the world cannot be understood

because our understanding cannot be understood.

We think it a simple thing: we understand, or misunderstand, facts and things that exist independently of us. But understanding is not a uniform process. We can be said to "understand" many things, in many ways, in many contexts.

In some contexts we understand on specific ways that can be tested.
In other contexts, we understand through a subjective feelings of understanding, as in understanding poetry. Even these may need some validation by others.

We understand these contexts in the sense that we can navigate through a great variety of them, but we cannot describe or enumerate them in words. We cannot understand either the contexts or what we are doing using the words in context.
Even if if we did, words a fluid and flow effortlessly and mostly undetect into new contexts.

We cannot describe a context in specific terms, because each one is a nexus of processes that are happening simultaneously, and which influence other processes in mostly unknown, unconscious and probably undescribable ways.
(And even the vague word "processes" can be a misleading one.)

February 3, 2018