thinky thinks on pressing problems

Here are my reflective considerations on, my ways of looking at, today's most pressing philosophical problems.

[Sep 26] how can Donald Trump be called great?
[Sep 20] pluralizing is thinking
[Sep 20] on Wittgenstein
[Sep 20] memories: a group game
[Aug 20] identifying with a race
[Aug 20] do lives matter?
[Aug 20] what is it to be American?
[Aug 20] social media
[Jul 20] the existence of god
[Jul 20] about the philosophical conceit
[Jul 20] the Portland protests
[Jul 20] on national identification / who are your ancestors?
[Jul 20] war is over
[Jul 20] on the problems of religions
[Jun 20] on racism
[May 20] anecdotal vs. statistical

[Nov 16] our ignorance of the present
[Feb 15] machines that think
[Jun 14] reality
[May 14] actors
[Apr 12] on democracy