chapter 0
one beginning

Let is say we want to present the true definitive philosophy.

First of all, why do we assume that true philosophy makes obvious sense?
Wouldn't it be a major achievement to present a new or alterative philosophical POV [PPOV] ?

We assume that means a book,
but we can't exactly say why.
It just seems obvious it would be a book.

We would hold the book up and say, if you can read and understand this book you will understand the universe.

How small can this book be?
Would an outline of a book be as good as a book?
What then is shortest outline of book?
Could it be a chapter, a few paragraph, or a sentence or two?
(It does not seem it would be a sentence.)

What would it take to convince another person the truth of your point of view?
Of what?
What is a philosophical POV [PPOV] ?

Of my point of view? They didn't convince of a POV you demonstrate it. Or get people in position to see it.

It must defeat alternative PPOVs as well as traditional and deeply embedded PPOVs.

Let's say I have it figured out.
How can I convince you.
traditionally a proof,
or a matter of fact.

And defeat all other persons In real time.
That would be done by a great argumenterer who is quick on his mind.
For many people it takes time to come up with a suitable let alone a decisive rejoinder.

Is it to present alternative POVs, like two lawyers,
Or is the aim for one person to convince the other person to agree.

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