Jean Baudrillard
Cool Memories

... The grave — or ennui — of a later destiny.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [3]

The order of the world is always right — such is the judgment of God. For God has departed, but he has left his judgment behind...

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [4]

With the truth, you need to get rid of it as soon as possible and pass it on to someone else.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [4]

You never know what it is that seduces you. What you are sure of is that this was meant for you. There is no other feeling that brings with it such a sense of clear self-evidence.... At a single stroke — you have the chance to dispense with the abominable psychological labour to which we are condemned...

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [5]

Seduction remains the only vital intensity; sex is simply tiring, it is merely a bonus of pleasure.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [11]

... Intelligence is the seductive form of thought, just as the secret is the seductive form of truth.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [12]

With any sort of pain or pleasure, there is the secret desire to get it over with as soon as possible, and the satisfaction of being absolved, for a moment, of existence. The sooner it is over, the longer the absolution.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [21]

Rubik cube:... A fine symbol of magnetic thoughts and the cross-overs between them which make up our world, a world in which we face only insoluble puzzles or uses problems of synchrony.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [23]

We are becoming like cats, slyly parasitic, enjoying an indifferent domesticity....our half-closed eyes now seek little other than the peaceful parade of television pictures.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [24]

I have played at passion, I have played at tenderness.
I have played at parting, I have played at sadness.
... Sometimes it even seems to me I have never done anything but provide the semblance of ideas. But that is the one and only way out we have to take in a speculative world with no way out: to come up with the most successful sign of an idea.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [25]

The gods can only live and hide in animals, in the sphere of silence and objective brutishness, not in the sphere of men, which is that of subjective brutishness.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [28]

... The hypocritical psychology of the human,

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [28]

A woman, on the other hand, may convert herself into an absence by pure reflex or stratagem and surprise a man in that way as cruelly as she may enchant him by her presence.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [29]

Eroticism comes from... a vivacity of passion in the slightest gesture, holding out the promise of the same vivacity in sex and pleasure.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [31]

To be lively and docile at the same time is a gift possessed only by a painted face or the smooth sex of a doll. The whole race seems to be wearing make-up and smooth as a sex, while retaining its animal vitality and its restrained violence.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [31]

...the racial beauty of the eyes.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [32]

What is deeply ingrained within us is this possibility of expecting everything from someone at each new meeting. In our own minds, we are all virgins and hope, against all good sense, to find a destiny in any face that comes along.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [32]

But where are my the blinding insights of yesteryear? Around me I see nothing but groundless hysteria and unscrupulous vitality.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [38]

Every man has an intense fear that he will no longer be taken in charge by some woman or female image. No one can live without the absolution of a female image.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [44]

A sweating body already offers a show of erotic repulsion and attraction. The body's primordial temptation to cover itself with its secretions. A mere trickle of water flowing over a smooth stone is enough to make it erotic. Everything that slides evokes sexual pleasure, even the wind. Why not oil or mud?

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [52]

From whom would you accept anything with your eyes closed?

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [53]

[on a transvestite] It is not the spectre of homosexuality, but the distortion of signs that spreads terror

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [54]

In a world without memory like ours...

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [55]

The Oneropause, worse than the menopause, the end of mental ovulation.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [67]

At its height, perfection become virginity. You have to lose it.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [70]

This is indeed the attitude we instinctively take when faced with physical aggression or aggressive demands — suppression of the signals of fear or desire.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [77]

There is, in any case, something ridiculous about explaining things. But the worst things is to give meaning to something that hasn't got any. We are all pretenders.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [79]

Everything ambiguous is feminine. Everything that is no longer ambiguous is masculine in kind. That is the nature of the real sexual difference...

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [80]

As for freedom, it will soon cease to exist in any shape or form. Living will depend upon absolute obedience to a strict set of arrangements, which it will no longer be possible to transgress. The air traveller is not free. In the future, life's passengers will be even less sol they will travel through their lives fastened to their (corporate) seats.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [102]

Humans... see themselves as the climax and culmination of the earthly enterprise, and they keep a vigorous check on any new intrusion in the cosmological process.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [114]

Thinking lives on neither health nor vitality , but on lucidity and pride, and the decaying of the body stimulates that lucidity and that pride.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [115]

The anxiety specific to leisure and the Coast, Too many forms of natural beauty artificially brought together, Too many villas, too many flowers. Villegiatura, nomeklatura: the same struggle. The same artificial privilege, whether it be that of the political bureaucracy or the luxuriance of lifestyle.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [116]

... what we look for in other people is perhaps the same gentle deterritorialization we look for in travel. The temptation of exile in the desire of another and of journey across that desire come to be substituted for one's own desire and for discovery.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [120]

Holidays are in no sense an alternative to the congestion and bustle of the cities and work. Quite the contrary. People look to escape into an intensification of the condition of ordinary life, into a deliberate aggravation of those conditions.: further from nature, nearer to artifice, to abstraction, to total pollution, to well above average levels of stress, pressure , concentration and monotony — this is the ideal of popular entertainment. No one is interested in overcoming alienation; the point is to plunge into it to the point of ecstasy.

