After watching a particularly moving film Tony seeks out Secretius.

"Master," questions Tony
at times I feel the path of enlightenment beneath me
but I wonder if the path leads anywhere
except towards personal happiness.
I am but one person
and there are so many thousands of millions more.
My words mean as little to them as the words of pervious masters of love
meant to me when I was starting out.
The enlightened are doomed to be out-shouted by the ignorant and the frightened.
Is it not hopeless?"

"It has been said before: all you can do is all you can do." answered Secretius.
"Things are indeed tragic.

Our leaders are selfish knaves.
Even though we live on the same earth, we cannot get on the same page.

The point is not to to say it again and again in different ways.
The point is to hear."

"We are confused by all our technologies, including the ancient ones of gods, and myths and heroes and war.
We are confused in our heart.

Whenever and wherever we feel the deeper truths,
as we do in church, in the woods, after a sickness, on drugs, in love,
We sing a song.
Become one more spiritually babbling fool.
Say 'I am here.'

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