Jesse, comes before Secretius.

"Master," say Jesse
I read in so many books.
There are so many concerned and thoughtfully despairing people out there.
Their writings is a cacophony of despair.
I am frightened.
What should I do?"

"Oh my," answered Secretius.
Perhaps you must hold the heavy fact
that the world, and people in the world,
most likely are in danger
of serious physical changes.

Carry with you also the difficult fact that
as hard as a scientific understanding may be,
it is easier to understand the world
than to change the world.

You cannot change the world.
Mostly you can only make a difference in things that happen all around you
that you are part of.
Not always.
And nearly never a permanent or isolated difference.
Ask yourself: what can I do that I feel makes the world a better place?

Changes are happening all around you
all the time.
Support your favorites.
Start something.
Add your happen-ness to the flow."

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