Cool Memories : 1980-1985   [69-70]

Everything makes us impatient. Perhaps we feel remorse for a life which is too long, from the point of view of the species, for the use we make of it.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [4]

The whole art of politics today is to whip up popular indifference.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [16]

Having himself become a virus, mankind is wrecking his dwelling-place and sanctuary. And the greatest mystery is perhaps that he was made for this, that this was his intended purpose.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [23]

The political class's current problem is that what is required today is not that it should govern, but that it should maintain the hallucination of power,,, If there is no power anymore, this is because the whole society has gone over into voluntary servitude... of everyone becoming slaves to their own will.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [27]

Looking after oneself is the comic illusion of our time.
Looking after others is its tragic illusion.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [29]

There are women who simulate orgasm and people who pretend to have ideas.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [29]

Travel, like existence, in a non-figurative art.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [29]

Travel is in the head. It is the allegiance to a complicated spatial ritual and a radical simplification of existence. It is a moon-landing at the outlying point of all rest.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [29]

... Desire was for a whole generation something of a guiding star. Today it is merely an observational satellite.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [38]

The thousand of shop windows which are the intestinal flora of the city.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [45]

Today it is concepts, much more than individuals, that are under house arrest, under the fierce control of each discipline. Interdisciplinarity merely plays the role of Interpol.

Cool Memories II: 1987-1990   [18-19]

A pill against your house burning down.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [6]

fragments... Alone will survive the catastrophe, the destruction of meaning and language, like the flies in the plane crash which are the only survivors because they are ultra-light. Like the flotsam in Poe's maelstrom: the lightest items sink the most slowly into the abyss. It is these one must hang on to.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [9]

The media and the political class ... Are already paying for the secured loan they have drawn on our advance of expectations. They have already lost all credence, all credibility.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [15]

All our societies on the verge of nervous breakdowns, but still they do not collapse. All these bodies subject to the most incredible physical, ideological, media persecutions, yet they resist with an improbable malleability. Far from bemoaning our fragility, we should admire our stamina and that of the social body as a whole.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [17]

You can argue with the person who knows, you can argue with the person who does not know, but the Buddha himself cannot argue with the person who believes he knows.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [22]

Expressions of respect and admiration merely leave one perplexed and disoriented. This is because one is robbed of one's defenses by the impossibility of rejecting or answering them (with an equivalent sign). It is, then, like being paralysed by an insulin jab. Admiration is the intravenous form of aggressiveness.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [22]

In a television studio, you feel you ideas emptying of their wit, of that kind of quality which one finds (if at all) in a relation of seduction or rivalry. One is witty only in alterity, even if one has ideas in solitude.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [25]

Realist Philistinism and Pharaism are triumphant on all sides... The conspiracy of imbeciles is total.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [26]

A number of [endangered species] are being protected, later to be released back into the wild. In the meantime, 'the wild' has disappeared! It is the same with human beings: ideally they are recycled in human isolation cells (thallasotherapy, psychoanalysis, luxury health clubs, hospitals or asylums), and later released back into social life — in the meantime, however, the social environment has disappeared.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [27]

Memory is a dangerous function, It retrospectively gives meaning to that which did not have any. It retrospectively cancels out the internal illusoriness of events, which was their originality. But if these events retained their original, enigmatic form, their ambiguous, terrifying form, there would doubtless no longer be any history.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [30]

You should never choose the ideal city or the ideal environment or the ideal women since, if things fail, the responsibility is hellish.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [32]

One dreams of a stealthy idea which would slip through all the detection systems without being spotted, and unfailingly reach its target.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [34]

It is as impossible for the citizen to form an opinion on the basis of the news media as to form an aesthetic judgment on the basis of the art market.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [36]

A world without watching eyes is like a sleepless night, peopled with inner nightmares.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [37]

For the world is basically a wonderful visual reportage. It is the commentary that is unbearable.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [38]

We should plan to build niches filled with explosives into the buildings of the future, niches carefully distributed so that the buildings can be automatically destroyed at the required time (like the cells programmed from birth to produce death.)

