2019 thinks


Art must not only be beautiful
but also evocative
stirring us
ushering our thoughts onto new places.

People assume that the world is just like they assume. — van Morrison

One should not judge a theory on its defensibility,
because a theory not simply true or false.

What makes one house better than another house?
And the better the design, the less you notice it.
A good philosophy is a house but a conceptual framework
a way to think about and be at home in the world.

Is there a reality above and beyond your fundamental beliefs?
For some things yes, for other things no.

There is a good case to be made for reality.

Are there questions one should not ask or answer?
What is the problem if answering a question does no harm?

Our identity with our fellow human beings ebbs and flows.

Old age is a time to figure out who you were.

I don't need to say every time I disagree with someone
Or have a negative opinion.

What is there? is not a valid question?

You don't understand language
if you don't understand you can't understand language.

I cannot imagine a world without music.

Music is other people signaling that we are here.
And we want to play.

Perhaps we don't need an identity,
but it is a fun thing to play with.

Think of a world without music.
That is what a world without philosophy would be like.

The job of management is to give an alternative meaning,
a cover if you will, to what they do.

Much of history is predators against predators.

Someone is missing a marketing opportunity:
•   gourmet Cheetos
•   gourmet handcrafted pig rinds

Musicians are exceptional people
pretending they are us.

Many so-called philosophic questions don't seem worth answering.
They are more in the nature of a competition.

What is worth asking?
(That's one.)
How is it that we have philosophical and religious world-views?
What are they?
And that involves asking:
What is language and what is not?
What is man(kind)? (A new benign view of human nature?)

A new catchphrase: "It doesn't suck to be you."

"Thoughts go out the window."
That metaphor would be if you were to personify thoughts,
but I am not sure how useful that would be.

Resist the blandishments and the exhortations of the despot.

We might think we want a unified philosophical theory.
Consider that there have always been a variety of religions.

It is possible that our species' population pressure will modify our ideologies.

Techno music
or rather the technology behind it,
not only separates the song from the musicians,
but also from the band,
the being there together making music.

As I become, more human,
I begin to understand the power of royal palaces.

Most other people do not disagree with you,
on things where one can permit differeng opinios,
are not stupid.
There is often a value judgment.
supported by a fantasy.

There is no world peace because our "leaders" will not permit it.
Conflict strengthens authority.

We think there is one treasure,
one ring to rule them all.
The ultimate perfect treasure does not exist,
but there is lots and lots of treasure.

I have gone through my life without an identified identity,
though I have played a number of roles.
Was that a faux pas?

The world is and is not real.
We can think if contexts and situations which would make us say either one of these.

Discounting hallucinatory reality is no different that our quick ability to abandon physical reality for the new reality.

What life scenes are you mostly subconsciously living with assent?

There are many fortunate among us.

News headlines are becoming more clickbatie
and consequently misleading.

First take out morals What is left?

Conversation is not exposition, or setting forth a framework.
it is testing your view in words and deflecting the power of criticism or disagreement,.

In the future the computers may read your screen as you type.

Or you could get glasses that will tell you exactly who each person is who you see.

One problem is that all we can do on the internet is disagree.
Even when I am not posting anything on the internet, I am thinking of things that could be hooked into the internet.
I am drifting on a monstrous stream of conversation.

but not not ongoing agreements.
For how would that work?
"Oh yes."
"You got that one right!"
"Yesiree Bob!"

One dark lesson as we internetwork the Internet is that you are powerless to change another person's opinion.
It is painful to lose that crutch.

People have their beliefs.
They're a bit like their furniture.
But what people really like to do
is to defend their beliefs.

Thinking about who will run for present is avoiding the real issues. One of which is, what to do,
and how to do it.

"America's Got Presidential Candidates"

Even as I age I think of myself as a kid
growing better,
not realizing that a kid in slow motion has a whole different name.

The slowness of age means
I cannot play so many simultaneous games.

So we are a stream of people who communicate in little packets of information
using the language language.


Whenever you say something
and generalize about the world
Listen to what you say
and see if that is really true.

Most people can't really distinguish the past from fantasy.
The important thing to keep in mind is that it did not happen all that long ago.
We think we had changed and put that genie in the bottle of history books

A model of the human mind would not be a logic machine.

There is such complexity in nature,
participation without conscious awareness.
Consciousness is something we add. It is not the generating factor.

A family from Indiana came out West and found a perfect piece of land to build a house on.
This we do not see as any kind of landgrab
we decided,
thinking it much like the land of our youth
and only this,
was and is life.

We would like to have a war
or perhaps more accurately also a contest.

