What would you have to believe
to believe that:
Trump is a great president?

[I am still working on this one]

We usually dismiss people who do not see things our way as "idiots," idiots in ways we are not.

We are dimly aware that our, often partisan and emotional political judgments, are subject to flaws of their own: no one, after all, knows the future. And, although it may make us uncomfortable, some of the reasons for liking Donald Trump as president may not be all that idiotic.

Let is look at ways that people might believe that Donald Trump is a good, or even a great, president.

We have no theory to describe the epistemology of our political views. Although political arguments sound like they are rational arguments, Usually no one changes their minds. (And why is that?) And usually no one listens to "experts."

At best, our "reasons" are considerations. This, this and this are good. I like them. But that, that and that are not so good. I might downplay them, or, alternatively, make them my definitive points.

It s not even clear that "reasons" determine the outcome. I may commit to a conclusions, and this changes the deployment of my reasons.

There does not have to be one way of doing this. In political discourse, there are multiple factors all working at once.

e So, what do you have to believe