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November 22, 2014

What kind of a question is this?

It implies something is wrong with the creation story in the Old Testament. What is wrong with this story?

Can we come up with a story more in tune, and with the same deep resonance, for modern times and modern knowledges?

What are these modern knowledges? One is multi-cultural awareness, the awareness of many religions, and the realities of evolution.

Particularly difficult is the notion of a creator god, creating not only the heavens and the earth, but also the humans, with special interest in, and rules for, them. Perhaps this might be considered as a necessary lie, necessary for social stability, but that is a pragmatic and not a philosophical justification.

Working notes and thinking points:

  • Don't need to go from image to meaning, but other way.
  • We must speak as though simple story we can all understand. Why?
  • Is there any reason to honor the traditional stories. We have made much out of the Abrahamic religious stories, and the Hindu. iS there any reason to think primitive people have a better world-view or a better sense of realities than we do? Apart from the fact that we know we are so confused.
  • Do we need a creation story? Strictly speaking no. No more than we need a god, a purpose, a meaning. But it seems to satisfy us.
  • It should be pretty and engaging.
  • What is a creation story without a creator?
  • Rulers had to come before gods.
  • Can we live without a first and common anacestor?

A possible outline:

  • The awakening
  • The first worlds they awakened and could have awakened to.
  • The social world. The group. The order, rules, consequences, group behaviors. The other.
  • Status and first celebrities.
  • First virtuality.
  • A model world order.
  • The animals. Only had to be concerned with humans, and not with animals. But no.

Genesis 2.0

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