obsessing on Donald J. Trump

In the last year I have wasted much too much time "thinking" about one Donald James Trump. I have spent more time thinking about him than about any other president in my lifetime. When his behavior is not shoved before my face, which it is constantly and daily, I seek it out. What outrageous things has Trump done today? In this I am hardly alone.

The question here is why do we obsess on this?

And the obsessions and disagreements is not primarily an intellectual one, but is at a very emotional level. It is not enough to disagree with Trump, we also need to call him names. He is an idiot.

I feel I have some responsibility here. As though it is a duty to pay attention to all this stuff.

Some of it is the same things that draw us into binge watching a television show, with shady and immoral characters. This is what passes for "entertainment" on the media. Yet is s less possible, and seemingly reprehensible, to turn this particular show off.

We could argue that a person who managed to win a presidential election he is indeed a political idiot. You would have to have the ingenuity and blunders of a conspiracist, to believe there is a plan behind the almost daily inanities.

There are at least three reasons to turn away from the Donald.

(1) In a few years,there will be another person in charge, hopefully one more presidential — which is now a very low bar. Trump too will pass. He will have done some damage, hopefully nothing that cannot be fixed as easily as it is broken. I have faith in the American system it can weather weakness at the top.

(2) Most of us, the average well-off, will not be affected by this.

(3) Even well-placed and prominent, most of us cannot do anything about this. Every four years we pull a lever, and that seems to be about it in our democracy. Our daily emotings and occasional comments seem to have no force whatsoever.

So why the obsession? Why so many are so many people both engaged and enraged by Mr. Trump.

My aim here is not to count they ways Donald Trump is an idiot. This is demonstrated daily and analyzed hourly. But to think about why the obsession runs so deep. Now even with the consequences still undetermined, and they are determined by much more than the actions of one man. Not what we are upset by, but why we are upset, and perhaps to find something positive in our engagement.

I assume we are being hit at many levels, (which is something for which we have no great words | conceptualizations). We can assume our interest and emotions are a judgment of sorts, but it more like judgments occurring at multiple levels simultaneously.

Where do we go from here?

In an ideal world, with some much dissatisfaction, there would be some channels of rectification.

Or a new political dialog. If the idiot has the same value as the thoughtful, which is the tolerant and dignified, behavior of our democracy.