Life runs
who knows? (you never know) [at Yale and leaving]

"I didn't know the
world would last so long.
I didn't know I'd sing this song
sing this song."

John Hartford

"If you didn't know the difference,
you couldn't tell the difference."

on knowledge: did you believe your mother when she said there were no monsters in the dark?



the colors of the weatherblade


machine head

"be somebody: get drunk"

on the Midwest: more food than people

praying is a sort of talking to yourself ...
Nora: "to belive in God is not to be talking to yourself, but to somebody else.."

the land must be worked...
and if an air-conditioned tractor helps...

the economy: the system
of organized activity
by means of which men (women, children)
and die..

exploiting the harmonium

children grow up tending madness...
the embroidery

out West... to give their body a rest

all living things eat... fish eat

young farmers, small farmers

"needless to say..."

in fiction: a person says - and many things can fit
in movies - a person shows - we can look at many different things on the screen, and not even listen to what is being said

an ant crawling around in grass
a fly coming through a slit of sun-lit light in the room

four men - four Peggy's

down to the stream
following trails, watching trails
our stream: the kitchen

and the days follow each other like songs on the radio

a book: a private trip... things blend in with

the order of nature - a stasis over time

misk with mux

the freneticism that is intellectualization

language is a part of something larger
(we do not notice if it's place in life is fixed)

academic vs. personal knowledge

the animal actions: the flashing of teeth

existence is a brotherhood
pain relieved by courage

a person is a unit of survival

Why is this sunshine?

If I can, why don't I kill you?
(the luxury of this thought)
(other animals think it of you)
(for reasons you cannot gather in
this pile of dust and grasshoppers)
it's wrong...

we survive together. there are responsibilities. culture

can I kill you dear reader?
(desperate thoughts... are things so desperate?)

who has stood before?

reality abides - no respite
the man among the plants
the pool under the rocks

survival - can be done or not

step into reality (blue)

hey hey whatcha' tryin to prove
the point of articulated [joint fit] expression

the embroidered edge..

pitch of voice
context of discourse

repeople - a word that does not have much use at the present time

defending self is a waste of time
let go the hold
strive in the direction

intelligence tested
(this unapparent inner distinction)
what about the intelligence of rock stars or mechanics
what about corporal intelligence - like rock climbing

t-hump [thump]

there are eyes to see the monkey
and eyes to see the man

birds have no hands
snakes no hands or legs
but faces...

[a new relationship]
the warp and the woof of it
weave and reaction of others
- stabilizes or not over time
- sailing the inter-relation ships

"all you got to do is: age gracefully"


the wordpool

(words in every mouth)

in general, there is no way

words win(e)(d)s wishes

what you think is what you notice

saying truth vs. recognizing truth

animals at the edge of the city

animal perception better than human: what are the criteria

bitter lessons

the ambiguous remains open, remembered, but not qua ambiguous

indians waiting (hunting) noticing plants, animals
or when well fed - couldn't help but notice

embroider the edges

pretty rocks are a dime a dozen

I get my water from a well

... notions in my mind it takes a snowstorm to dissolve ...

settled in the sun, the shade
it makes a certain sense
the watchful lizard
and it is too hard to move
ahh... but the whirr, whirr - the snap gesture

comments only make sense

reach out and choose

bear: "... and all the people stinking up the meadows with their piss"

Song (variations):
"I hear you jumping but you can't jump in"
"I hear you diving but you can't dive in"
"I hear you dropping but you can't drop in"
"I hear you loving but you can't love in"


dull death

swimming in the sun-scene faces
the flashing grace
waiting for a ...

visions as something to run to

a therapy for avoiding running into visions, avoiding bumps of understanding

others have been before you, and care

grow (cultivate) people

everything is an invention: the sales slip, the paper bag

"Most people think that after they graduate from college they are grown-up and have to be adult and serious. Only after a few years do they realize that it's all right to be foolish and silly." - David Luban

the ecology (evolution) of sexual behavior: how we like to make love (inventiveness)

faded plastic

tensions - pretensions - of academics

Wittgenstein leaves you there

thin thoughts

Since life is so safe (insurance, utilities and all)
perhaps thought is no longer needed about life (no point).
therefore books??

