[living in a Seattle home with other students from University of Chicago]

the thick plottens

"we do not speak solely to be heard
but so that others may speak,
and the echoes precede the voice that produces it."

- Nicanor Parra (translated W.P. Williams)

running my body

life is about much more than anything in particular

the conniptions of love, the closed circles of love
unspoken reasonings: continuities

a picture of you isn't you (i love you)

lyrics: I gotta get my hands on a woman

livin' from the hip (women)

you don't have to sing about yourself

we avoid people without thinking — they can do you physical harm

city life: pass on by

The special experiences of sciences go beyond those of everyday life. There are new reagents, new reactions and new tools.

thinking by following up on what you thing of: secreting coherencies

First you see the point of a proposition, then you critique it.

A lesson of life: you learn how much you can endure.

Memory fades but words linger.

The world isn't what you think it is.

Why historical explanations?

We spend much of reality watching pictures of reality.
Not enough watching pictures of pictures of reality.

In movies we look at actors.
Movie events are contrived for dramatic effects.

Songs and the world: a false simplicity
Songs as a catalyst.

Pictures of reality are contrived.
Reality is structured unlike them.

The residual debris of ordinary life.

Progress is out of control.

All nations are equally smart.

The role of gardens in a time of limited mobility.

The house, a man made environment, shows its worth in the weather and in other situations. (from reason to ritual)

Men do think, even if it is useless.
it's a part of life.

(To think thinking is useless is useful.)

Most people are beautiful a some times and not at others.

The earth is not flat, it's hilly.

Thinking of only one thing (specializing) is not thinking about other things.

The failure to envisage alternatives to the existing social structures.

It's just another piece of mind.
(Pass me another piece of mind please.)

"There are no real dreams." - H.L. Tomlinson

"the rot of self-deception"

Modern life as the creative spending of money.

Much of my life is a head trip.

We will not wind down America consciously.
We will let the market do it.

Process of the world generally precedes its doctrines.

Power — who shall wield it, and to what ends?

In Indian life (the hand game) luck as "a positive quality — even quantity — of virtue, prestigious in itself and necessary for the successful conduct of life." - G. Lienhardt, Social Anthropology 132

"If success deserts the [charismatic] leader he tends to think of his god as having deserted him or his exceptional powers as failing him." - R.S. Peters, "Authority"

Tasteless intelligence is an incoherent room.

Peaceful living is a challenge: keeping the pieces together and alive through time, avoiding despair or bored.
This is a skill. It may be time to learn it.

The will to relate is part of relating.

The results of many people doing the same things at the same time.

Wealth (valuable things) is not just food.

The enjoyable vs. the tolerable life

After a while new faces begin to remind us of ones we have seen before.

Culture: everyone doing his part to perfection.
The cultured (and rich) should exalt their environment.

The various life-style work:
People are content with them.
They are easy to learn.

Make up - make down.
Make in - make out.

Recorded music enables us to "get it on" at seven in the morning.

"infinitely defeasible"

I don't have time to understand it all.

The limited role of genius in the running of the world

the dance of replies

a real vs. a financially gainful trade

uniformity of city noises — the car

a little man (with green eyes) lost in the big city size and motion. Watch out for the cars.

[8.23] new kinds of courage

i am looking for a new fanatical pursuit
fantasies of fantasies

At times we feed new words, reactions etc. into our personal fantasies i.e. associations, thoughts .
We are affected by the new in this way.

Indians did not care about the science of oceanography

"the dimpled Egyptians" — Galway Kinnell

you think (you realize) things about life and about yourself

sexual activities are held in place by the wishes of people, substituting dancing for sex, but kids just pick up the attitudes and beliefs

credentials and degrees function as an elimination and selection device

the use of specialists by society in making decisions

what are accumulated experiences?

"if the butterflies in your stomach die..." — Yoko One

after a while I don't want to be different from other people

"Plagiarism is necessary." — Isadora Duncan

"People think love is an emotion. Love is good sense." — Ken Keysey

"There is only one sin, fretting." — Neal Cassady

"The mutual and universal dependencies of individuals who remain indifferent to one another constitutes the social network that binds them together." — Karl Marx

"... nothing will last forever, not Mr. Money or Mrs. Cunt, nobody and nothing. I find it healthy." — Thomas Berger

Life only appears to be a totality
and that only at times.

Love as a closure of possibilities (of poems, songs and love)

Q: the importance of memory?
the web of associations.

on science: repeating of current orthodoxies

Is there love after sex?

Fantasy is not reality
It is waiting for reality.

The idea of men and women from those you have known before.

driven to the brink of poetry

a slip of the mind
(do you?)

walking on the waters of my mind

nature as stasis between incredibly powerful forces: results in the interplay of mountains tree and wind, or the shore and the ocean.

loss of culture is loss of/change in situation

the inertia of academic fields

the function of lying in business

care is not a modern invention

history as different situations: different life situations: hopes, things do, dreams of,

alienation as not doing your own thing

procedures of giving a lecture in something you are not qualifies

Sexual abstinence (no sex before marriage): to assure the paternity of the father?
Is this a reason? or is it a force of habit?

in today's world, will nationalism (which took over from the family and tribe) in turn be overtaken by systems of authority
or a complex of such systems?

only in recent times can we appreciate the coherence of primitive life

the role of ignorance - men living out their lives with all sorts of divergent notions and unthinking acceptances

laws as fostering particular ways of growths

"No form has yet been invented which supersedes the book for the presentation of complex thought expressed in words in an enduring way." - John Beckman, Not Man Apart 4:14

the exquisite apparent understandings of philosophy

one must, at times, open oneself to the sadness of the city

beauty in nature is a process of selection by terrible forces

the blinded eyes of the accountant

"Beauty is a quality which makes things endure." - R.W. Emerson

Beauty is not an aspect of the modern world.
(We no longer work in nature.)

work no longer has an immediate relation to anything

the conservatism of vested power, choosing in its own image

different jobs are different points of view on the economy

reduced to ceremonies

the harmless play of animals, and people

in a smaller society your group was everything

the reality of things as they are examined in detail

Our interest in the Presocratics is not least in puzzling out what they might be saying.

Is money a good way to allocate resources?

war is only a different kind of organizational aggrandizement than big business

I dedicate this blues to...

on the whole, the world does not care

economists as poets, watching the ships come and go

every person must live its own life

history as a challenge

what are the effects of distributing a book throughout a community - a communications unity

situation = a moment extended over time

It is a fact we no longer live by hunting and gathering.
The problem is we don't live the agricultural life.

authority as coordinated behavior

In games there are rules. We are not sure why they are obeyed.

The measures taken prove more important than the reasons for the measures taken.

Young people do not know how they feel (tired, irritable, sad...)?
How do adults know this?

What is a lab? Surely not that it looks like a lab?

Philosophy: Procrustean attempts

Nearly all who spin philosophy as a cumulative discipline are fooling themselves.

We buoy up our inclinations with authority.

A fairy tale is a certain kind of lie. We don't tell the other kinds to children.