August 2, 2020
(9 thoughts)

do lives matter?


And no.
Human lives matter greatly in many contexts,
and not so much in others.


Do human lives matter simply because they are human?
That is an intuition which looks more like a way of not answering the question.
For only humans think and agree that humans are valuable for their own way. Or can human lives be a danger to life as well?


My life matters
to me
but also to my parents
family and those around me.
But my life does not matter too much;
the world can go on without me.


How much do human lives matter?
Enough for me to be equally concerned about each?
But there may be things that matter
which necessitate taking human lives.
Are those projects to abandon?


How would it even be possible to be equally concerned by all??
The unique concern we give our closest relationships
is one more thing that makes life worth living.


I love my friend.
Can anyone be my friend?
Friends are not easy to find.


But in the contexts of the BLM protests,
we should not overthink this.
We all know|feel the value of a human life.
We also know}feel that deep down we are no better or worse than a child born somewhere else,
and that they are very like us.


Should the government be able to force you to kill,
and possibly be killed?
And at the same time accept this behavior?
Should we rethink this?


Human lives matter for humans.
But when human lives
begin to displace the many complex lives
of animals and plants,
we are in a different situation.
Human lives are not the only things that matter.

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