September 26, 2020
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What do you have to believe to believe that:
Donald Trump is a Great President?


An Op-Phil.


We do not have good working theory about the truth of our opinions.
If they do not have the simplicity of simple descriptive facts, they degenerate into mere opinions with no truth value to speak of.
Though for many things this is obviously untrue.


Here are seven terrible things abut Donald Trump:

  1. He is divisive president, dismissing all the people, a mjaority of American voters, who disagree with him.
  2. He lies incessantly
  3. He never apologizes for his lies.
  4. He disregards well accepted laws and rules of Amrican democracy, ignoring congressional oversight.
  5. He is corrupt. And he pardons his cronies.
  6. He dismisses science.
  7. He dismisses the media, should they disagree with him on almost anything.

I could go on.


So how can say 40% of American adults think he is a good, if not a great, president?


No many people who think Trump is great are no doubt ignorant,
as are many who thinks he is a terrible president,
but can one be knowledgeable and still think he is a great president?
At the very least you would have to admit he has a lot of stirkes againt him.


You may not want to argue Trump is a great president, but you could argue

  1. He is better than the opposition.
  2. He is a Republican.
  3. He shakes things up, and this is salutory.
  4. Life, human life of the planet, is a battle of nations, or even of races.
    Don't let the environment or a mass war distract you from that point.


You might think he is a genius master of the political game and is playing a game to complicated for most of us to understand.

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