What is useless information?
(The daily states of most everything?)

Taleb Nassim EYI implies, without argument that there is a non-idiotic way, to behave in the world.
Also. If the non-EYI were to be given more power things would be better.
But people with skin in the game recognize that is is their own skin in the game.
Other people's skin are of secondary concern.

America has a truncated view of the past.

Twitter feeds cannot give you the complexity of the world, or the personalities of the people who care about the life of the planet.

Philosophy wants to sit down and figure it all out.

I read another philosopher,
and from the beginning I say you are not using words properly.
Always start with that.
The emphasis should be on our essential ignorance cause by fuzzy words and their apparent understandings.
One must recognize the things that cannot be understood.
Is this counseling skepticism?
Perhaps. No matter.
And we apologize for the blunt fuzzy tools we only can use to understand the words: words.

We cannot understand understanding,
and we don't understand that understanding is not the true understanding,
which is an illusion, it does not as it cannot exist.
Only its felt conceptualization.

On drugs there is a context behind the present,
and it can change like the weather.
And this brings out idiotic false thoughts.

When we simplify,
do we want an outline, a simple loss of detail,
or do we want modern art with its distortions of the human figure.

If we the reader still have piece together an understanding,
even of a linear sequential presentation,
why not make it easier and just show them the piece.

Most of us seek an understanding we don't understand.
It could be a mirage on the horizon.
It is the understanding that cannot take place.

We never had a common understanding,
so what keeps us together?
our faith in a common understanding?

What is cultural life without common understandings?
Can that state be satisfactory?

Understanding the world
is like I'm humming an opera with some words and some phrases and some blanks to be filled in later
but also I can see parts of it in my mind though there is nothing there.

I sit here in absolute heaven.
You might call it wasted
I am but it is en-lightened

Is there a class of people who enjoy classical music more deeply than most?

Some people can think so much faster than me.

We cannot think about billion years ago
We cannot comprehend much before 200 years ago.
We cannot comprehend the length of life and the minuscule part we are playing in it.

Music you can really take and you can give your full attention.

Here in my older age is my last chance to be happy.
I'll go for it. How hard can it be?
It seems largely to be about being satisfied.
I am satisfied in being an old man who had had a wonderful life yet not lived up to some of his ridiculous dreams.

I made a bad them, but eventually I made a good me.

We have never had a chance to see
how we would handle a president who is ignorant stupid self-centered and disrespectful.
It's a little hard to handle.
We need a classy new way.

Washington crossed the Delaware is a simple narrative that tells us nothing.
The history of the world only exists as perceptions experiences of people.
History without that is misleading parade of pseudo-concepts.
[Sentence from Sicilian history.]

Complexities of animal life.
1. Extreme behavioral programming
2. A chemistry we are just starting to puzzle out
3. An incomprehensible time scare.

Our decoder ring is our understanding.
Our decoder ring is our understanding is our decoder ring.

The world has a suchness to it.
Like its solidity
and our embedment in our bodies.

We really did build our world on rock 'n roll, but this is mostly forgotten as denied as something for how could that be?
I welcome new music into my heart.

I sit here in stupefaction wondering how I got this far without major violence, but this is true for most everyone I know.

There is a reality but it is unique and everything you say about it dices up an organized multi-faceted / multi-processes experience.
You can of course dismiss the world.
and its mindless bustle.

Maybe if you were feeling a certain way,
Just hope with a reasonable chance of success.

If David Attenborough has taught me anything he has taught me that we are first of all food to each other.

Perhaps we all succumb to the charm of being a shaman.
or sha-person.

In Active Family Resemblance (AFR)
we make sense of what people say,
and do this with a net of associations.

Philosophical sentences in general words can be understood in a number of ways
as well as its opposite.

Capitalism, give the people what they want?

Understanding life, be it philosophical, poetical or musical, is a simulacrum, and not the real thing.

Understanding music does not absolve you from having to experience it.
Understanding life does not absolve you of living it.

What is a formerly educated person in the 21st century?
Most people never learn to focus on a classical music
with its delicacy of phrasing, its passion, its development.
Instead we have music at background music (with no development)
or we substitute recognition for appreciation.

ANd what do we gain by reading the Greeks or Russian.
Two lessons
•   people were like us and better
•   this stuff is better than.

What does it mean that you cannot google "best videos on YouTube", or "best music," or "wisdom," or "truth"
and come up with the best videos on YouTube, the best music, wisdom or truth.

Understanding makes things small.

Music is a very fuzzy word with multiple criteria, and a wider range of resemblances.
There are words with small criteria and large criteria that flow over a wide range of things.

