August 2, 2020
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social media


As Aristotle wrote...
. . . . .
Oh I see...
he didn't.


Social media is a complexification
and intensification
of processes we already don't
and possibly can't


It has transformed the group relationship with friends and family into a digital version of itself.
On the one hand, the digital society needs no travel, and no day-long work,
On the other, we get an intense and constant connectivity that is strong in the moment but fails to satisfy,
We are playng with the fires,
of long-evolved tribal desires.


Is it possible to analyze such a deep and sudden social change, as that of the social media connectivities?
Maybe not.
{We can still not enumerate the appeals of the book.)
How are we the to make moral criticisms of the changes?
If we feel we need a course correction,
we can only try to alter the situation for the better.
(We do not understand the processes of "bettering" either.)


The fact we have forgotten what the world was like before social media,
though the old know they navigated the world just fine thank you,
tells us what?

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