June 24, 2020
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Ways of Looking at:


The philosophically interesting task of defining racism pales
in importance with doing something about racism.
Defining racism is of limited help in doing something about racism.


The societal attack on racism can hinder us in speaking about and thinking about and understanding the overlapping concepts of racism.
It stops thought,
as of course it is intended to do.


Asking what is wrong with racism? is a somewhat inappropriate question.
When we call something racism we are saying that it is wrong.
Its wrongness is not something up for questioning.


And racism is a local existential problem. There may be racism worldwide but the US racism against blacks is a specific racism with roots, hiostory and coutless cultural resonance.
It differs from the racisms in other countries.


We may not know if what we do will make a great improvement on the situations on the ground.
but we have to do something.
Doing something is morally important in itself.


We cannot do everything but we must do somethings.


Tearing down statues is an important act.
Toppling statues also makes us think:
What is our story?
what are our goals?
Where is our progress?


Re-examining the historical past from a moral point of view: (say racism, colonialism, settlerism) it is difficult to find exactly the right words.
You can condemn it but you cannot change it.
The present world and your place in it may be possible only because of those immoral acts.


Racism will end when people no longer feel discriminated against because of their race.

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