Some partial evolving thoughts on:

  What are my important ideas?

  How can Liberals and Conservatives get along? [7/18]

  Why can we not agree whether god exists?

  What is wrong with multiculturalism?

Other provocatives...

  Can our universe be described?
Can there be a universe we can describe?

  What are the limits of language?

•   Should people be allowed to print things that are not true?

•   In what ways do people have a right to their opinions?

•   What would be the features of a being a more intelligent than human beings?

•   What will happen once we can no longer trust photographs or videos since they can be easily manipulated?

•   What do we need to know that we do not know?

•   What is entertainment?

•   How can we best talk about the simultaneous complexity going on in our multitasking minds?

•   Why can we not say why we like a kitten video on a Facebook page? Is not everything right in front of our eyes?

•   Why or how can we stop using a word?

•   "We only experience the present." What kind of sentence is that?

•   Why can't we all get along?

  Why can't we simply answer these questions?