about the news

"News," or "new things," is one of the common words whose meaning diasappear when it is attempted to pin it down.

Beyond that:
What is news?
What is not news?
(What is truth?)
What is genuine news?
What is ideal news?
What are some of the ways in which news can be said to be "fake"?
Why are we so interested in news, the vast majority which has nothing to do with us, and over which we have miniscule control?

Our understanding of our understanding of the world is that
our understanding consists of true facts we know about the world.
We feel we have a decent awareness of such facts,
and that, where we do not, we know where we can find more true facts.
Neither of these assumptions may be true.

We obviously can't know all the facts about the world.
We obviously don't need or want know all the facts about the world.
Issues presented as news are ones with demonstrated consumer appeal.

Much of what goes as "news" is a kind of celebrity gossip, mostly of public figures and celebrities.
It is both unimportant and distracting.
The topics presented as news demonstrate, for better and worse, the interests of reporters, advertisers and media owners.

News is short.
The complexity of nearly every issue becomes impossible to present in a simple format.
The complexity of nearly every issue is even impossible for humans to describe, or possibly to understand.
There are lies, inaccuracies, bad reporting, gossip, ignorance and omittances.
There may be distractions: reporting bad news as a way of influencing people's overall opinions. (And people love to read bad news, about other people.)

Attractive distractions aside, what should be told on the news?

What is genuine news?
This may not be a valid question.
Consider the question, what is genuine music?
There may well be different news for different groups of people,
and there are.

Recognize there is no magic pill to attain a true understanding of the world.
That itself may be a chimerical ideal.

But what is presented should be true, and its truthiness should be clearly stated.
I think news should be presented in a calm and peaceful manner as any emotive presetation adopted by the newscaster stands in need of justification,

Here is the kind of news would I like to hear:
Intelligent people talking and thinking about the news as it shows up on the wires. They can disagree and even get excited, but they would then analyze why and how disagreements and emotions could arise between two intelligent people. Attitude is key: they do not get carried away by the teapot-tempest of the day. They would treat our news as human comedy; currently it is being treated like soap opera.
"Why is this news?" they would say. Or "This is silly" or "No one is getting hurt", "Why does anyone care about this?" or "This is bureaucratic propaganda." (Circle-Round TV™)

News organizations should say (but never do): "Here is why we are showing you this:"

But our aim is not to create a new gneuine news channel.
We need to evaluate what we have.

Be suspicious of all news for reasons mentioned above. There will always be some kind of bias.
Consider the sources. Some news outlet had achieved a well-deserved reputation, though none are completely above the worst of human foibles.
Read longer articles and books about the issues involved. Things are never simple.
Be charitable, and humble. Reflect on your own limitations, ignorance and love of spectacles.
Recognize your personal predispositions. Are you more interested to read about Trumps dysfunctional White House, or Trumps well-oiled organizational machine?
Force yourself to read opposing and contrary points of view.
Recognize that in many cases you will never know the full truth.
And be suspicious of the concept "the full truth."
Many important things are going on in the world that hardly ever make the "news."
Other people are not like you.
Listen to people who know more than you.

Do you need to listen to the news?
You need to things that affect you or where you can make a difference. This rules out most news, keeps weather, traffic, things in your locale, Probably not

There is news and the point of news. You can sit in one space and never see anything newsworthy. There are many things that are not newsworthy. Like nothing happens. Something happens all the time. World turns.

News is shabby and unhappy I hear fear and tension, and not a hint of irony news is fear and irritation porn

There is a lack of meta-awareness (post-modernism) in all these discussion carried on in simplicities of news, politics and religion. There is no philosophical dimension here. NOt quote stories of capitaism or communism. There can be aAn attempt to present the moment in some ambigioyu, though ususally not.

Of all the millions of things that happen in the world every day, only 30 become stories on Google News. We want our fake simplicity.

News is also a kind of mass-hysteria.

just because I viscerally respond to this stuff does not mean it is not a sham.

What would be the best news on tv? Best depends on your needs.