A New Beginning Story

November 22, 2014

In the beginning
there was no beginning.
There never was.
The people eventually wanted a beginning,
and indeed they made a number of them.
It made them happy in their minds.

Long ago,
here and there,
people were awakening.
It took many many generations.

The people could never find the right words
for talking about the time before talking,
the time before language,
so they used the best words and images they could find.
(Nothing was and is good enough.)

The first people were El-ah and Emmet.
Of course the first people were not really the first people.
Nor were they called El-ah and Emmet.
But that hardly matters,
so that is what we will call them.

Here and there people were awakening,
Someone asked: Did someone wake us?
Do we awaken to someone?
(No answers were heard.)

At the beginnings there were some sounds you could call words,
but words had barely emerged from their native behavioral surroundings.

In the beginning was the God,
and the God was with a word,
and God was a word.

El-ah and Emmet met in a town of many people.
All around the world
other people lived in longhouses, in family groups, in caves and all sorts of shelters.
El-ah and Emmet did not know this.
There were many many things El-ah and Emmet did not know.
Most people went mostly predictably about their businesses.

Storms came,
wild animals came,
wild people came,
storms came

The earth had a form, but the earth was unperceived
undescribed by any human language,
amazing and beautiful.

In the beginning was the day,
all days
and the day was light.
What do we see?

El-ah and Emmet watched all this with some interest.
El-ah and Emmet were not gorgeous.
But they were young, and strong,
and subject to the behaviors of their many ancestors.

And they could ask questions.
Where is the grain?
Where is our son?
What should we do today?
And also questions like: What do we want to do? How should we behave? Why are we doing this? And they looked for answers.

But there were no answers..
So El-ah and Emmet wrote down some answers. It was like a strong, powerful, angry, and dangerous person told us what to do? (Later other strong, powerful, angry, and dangerous persons changed these around a little bit.)

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