boring about boredom
babbling about babbling

people as birds: won't eat you

the quiet grace of civilizations: blustering of words, threats, distance

agony machine: fade future. the death of all your dreams

show me your feelings

pull the tattered garment of life around yourself (we are so at the mercy of the accidental..)
the associations

"love you baby, more than you love yourself"

yes I notice the space you reserve for your face and the lines you create

not afraid to be afraid of you

I'm sorry I blurted out a dream I once had

resting in my pack

join in the fire

cooling the bush

you can see how it's done
you (they) say it spoils the fun

dream mama

stolen back your promise

some Indians went on vacation too - a choice of places

handicraft, books, minute observations is giving attention to the safety

and on the tv screen, gifted, intelligent, charismatic, beautiful, mimetic people

good equipment (the makers of arrows) is not needed in all situations.
tools pre-programs world and covers perceptions

the speed of helicopters (the speed of cars) alters distance - alters what is far out - alters individual responsibility

machine made equipment

the modern wilderness

a sign on the glove compartment of a camper coming out of Rosenburg, OR:
may you witness
some of your limits be transgressed,
and may some life pasture freely
where you never wander

a working interrelationship of subroutines
living on subroutines
media are subroutines
time is a subroutine

life skills ("industrial know-how") find application (home) in a similar region

the invisibility of people
- in creative reaction (interplay)
- in women (loving vs. not)

we have a picture of the real self
- what we think vs. what we say or do
- "acting" comes into play or not
vs. the one iteration
- not acting at all but doing something else
- wouldn't do opposite [try and see. express the inner and see what truth you have]

it is not what you know (it raises the question of "how do you know"), but what you think are grounds for acting
jumping is more important than the reasons for jumping

philosophy is the kind of activity where a word will release (the drawing of the proper distinction)

play, not performance

is there always something to watch out for? (there is usually not)

people won't eat you

we don't make faces for animals

coming to you at 60 m.p.h.

if you were only interested in making money, would you favor an increase of the population?

when the day is the same length as the night (the equinoxes), the day and night are the same length all over the world

a horror film, a novel, won't kill you

packless (where do you leave your shit)

the radio-antenna seen through the drizzled windshield looked like unintelligible writing

metaphors are there

this is they way it's done (this is your job) vs. why it is so.

you heat the pot so the tea stays warmer longer

a couple bouncing together as they drive on the seat of the pickup

visions, re-visions

down, down and in

on relationships:blisters -> callouses

city thoughts:

more important, why is wealth in the city? (is it?) (is wealth where people are, or are wealthy people where wealth is?)

the people who are here in 1973 were here in 1972.

I am a fire at night when I sleep

it is not only manufacturing, but what they manufacture

to climb at any cost

you tell people too much
- loose information (about bears)
- about mountain climbing [a large irrational object, difficult to climb
- people (man and women) are interesting too I can take our involvement
information about what is possible (to climb) or not
what you should do... rather than work it out...
why write books? (why would anyone pay you for it?)

not teach you, but train you in a specialty - in investigative techniques
specialists talk (look) like people
critics etc. are response mechanisms...

economics: everyone makes a living somehow. move on if there are no jobs

economic vs. sexual relations: the marketplace

an aluminum can rolling over the highway
a motel sign flicking regularly
the shadow of the billboard

cars keep people off the streets

thrown into mobility vs. the old world of limited mobility

a satisfying sustained relationship with another human being


writing to a friend to tell him something

thinking in counterpoints

what is at the end of everything?
the letter "G"

"...when perhaps it isn't the cities that so much matter." - Whitehead, p. 62

dis-regard books (weave of history)
we start with things at hand

in early times there were few experiences and few books. Can mold into a story with significance. Later it gets more difficult- significance matters

life lived - not perceived

society (this is how we behave in society) vs. individuality (this is how I, and we, behave)

trucks like grasshoppers

books don't show you what they think of you and they give you no feedback as to who you are. They speak to you in sincere and earnest tones.