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [48]

Not to think any more. To be like a dog. To be one's head like a dog in its kennel.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [52]

The worst thing when your ideas are plundered is the fact of being taken for a wreck.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [53]

Liberated' East Berlin exports to the West its sexual promiscuity, which thrived in the shadow of its dictatorship, and consequently AIDS too, in the form of a contingent of unregulated prostitutes. The West, by contrast, exports its stereo-video-porn to the East, the image and simulacrum of sex, of which those in the East were cruelly frustrated. This is more like mental AIDS.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [53]

Neurotic and erotic abreaction in every place marked out for discourse or for writing: libraries, conferences, 'round tables', examinations. A desire o climb the curtains and swing from the chandeliers as soon as the discourse of culture makes its appearance.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [55]

If only stupid words could leave a material residue! What evidence of general stupidity!

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [55]

The traces of the dinosaurs howl in our memories, had they been alive we would have exterminated them, but we respect their traces. It is the same with the human race: the more we imperil it, the more we meticulously preserve its remains.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [56]

They ought to put up monuments to the Unknown of all categories: the unknown striptease artist, the unknown TV viewer, the unknown air-traffic controller, the anonymous alcoholic, etc.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [60]

The most scandalous inequality is the inequality in the ages people live to, and, therefore, in the length of retirement.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [63]

The zealous enemies of stupidity have forgotten that it is both the illness and the vaccine, and that you have to be inoculated with it to be able to exorcize it. And because it is extraordinarily contagious, you can't rage against it without falling into its trap.
A special mention must go to second-degree stupidity, that stupidity which has already turned around upon itself and come out the other side, reinforced by a whole sophisticated and ironic critical apparatus of intelligence and culture.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [70]

True compassion is to suffer in silence for others.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [70]

As if Americanism did not run through every society, every nation, and every individual today, like modernity itself.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [71]

Even in the daytime, a part of us is perpetually asleep. When we are fast asleep, part of us in constantly awake. This is how, even when we are asleep, we can wish for sleep. How, even when we are fully alive, we can want to live.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [71]

Noble energy cannot be transposed into vulgar energy... [Noble energy] will remain in you like an unpunished crime.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [72]

The compulsion to repudiate those things which are close to you: family, children, country, nation... Oneself, one's own name, one's own body, one's own face.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [72]

If we could bear ourselves as we are, we could bear the savages as they are: disheveled, wild-eyed and staring — and ourselves, secretly corrupt and degenerate.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [87]

Why does the period before birth barely interest us, whereas the period after death excites us enormously?... People are obsessed with their posthumous tranquility rather then with their happiness in this world to a degree that is quite insane.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [89]

Get away from your life. Get away from your shadow on the wall.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [90]

It is not illusion which conceals reality. It is reality which conceals the fact that there is none.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [90]

These postmistresses, young and old, who have been given brand-new computers to sit at. This is to sit hot-blooded animals in front of cold-blooded technologies.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [94]

The world, for its part, has no need of real causes. Only the mind demands an explanation.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [95]

The paralytic in his wheelchair embodies the virtual reality of movement.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [99]

Pruritus, itching, is what remains of an apelike activity. It is indeed because man has stropped scratching himself that he has moved on to other activities. ... This freedom has put an end to a certain conviviality which was that of apes:: 'Scratch one another!'

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [99]

Most of our behavior is merely deception aimed at deflecting the great predator — death — from our path.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [101]

Can we imagine a video dispenser which would identify everyone by their smile, and not by their code or their fingerprints?

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [106]

The sabotaging of the image by the image professionals is akin to the sabotaging of the political by the politicians themselves.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [117]

A theory closed towards the outside but open on the inside... It no longer produces information in the proper sense of the word — it is a poetic form of the disillusioning of meaning... Nothing in this theory provides and answer to conventional questions, current of philosophical.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [118]

Ideological language is a spongy language which absorbs the fluid secretions of though the way a Tampax absorbs menstrual blood.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [120]

Events which pass in the sky like unidentified flying objects.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [120]

Man is an exaggerated being, and he brings a pathetic exaggeration to the world.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [121]

Events pass into history without even having taken place. Art goes directly into galleries without having undergone the fate of an art work.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [122]

The mute orgasm of the smile.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [130]

... The work of mourning is not a deliverance in itself, but the price paid for liberation.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [132]

Why remonstrate against the current deliquescence and senility of the political class? As though we still believed we were governed by intelligent people when it is glaringly obvious that we are convinced of the opposite.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [132]