Listening to my CDs to see what I may want to listen to again before I die, makes me want to live longer.

Modern capitalism:
If a food is only liked by 10% of the population, we don;t stock it.
Instead we get 25 varieties of things liked by 60% if population.

What makes a word free to extend itself?
No easy answer.
There is always poetical and metaphorical use. Why?

You cannot avoid being judged, but you can ameliorate and deflect such judgments.
Or decide that I want to be judged worthy by these people.
You can be judged on what you like and what you don't like.

Music, especially classical music,
is now more than music,
it is life.

If you like classical music you think you have acquired a noble skill that others are not _____ enough to accomplish.

Life experienced, and language as well, is a river of chords.

So much of what makes life convenient and easy is bad for the planet.
The same is true for our economy is as well.

On the Internet we have no skin in the game.
On the Internet we have no skin.
We have no bodies,
and we cannot be punched.

Things that did not happen in my lifetime:
•   death of religion
•   death of nation-states
•   a new view of human nature: view is simple
•   world peace
•   spiritual growth of mankind
•   brotherhood of man

Things that happened that I did not anticipate
•   internet
•   photo recognition
•   language translation
•   internet having a negative
•   and bad things, not pollution or nuclear disaster but global warming.

It is interesting that the Internet and the wisdoms of mankind have not made a positive effect on literate societies,
quite the opposite.

How did it get to be possible for total strangers to trash talk each other
when, in the cosmic sense,
we are all on the same team.
Some people believe we are here to fight
and that we are in the thunderdome.
And how is it possible that we all watch this,
we are like a ring of students standing around in a school fight?

Words as piano keys.
Who knows what a gifted musician can do.

There are chords of truth.

You make a clever synthesis of alternative views bit still it's not enough.

The news we should be interested in
is not usually the news we are interested in.
Also distractions and competitions.

We cannot agree on a world view.
Why do we believe such irreconcilable conclusions?
No doubt a number of irreconcilable theories of that as well.
And if we had a theory that reconciled this
We would not believe that theory either.

Nationhood is more of a stance than a narrative.

You would think we would have learned after two world wars that the game of nation states does not come to a happy resolution.
There is no narrative where this is the case.
IS it that only opposition keeps the nation consolidated.

Why do we not have world peace?
•   we appeal to our own tribe
•   our fear of strangers
•   economic equality
•   immigration
•   difficulties of multi-culturalism

We humans and all other earthly life
are the end process of an incomprehensibly long time period.
The traditional story of god creating man and animals and the earth at the same time makes is easy to think of the earth and its biomes as somehow being created for our use, as they are so useful.
We need to invert the thinking for the length of time to recognize out disruption of this process,
which is both unconscious and horrid.
Will the earth recover.
Of course, Give us a another 500,000,000 years.

We read an ancient thinker for their ideas
and simultaneously what is wrong with their ideas
and what their ideas tell us about them.

We read philosophers to see where they went wrong in spite of their acceptance and their plausibilities.

Plato is not right but he is a genius.
We should admire and recognize that.
He shows what can be done.

Heidegger's existentialia are the modes of the manimal.

Kant' categories of the manimal.
The concepts and the reactions in which we perceive our world
Space and time are perhaps the greatest though often of smaller significance.

So what is the world without our understanding of it?

With a creator it is easy to think there are principles and rules of construction of the human awareness. Without it, and with evolution, the picture is more challenging.
What is unplanned order?
But somebody had to build it?!
It grew.
It unfolded
And it gives us no guidance at all.
So what should we do?
One can go in many inconsistent directions at once,
A kind of expansion without direction.

I am marooned here with all these other people around me.

Ultimately bigger events are afoot.
Why we care about ultimately and not tomorrow is strange.

I can imagine it — but it breaks on reality,

Collectively we are on a voyage
albeit a slow one.

We may fashion our own realities
but we are not in control of the process.

Part of studying in philosophers is seeing multiple valleys of got us nowhere.

Just like nerves must send a somewhat unspecified impulses to be recognized, our words must make a certain kind and numbers of connections.

Somewhere out there sits a person much smarter than you, but this is hard to notice because he is also faster than you or of the opposite gender. And you fight against people smarter than you, in some important way.

Musical cocoons are wonderful.

As I age I doubt I will figure out who I am.
I have always been an experiential ring moving forward.
But judging myself as I judge others.
What other am I?
I am that limited package.
But do I need to know that?
Could it be useful?

It's all fun and games until the glaciers show up.

I have been told I should not be so arrogant.
The trouble is I like arrogant people.