September 14, 2020
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They taught us philosophy as great literature.
We read, and felt, the great masters.
And in the late sixties, the great master was Ludwig Wittgenstein.


Although philosophy dangles the golden amulet of wisdom,
there was not any wisdom.
(We read few philosophers who claimed to present wisdom.)
What thoughtfuil man feels he has wisdom?


Today it is fashionable to downplay Wittegsntein,
which I take as a sign of not understanding Wittgenstien.
A failure to see the imprtance of his project.


We need to thnk like Wittgenstien,
at least for a while.
WWWT — What would Wittgestein think?


He left us with a project,
or at least a storng sense of incmpleteness.


Philosophy, he wrote, is a series of reminders.
Now remind us,
what things to we need to keep in mind?


Perhaps we have Wittgenstein light:
you are removing obstacles.
There! IT is gone.
Now you can continue forward on the endless sands.


Or is there a Wittgenstein heavy:
where there is something left if we stop making philosophical mistakes.
Something like philosophy?


Or is that something
a habitual visceral awareness
hat there can be no philosophy.
Not only is the world too complex,
and using language is immensely comples,
but the words of any understanding are slippery
and libel to change instananeously,
This change is an integral part of (our) understandings.

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