in Seattle?
[living in a home with other students from University of Chicago]

[on the first pages of this notebook I pasted in a picture of a monkey jumping from one tree-hold towards (presumably) another. I have drawn marks around the tree-trunk he is leaving, and I have written in "electric tree"]

pulling out the stops
(putting yourself out)
we're grown-up and we can do what we want...

Learning to live
navigating, maneuvering
living off the cuff
'step right up
weave on... (wend on...)
pure song

on W.: noting the game and participating in it (well or badly) are two different things
thus the power of thought is limited
cf. wish to righteousness

"wearing a mist
like the morning..."

The stability necessary for carrying on a technological process (techniques). workable conventions. So little emphasis on this. We take for granted political stability. Stability for farming.

cf. "spring with modern sounds"

If nipped in the fruit, the plant will grow in its vegetative being

"their imaginations insisted that nobody changed much from day to day. Their imaginations were flywheels on the ramshackle machinery of the awful truth." - [Kurt Vonnegut] 142

You must be in presence (or in pain)

Youth is driven by fear and desire (fear of dark etc.)

  • no memories of previous existences
  • lawless world
  • not reminded of another person (all is sui generis)
  • world composed of stories and facts. sing around in fears and trepidations. feeling the possibilities

The play of being with another
involvements and possibilities

what is rejection: a not-moving into play

the perpetual ingenuity of loving

love is (simply) the attachment (affection) to one person or another
a bringing into play, into smiles, into relaxation, into projects

together vs. variegated

time is not conquered, but comes day by day

the sketching (stretching) out of these jobs, routines, vacations, week-ends
(the nothing of a day before a big trip.")
"...get it together."

control of face | lines of worry

traditionally people have made babies whether they wanted to or not (growing up into a world) and many old and young dying having died all around

the waiting in time is sometimes hidden by work ("once I am through with this")
but in city in general the moments when things can be pushed are rare
be there

[this transcription is still incomplete June 13, 2008]

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