[In our reaction to Islamic fundamentalists we see..] free-market fanaticism, the fanaticism of indifference to its own values and, for that very reason, total intolerance towards those who differ by any passion whatsoever. The New World Order implies the extermination of everything different to integrate it into an indifferent world order.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [133]

Did the Unconscious exist before it was discovered?... Once they have been discovered, these objects are never again content to merely exist as objects of knowledge or analysis: they react in in an original, offensive way, and we may fall prey to — or be taken hostage by — them.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [135]

The self-evidence of the real is as unacceptable as the state of political affairs.
The self-evidence of facts is just as acceptable as injustice or poverty.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [142]

Four vital functions, as basic as the four elements: sexuality, sociality, ideation and glory. Or: pleasure, speech, thought and prestige.

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [143]

the superstition of reality

Cool Memories III: 1991-1995   [143]

The Alakaluf did not know they were at the ends of the earth. The Indians of Tierra del Fuego were where they were and nowhere else.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [8]

... Such is our freedom? But is this anything to be proud of?

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [13]

The preparatives for thought are as mysterious as the preparatives for anger.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [16]

[on cell-phone users] ... talking away to no one. A living insult to the passer-by. Only madmen and alcoholics can flout public space in this way.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [24]

The only real recreation: the stunned contemplation of elementary phenomena — the myriads of sand fleas gamboling around on the edge of the incoming tide, the water advancing up the beach by fractions of an inch... The best thing there is for inducing mental stupefaction.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [32]

Knowledge devastates phenomena, the idea devastates reality.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [33]

The imagining of thought is more precious than thought itself.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [33]

It's the same with work and leisure: drudgery in the one place, drudgery in the other. The moment of freedom comes in moving from one drudgery to another.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [35]

It would be interesting to verify the existence of reality with surveys, as has just been done for the existence of God: 'Do you believe in reality?' The results would be posted everywhere, providing a constant display of the rate of global reality as measured by public opinion.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [36]

the unchecked accumulation of ideas and culture is the astronomical sign of our intellectual poverty.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [36]

You can be very intelligent and very stupid, very lively and very lethargic at the same time.... Character depends on this basic the same way as two contradictory meanings are merged in a single witticism.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [37]

The businessman... lives under hypnosis, and so has no need of sleep. He is simultaneously awake and asleep, like horses and fish.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [41]

The obscene is what is uselessly visible ... which usurps the rare and precious — space of appearances.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [44]

... the parabolic mirror of concupiscence.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [46]

The social order teaches you to keep quiet, it does not teach you silence.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [54]

You don't go to the exhibition so much to go there as to have been there. You visit some faraway place not so much to see them as to have seen them. We do a lot of things in order to have done them.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [54]

We no more believe in star signs or in what the media tell us than primitives believed in their magic or the Greeks in their gods.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [58]

To be a mirror, but a two-way mirror: to see others from behind the screen of one's own persona.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [67]

to our frightened sensibilities, all signs have become harassment; whereas for our extenuated moralities, all acts have less and less significance.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [72]

Desire pales like the moon in the early morning-light.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [73]

Reality is like 'day for night' — the night scenes shot in daylight — or the effect of actions we perform in another dimension, like the bottle knocked over by a sudden movement, which was merely a movement in a dream.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [74]

Unlike the theoretical and mental landscape, which is continually shrinking, the landscape of the world and appearance is constantly becoming more diverse. It is difficult to be surprised in the world of ideas, difficult not to be by the perpetual play of forms.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [75]

... we bury mutual human closeness in a shroud of information and communication.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [78]

... the poor, who seem less allergic to the proximity of their fellow man ...

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [79]

There is a duty of irresponsibility equal to the duty of responsibility, particularly in the current climate, when we are constantly being tested, called upon, harassed... You have to know how not to be responsible for what does not concern you, and this goes for things in your own life too.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [80]

Thought is not a matter of time or accumulation. It's no use heating water to 80 degrees for hours. It won't come to the boil. All it will ever do is evaporate.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [81]

A woman is beautiful only if she is naked beneath her clothes. A thought is beautiful only if it is naked beneath language. In other words, violent.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [82]

New manners and a new morality are emerging as a result of this organic confusion between man and his prosthesis ...

