July 9, 2020
(17 thoughts)

the Existence of God


Some would say that the existence of God
is the most important question.
Though in a society that does not demand belief
it isn't.


Some have already answered yes and some no,
and are comfortable with their answer.
Many do not spend any time on such a metaphysical question at all.
Answers to questions about the most fundamental aspects of the universe
are not all that importance.
There are other, more pressing, problems.


A philosopher is partly interested in whether a god exists
though he or she too has made their peace with the question.
A philosopher is more interested in
the question of why people can have completely opposing answers to that question
and the question of why this issue cannot be resolved.
It is not clear even these questions can be answered
to the agreement of reasonable men.


There are many ways
in which something can said to exist.
There are even more ways
that somethings can be seen as aspect and hence a kind of evidence, for something that can be called "god."


The answer to the question is that the question has no answer
and indeed is not a question beyond its grammatical sense.
People use their answer to the question of god's existence to construct
a personal belief system,
as overly simple and often self-contradictory as it may be.


The answer sounds like it should be simple,
but it's never that simple.
A part of us is ok with that.
It does mean there will be no answer in this brief essay.


If we answer the question we tend to take the concept of God wholesale. Creator of the universe
source of morality
punisher of the evil and helper of the good
and his story is to be found in these books.


It cannot be answered
because it does not need to be answered.


But where do we get the idea there is a god.
In part because he or she is thought of like a person.
But the concept has a magical side to it.
God is a myth and a fantasy,
and perhaps, God is a Magic Eye™
a unique and unexpected conceptual phenomenon.


There is a leap of faith,
and a leap of unfaith.


"Yes, Virginia, there is a God."


I don't think that god exists,
and by god I mean the god of my culture,
as I saw it,
I draw comfort from my disappearance,
lie footsteps in a beach,
and I am glad there is no hell.


Living forever as a person seems to make sense,
though not living in assisted living.


The question is annoying because it has no answer.


I construct my lego block model metaphysics
knowing full well I have not,
and possibly cannot,
flesh it out in much detail.


And because god can manifest in s many ways,
or rather, we can extend the concept of god, with miraculous—i.e. unexplainable—powers in so many ways,
we can get sidetracked in so many landscapes.
Some are urban blocks of small loveliness,
others are feelings of great fascination. loveliness and power.


Is there a god you can
and more importantly, should,
believe in?

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