abstract (philosophical) words

Philosophical discussions are mostly discussions using what I loosely call "abstract words."

I am using "philosophy" in an extensive sense which includes not only major parts of academic philosophy, but also politics, religion and the massive variety of bullshit generalizations about the world and society in their many aspects.

The term abstract words, is a counterbalance to the concept of concrete words, words which stand for things, in a more material sense.

It would be incorrect to assume that anything as complex as language use, which may well transcend any simple human understanding, can be reduced to a simple bifurcation.

By the way, word and language are both abstract words. On the one hand there are the concrete things like this dog, this table and this tree. We can talk in fairly simple words about them (and also in more complex ways) and we can agree on the criteria to use in evaluating the statements. There is a table in the room. The table is blue. The table weights 30 pounds. The table is mad of maple.

The example works for things and animals, trees, machines, models

Abstract words are those for which there is no simple example, but