"society..., association with people of congenial minds." - Whitehead from Lucian Price, Dialogs of Alfred North Whitehead Mentor Books, New York

the killing of animals first took place as self-defense

people who care about the past can talk, con-verse, about it..

there are just so many soldiers, just so many people

thought like ferns growing in a wall

"Who shall say that to live kindly and graciously and meet ones problems bravely from day to day is not a great art, or that those who can do it are not great artists? ...people who can live beautifully in humble environments have a most advanced understanding of aesthetics.." - Whitehead, 203

economic Q; why higher wages? why that choice?
tickets to workers

Christianity did not invent human worth and values. (people do not kill only because of commandments).

sometimes, when you go where people don't go, there is nothing

everything else being equal, temperature makes the difference in the ecological niche of plants

how many of us there are
how few we can call friend

we can roam, catch glimpses, explore. It is harder to take hold, do, be.

"Simplify, simplify." - Thoreau
"When we are unhurried and wise, we perceive that only great and worthy things have any permanent and absolute existence."

experience (with its mundanity of no 50 foot bird, no trolls and no angels) vs. a story

perhaps the not-heroic-ideal of tending to the system of existence that is out of the individual's control. But
he himself isn't, and
the problem of information expansion
and leisure is the time for other things

take time with this dear reader

the economy from the ecology

on the growth of botanical science
- what characteristics differentiate - the development of nomenclature - the development of differences
in ferns it may take an examination of the roots and the development of the microscope
the growth of science as stumbling into discoveries - "this fits here"

it is easier to know the plants in an area ("oh! that must be...") vs. having a definitive description
and how complete are they

the inclination to assent is not enough - sounds plausible

the distance between nature and where (how) we live is getting increasingly remote..

water is pushed too

10.8.[73] dreamt out, thought out
10.8 together again

what is it to be lost in thought? e.g mathematics. even here we have the engineer vs. humanist - think of different things
developing conceptions
vs. pulling out into the world.
What does pull us out into action?

rhythm of car motor and rock music

can a fish understand that you are thinking about celestial mechanics or the yearly budget?

growing up - and over

"Sit here with me, each of you as you are in your own perceiving of yourself, as Mouse, Wolf, Coyote, Fox, Weasel or Prairie Bird." - Hyemeyohsts Storm
Seven Arrows, Ballantine Books, New York, 1972
am i a mountain goat?

"I don't know whether I think it is a good book or not."

a person can't help having experiences - why?

this symbolizes...
people too. (what is that?)

things (including books) distract from ourselves. Indians, Greeks... our wonderful selves

alone in a desert vs. alone in a room

you do not meet as many people in the city as in hitch-hiking

the places beyond the reach of poetry

timeless mundane perceptions - formica, car ,coke

laws as product of men on earth - men living with men

we live in economic regions
neighbors with similar life styles

our collage - pick-up society

don't run to self-congratulation

in the city - looks

the weep of nature - the harmonies of color and forms
untrammeled (or lightly trammeled)

never forget - Indian lived in natures

the size of your book - it fits you so well

the simplicity of scientific differentiation - of categorization, classification

keeping it together with jeep, gyun, glasses, pills

"puttin' on the agony
puttin' on the style.."

have to be taught a skill - like a magic trick. it's harder to re-invent the skill. books blur this truth

freedom: you can walk up to the mountain
sand against snow: the reds and yellows

the big mountain is obscured by lesser hills for a while

what is reality: fragments of music, spun out dreams

times when the world is going fast, you are going slow

[Burns, Oregon]

  • walk road of
  • relate to people as cars
  • keep your stupid trip
  • lifetrip
  • connection between two things; association = what you think of when you think of one...
  • hitchin' costume
  • herding fire
  • it can be seen as... but it is...
  • weepers losers, keepers finders
  • jump, not hold
  • hats you can see out of

    very few people think they have it all figured out (most of them know they don't)

    what is death? a life disintegrating into smaller simple ones

    virtue hills itself

    what we mean when we say that so-and-so is a good person, no psychologist can tell, for we certainly don't mean that he has no problems: all that is clear is that, when we say this, nobody says, shaking his head, "He is bad!"

    ...graced to behold ...

    ...a child, in dismay with his mommy, could take refuge with grandma to be revalued and told a story


    "But Song is True": no lip-begotten notes, new notes beget, making the flowing of time a growing, where fate is freedom.

    thinking is weaving, many strands
    and nothing needs to be feared

    "be glad your being is unnecessary" - W.H. Auden