part 2

Thinking is weaving
many strands

and nothing needs to be feared

"Be glad your being is unnecessary"
W.H. Auden

the continuity (depth of involvement) of a forest;
not of a city

too easy, too easy (much is open, easy to get lost)

cars as cubicles of heat

"...apologise to the remote or the small for intruding upon their quiddities..."
W.H. Auden

"then speech was mannerly, an art"

I count myself a man of letters
who writes, or hopes to, for his betters..."

"Space was holy to pilgrims of old, till the plague stopped all that nonsense."

Games of knowledge
- this is how it is
- how do you know?

city as a functioning environment with components of various ages: bridges, houses, cars...

picture goes with sound on TV is just one of many possible

what is the point of writing me reflections? for reflection fans

we pass the world by like a young man passing an old woman

"There are things" - there are things we call 'things'

"[Dylan] stepped so clearly away from his antecedents and into the exhilarating world of creative action..."
R. Farina, 182

nothing follows from anything (necessarily)
but, there are regularities...
basic ephemera
adjustments/attunements to the world of possibilities: to do A, you must do B,C...
you got to move
today we are no longer trained to the music

"these fossil plant fuels are largely the basis of heat and power in our civilization, although atomic energy will someday replace these vanishing materials"
so say Carl L. Wilson, Walter E. Loomis, Botany (4th ed.), New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1967, p. 83

"for the most part, hairs are of doubtful value to the plant", p. 85

blame for the end of the world

stop to catch breath

an economy of (large) scale

since price is determined by supply and demand, neither supply nor demand can be seen in it.
nothing to plan on if necessitates huge demand
what will they think of/exploit next


the world of books
the world in books

choice of lifestyles

society of "jumped in"

economics of building equipment to search for the Loch Ness monster

point of exploration

things will happen even if I have no idea what would be the best thing to happen

people don't dig

some jobs are ones of importance

a loss of vision in our process/lifestyles
our collage society

economy is no thing

if money is a claim, inflation is a diminishing of that claim over time

the effective music of life

we know a lot, but it is incoherent

there is not time to understand
so let me, softly, hold your hand
awhile, rest my fragments, share warm sides...
interweave remembrances, imprint a passions


sailing our voyage for two

philosophy as consciousness raised to consciousness

just so many seasons

growing, growing, grown

don't let the suchness bring you down
songs of suchness
and knowledge of what is common to all suchness

problem: the inexpressible felt significance to unity in nature...
to felt coherence of life
expresses self in memories of nature
of what a city does so

can one generalize? I am a fool --> everyone is a fool

what if religion is just wondering about religion
religion as salvation by words
even if you are a real shit, you can make sense of religious words
what is a sin? who tells you that?

the emptiness of all people leaving a room

look at the attention (care, conversation, facts) spent on knowledge about cars

why does this [picture of eyeball] look like an eye?

more words than deeds

every person has his opinion on the unity of us all

a doodle is a destruction of sense

while you are growing up you think you have it figured out, but you have no harmonization with experiences over time

Listen to bed talk: hopes, fears, dreams

a finite being in a public life (conscious of own inactivity). cover self

people don't scare each other off

in these relationships I sail so far from traditional wisdom

men's or women's opinions. Whose opinions?

leaves open in season - yet long term growth
botany is a close look at reality of flowers and the changes seen in microscopes
tree too works through own skeleton, own ground
covered by meristematic surface and protection

"songbirds are talking (runners are walking)" - Graham Nash

left with your opinion

and time to figure out how your life is going

it can seem like a conspiracy

in isolation, thoughts is all there is (as no others)

the excitement of diving society, the skills

parenchyma substantiality

"Do you think _______?" is not always answered with your reactions

infection of yawning

interesting fact: a definition can be given
words mark different processes
we can mark off process in various combinations of words

metaphor: people as cells in plant
preserving our process
association of cells - cells produce cells - chemicals preserve cells

laws don't work because of changes in technology
we do change laws

investigating the beehive

August 27, 1972

At this spot, members of the Serra Sierra Club (Serra High School, San Mateo, California) attempted to climb Mt. Lyell without rope, took one look at the route from here and chickened out.
moral: bring a rope
12:35 p.m.
Mark Hardin, Mike Miller, Mike Grant, Jim O'Brian, Arnie Davis, Rob McCormack, Tom O'Malley

We came in peace for all mankind. Mark Hardin

how hard winter is

one extraduction

another question might be: is anything the matter?

in the quick of things

for all its gravity, depth and beauty, science was and is just one part of a larger movement

the history of the world is not one awakening but a history of various awakenings in changing conditions

jump in the bed
I'll take you to the other side

mundanity vs. fantasy

talking to god when there is no one else to talk to (to want to burden)

"a six-point buck"

sometimes things are decided by a throw of coins: the die is cast

...and the news is never about us - what happens to us - our dreams, our adventures
and with little effect on us

something to talk about: weather

understanding is a pleasant pastime

people pull in different places - strain the faces

as the world is filled with beautiful plants and animals, so is it filled with excellent people

