Conrad, comes once again before Secretius.

"Master," say Conrad
The world is a noisy desert.
It is hard. It is dusty concrete and brick.
What should I do?
Where should I place my energy"

"Oh dear," answered Secretius.
"You have exhausted yourself in your private affairs.
The world is not a pile of bricks."

Look at the clouds.
While you scurry about like an ant with a french fry
the clouds are moving silently and constantly overhead.
Day arrives, heats up, and turns slowly to the dark colors of the night.
The wind blows.
The rivers flow.
Flowers bloom and ripen."

"The world moves all around you.
It is you who have built a cave that does not move.
Sit still and let the earth fill you with it's energy.
That energy is your energy too.
Your quietness is its quietness."

"Perhaps the earth may not give you any strength,
but paying attention to the earth slows you down.
And you may realize that you do flow in your moods, your relationships, and your energy.
You are better off knowing this
that thinking you attain higher levels like you attain higher birthday numbers."

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