July 20, 2020
(9 thoughts)

the philosophical conceit


I decided to decide,
or at least think on,
the problems most pressing to mankind.
I did not think I would "solve" them,
but that is not the right word here,
but I did think I could contribute something.


In addition
I am trying to solve all of them at once.
Aren't we all?


So what does my failure indicate?
(apart from an inability to love up to my pretensions?)
Does it mean that my opinions on these issues are uninformed and possibly mistaken?


Can anyone do this?
Of course we have read many instance of someone writing incisively
and admittedly persuasively
on any of these topics.
Did they resolve the problem?
And thereby hangs a large tale.


There are several layers of questions here,
and perhaps some can be said to be solved,
but it can be assumed there are many of these questions cannot be solved,
but mostly by us taking our places here on earth
as inconsequential as we may be.


How can a problem be unsolvable?
If true, this would raise the question:
how do we live with the resultant spates of diverse and unreconcilable opinions?


Each question is of some complexity which outlies our ability to simply grasp the answer.
And what is a graspable truth?


On each question we find ourselves going down a path
winding up in a mental situation.
My path is a "take,"
There are many.


Do I seek agreement?
But that is clearly not going to happen.
Perhaps I seek new metaphors.

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