July 26, 2020
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problems of religions


Don't get me going!
(Too late.)


Religion is a huge ball of wax.
Discussing it will lead us all over the places.
The very word invites misunderstandings.
It makes it sound as though we are talking about something,
when we are actually talking about many different things.
Religion has a hundred handles.


There are many good things abut religion.
But I want to consider some of religion's more serious flaws.


Religion may be incompatible with a concern for the Earth.
It oromotes a concern with God,
and focused on an afterlife
rather than with this brief life.
If may come with a mild contempt for the acual world,
as it will be blown up by God no matter what you might do.
It is ultimatley of small concern.
(This is horrific news for other life-forms on the planet.)


Religion may be incompatible with everyone getting along.
Since uniformity of belief is often central,
the multiplicities of religious beliefs is seen as a failing.
Neither can all religions attend a conference and come out with one world religion. The best we can hope for is tolerance.


Religion may be incompatible with necessary change.
Religion is a self-justifying conceptual system of both complexity and authority.
It stands against new understandings.
It gives absolute conceptual primacy to certain conceptions and to some of the consequences of those conceptions.
Other things — it ignores.


Religion is conservative.
It is a brake on change.
And it is difficult to recognize problems unique to our time,
and it may impede changes need to alleviate such problems.


Which begs the crucial question:
What changes must we make,
and how will be convince people?
(That in turn presupposes that thinking about such changes are a major component of effecting such changes.)

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