How can Liberals and Conservatives get along?

last edited on July 7, 2018

Is there a way out of the debacle?
Not if people don't want to get out of that mindset. Ultimately it is up to each person.
But here are some things to think about:

Talk about something else besides politics.

Perhaps a new term would help, something akin to Earthian?conlib or a liberative?

It's hard right now because politics is the reality show we're all watching,
even if we don't know how seriously to take it.
(We are encouraged to take is very seriously.)
In any case, we know a lot about it and we know many of the basic moves of the game.

You should recognize that often you are arguing for your team. And that your "team" is a social and mildly pernicious concept.
And one thing the team does is ongoing freestyle debate.

It is ridiculous to think there are only two teams.
It is ridiculous to think that one team has all the correct answers on all relevant subjects,
or even that there are answers in any simple sense,
for the problems are big and ambiguous.
But that is the game.

And never forget:
•  we have never studied the broad topic in nay detail
•  we are ignorant
•  no one knows the future
•&nb sp; no one knows the unintended consequences on any major law or action

And then there is the conceptual ignorance. It is probably not true that the complex world problems can be stated and "understood"—if that is even a real possibility—in simple terms like immigration, nation, nationalities, etc.

I am part of a team. As an "independent thinker" I may have a few appropriate disagreements with the team, as this article itself demonstrates.

And in today's world we all have a a personal newspaper, Facebook and others, where we feel we need to have an opinion on this and that,
and to take a stand.
And where we are free to insult members of opposing points of view.

The debate comes with is own terms to refer to our opposition,
which are intended to be insulting.
These terms are as bad as racial slurs but somehow are seen as permissible.
To reduce the divide between liberals and conservatives one should not to use these words.

It is of course fun to have an enemy of idiots. It is pleasant to think of other side as idiots or evil traitors with unkind intentions, but this is for the most part not true.

One pernicious concept of current debate is that of "fake news."
It is a simplistic way of dealing with realities we don't like. And yes, there is indeed much fake news.
But not all news is fake.

When this concept arises in a debate, it would be a good time to discuss what counts as truth, news or relevant facts. This would then move into a discussion of good and weak sources.
Of course this is neither easy nor interesting.

When someone brings up alternative facts, it would be good to say: "What would legitimately follow if this fact were true?"

Try to think of things you have in common, like family friends life, and the the world. And think of the aims you have in common: how would you like the world to be?

Of course sometimes it is impossible. Do not argue with crazy.
If you bring up a good point, your opponent should recognize it as a good point, otherwise, what is the point?