusions? We want the world not to be the way we think it is.

You can't handle understanding!

We understand in overstatements.

People will understand anything.
(That includes the preceding sentence.)

We understand things that are not true.

It's an important point to understand that understandings is not all that important. And that important points are not all that important.

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