George, comes before Secretius.

"Master," say George
"In my books,
spiritual persons come out with wise and deep sayings.
Do you have any wise and deep sayings?"

"Oh yes," answered Secretius.
I keep a list here in my pocket.
Would you like to hear them?

"Yes Master," say George
You say them.
I will try to understand them."

Secretius began to read:

  • Avoid taboos.
  • Think less; do more.
  • Don't think that you feel. Feel.
  • Let yourself go crazy.
  • Run alongside the world and push.
  • Stop. Laugh. Worry. Be happy.
  • All wisdom is already posted on the Internet.
  • Open the door from the inside, then the world will still knock.
  • You sit there afraid. All the time the universe dances silently all around you, lost in its own dance.
  • Speak. Do not posture. Listen without fear.
  • Don't listen. Hear....

"Master?," says George
How many of these are there?"

"I can make up as many as you want,"
Secretius replies.
"And I can get you many more from the Internet."

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