A Lovely Game of Memories

We live in divisive times. It is hard to relate to people without being repulsed by different political opinions.
Here is a game any group of adults, especially older adults, can play,
and share commonalities.

People sit in circles and discuss one of the following questions or activities.

  • What is the most artistic thing you have done in your life?
  • Tell us about a beautiful place you have been.
  • Relate something that scared you.
  • When have you been closest to death?
  • What was your best artistic experience?
  • What was your best drug experience?
  • What was your best music experience?
  • Have you seen a celebrity?
  • Name several nice things your parent did.
  • Favorite nenory of an aunt or uncles.
  • What do you remember about your grandmother?
  • Relate a particularly peaceful moment in your life.
  • What is one of your favorite memories?

I think we could all like that.

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