(i am amazed at how long it takes to write something down)

"If you have lived about, you have lost the sense of the absoluteness and the sanctity of the habits of your fellow-patriots which once made you so happy in the midst of them. You have seen there are a great many patriae in the world, and that each of these is filled with excellent people." - Henry James

the magic of letting nature be
(indifferent to our wishes)

free of necessities
no fields to be planted

the counterpoints of this crowded world
lovers, while I am sad

as the force of metaphors is dependent on shared perceptions in the past, so is the life ( & strength, perennial satisfaction) of poetry dependent on the constancy of our perceptions of the future.

the peripheral environment:

overheard conversations on the street or in rooms
the I Ching
the different books and records that come along

no more unbelievable words

the limits of my perceptions, I fill with riffs

in their substantiality

stupidity = living and not learning

the world is only so big
there are only so many people
(but differences in experiencing them)
there are only so many facts about the past
there is only so much room for discovery

(today there are so many books-TV-magazines-records)
books appeal to all, not just my interests
ahh, but my interests are of the kind anyone can have
experts: "a little (a lot) thought will show that..."

hmmm. money not threats
the wide-spread music of skills and knowledge
the programming of students hides the finiteness of interests
and hides the uses of knowledge in society

the flow of resources in our immediate environment, and the system that procures this (money is only one part)
a wide-ranging net of energy, materials and time.

rain tracks on a window sill
the shell of a flower shop

Why is being an auto-mechanic harder than sewing, carpentry or cooking?

Superstitions: epistemological structures erected on a lack of criteriological discussion
not found in books
limited people talking about it
just beyond the edge of actions
also a response program and an adjustment mechanism

yelling as teaching
in body as in words
as words are movement of the tongue

work as a constant activity - as a mindless activity

alcohol eases certain actions
weave in, or pull out of, the fabric later
or move it around

what if omens are accidental?
friends die away from you
how important are people's beliefs in stars anyway
a superstitious world

"What's that got to do with chess?" - Bobby Fischer

kiss my transcendental ego

beyond words:
oh, we can talk - and words are a part of life, but how unimportant words are
talk will do little good
only actions are important
unprefaced, simple, not done in words
a reaching out
not a questioning, considering: should I reach out?
rounded in the surf of life - actions and reactions

what if, when you think about it a certain way, you change your mind

you lose sight of the fact that you are read, walking out on a branch

stories of experience
or, thrown out of mind/feelings
no one cares
"don't want to talk about it."

songs: love without all the other things

advertising purports to show real life situations - a relief from fantasy!!

we deal out the world in our own way: this is me loving, this is me being kind
but how does it feel (seem) to others?

so you're amazed: so what?

suffering and unrequited love: waiting for the word [world?]

where do the trucks go?

hidden faces

"I am still carving an ironwood stick.
I am still thinking about it."

private life in the city vs. private life in the country

the harmonies of sight / sound / small / touch
the near (listening / seeing) vs. the far
the accidental harmonies of nature: we came from this. What is so paradoxical here? We have it characterized.
Today this harmony of the visual, aural and tactile can be lessened. It is broken: consider the record: sounds coming from a motionless mute speaker.
the parenchimatic growth of variegated (individual) experience..
we have room to ramble in

a folded space

winter stay inside (country in window)

words (say sexual ones) hide

Song of the Earth Magician when disappearing in the ground:
Here I sink, and I know all sorts of things.

Sad song of grandmother (crying, dying):
Oh! I have seen many things in
this world and I have been in
this world a long time.

"I happen to think." - Robert Frost (maybe you can say something)

country - quiet- clen
You have to walk to cover distances
little happens - more focal significance
more deeply affected

dope - narrowing down attention

adults say "not what I wanted to do."
not what I have to be

once more round the sun

life can eddy round academic study
(if get thoughts of life from this)
but academic study is a part of life

Self-belief at the age of fifteen to twenty:
A young man knows more about himself than he is able to prove to anyone.
He has no knowledge that anyone else will accept as knowledge.

polite comes from the latin polire to polish

polish - Polish

America the fragile... moving too quickly - and lose the ecology

music is to be listened to, books are to be thought about

how much are we like each other? in happiness, sadness
characteristics: finite in our concerns, thought, jokes (expand slowly)
being thrown into confusions, ecstasies (beyond control)

the attitude of figuring it all out

Cards: why do they have clubs,hearts, spades, diamonds; king, queen, jack and joker?
Maybe in the Middle Ages they didn't quite think of cards as play.

there were gods before there were pictures of gods


in the past we lived in a world of few events. Today we have many words and many events.

the old show of hand(i)work in things

a newspaper is not a mirror

modern times: little role for the amateur scientist

you can't tell the gender of a person from their whistle

ain't nothing to do in America
You gotta' move...

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