Ken is short for chicken

Ally Gator — @notacroc

The only people I really trust are negative Amazon reviewers.

Julius Sharpe — @juliussharpe

Truth is a global commons.

Philosophical Tweets — @YochaiBenkler

"I don't know enough about this to have a grounded opinion" should be a common response to many matters presented before you.

Philosophical Tweets — @PhilosophyTurtl (5-11-15)

Yes, everyone is 'entitled' to an opinion. This, however, does not mean they are equal - informed opinions will always be of higher merit.

Philosophical Tweets — @PhilosophyTurtl (5-11-15)

I feel like if you don't believe in evolution or climate change you shouldn't get to believe in space.

Sean Thomason — @TheThomason (7-10-18)

I'm so tired of knowing that I know nothing

Sad Socrates — @SadSocrates (6-12-18)