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [82]

Truth, too, is threatened from within, like a state battling with its own police force.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [85]

One always has the impression that other people's existence should have a meaning — unlike our own, which we live as a dramatic exception to the general happiness and discontent. How do they manage to live lives that are so worthless, so wearisome? But we would none the less like to slip onto this mediocracy in order to learn the secret of it.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [86]

... nothing is more disturbing than a thought being expressed by someone else at the very moment it is being born in your head — like the advance, muted echo of a piece of music before the orchestra actually starts up.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [91]

If destiny is implacable, that is because you have not known how to please it.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [93]

Torture certainly did not wait until the modern age to make its appearance, but it has surely developed an exciting modern variant in the violation not just of human beings, but of human rights.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [93]

All the events which have not taken place, those which got lost on the way, those which were too slow ever to have arrived and other silent ones which will never have had an opportunity to occur — all this makes up the antimatter of our history, the 'missing mass' of absent events which inflects the course of real ones.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [100]

Life, existence, 'life stories' — those of Freud and Marx: what they had for breakfast, how they eyed up their maids. The decipherment of thinking by way of trivia, the exegesis of garbage... which is ravaging the whole of research and literature.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [101]

At the Ministry of Self-Evidence and Reality, where he was employed on a daily basis as an expert, he had concluded his activities with a report that tended to show that objective facts, objective truths, had always been there . . . But that they were present on a kind of waiting list, and appeared one by one only as space became available, as empty spaces were left by the disappearance of other objective truths. . . .

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [101]

The idea of a wind which would blow in all directions at once. A magical idea, like that of a vertical horizon.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [104]

The world does not exist so that we may know it. It is not in any way predestined for knowledge. However, knowledge itself is part of the world, but of the world of profound illusoriness, which consists in bearing no necessary relation to knowledge.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [104]

Current events are an incurable illness.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [113]

What does the fly understand of the window pane it bumps up against till it reaches the point of exhaustion? Nothing in nature offers any such obstacle to its natural instincts as this: a transparent one. We know no more of the transparent void which separates us from others than the fly knows of the insuperable obstacle of that glass surface.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [10-11]

All the business of multiculturalism, 'political correctness' and sexual harassment[:] ... The problem is whether what is presented as the high point of the evolution of social mores, and which, under cover of multiculturalism, operates as an unchallenged orthodoxy, is not in fact the most advanced stage of the involution of a society towards a co-gender coalition, on the basis of a single, dominant sexual or cultural criterion. the same question can be asked of practices such as surfing the Web, the Internet and all the rest — incestuous niches where everyone ends up geared to the same software and the same programmes, obeying the same technical and mental imperatives.

Cool Memories IV: 1995-2000   [96-97]

There is ... a bingeing on purity, on going one better, on sacrifice... The parody of intoxication.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [2]

Future generations of artificial beings will inevitably wipe out the human race... [They will] make us the heroes' of children's fictions.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [3]

... Imagining death is impossible, You would need to be able to remember it.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [4]

Intelligence lies in deceleration. But you must first get ahead of things.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [5]

Doubtless science is, at bottom, merely a marvelous source of metaphors. The double arrow of time, the memory of water, apoptosis, black holes, anti-matter — where are we to find finer metaphors (let's give Sokal his due here)? And why not abuse them? They are the chrysalises of the concept.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [5]

One must believe in oneself, the world and reality, only in homeopathic doses.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [6]

Those women who electrify you mentally (not necessarily physically), to whom you cannot speak cool-headedly and who put you in a state of having to please them.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [9]

Death orders matters well, since the very fact of your absence makes the world distinctly less worthy of being lived in.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [10]

We should invent days without afternoons, nights that stop before the dawn, seasons that overlap at a quicker and quicker pace, a year that ends before beginnings, and an endless alteration of joy and adversity.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [10]

Even if their 'real' demand is for equality, liberty and material well-being, the spiritual wellspring of popular aspirations, the obscure objects of their desire, remains fame, fortune and sacrifice.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [11]

... The danger posed to women by their own appearance.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [12]

There is reason to be jealous at being seen by others from the outside and having only that distorting mirror of oneself that is self-knowledge.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [14]

It is almost normal to lead a double life when you are alone. It is much more difficult when there are two of you.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [14]

The proof of how poorly grounded freedom is is that depriving someone of their freedom itself no longer means anything.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [16]

To run ahead is to move towards an unforeseeable outcome... Birds too run ahead of those who see them. The event runs ahead of history.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [17]

It is the secret continuation of the Nothing in the heart of things that creates the impression of having missed the crucial point.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [18]

Illusion is the most obvious of things, the obviousness of the tangible appearance. Reality, for its part, is merely a flag of convenience.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [19]

Arrogance is a head-on thing, but contempt is reptilian.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [21]

The truth the defend is merely the astrological sign of their stupidity.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [22]

As flat as the earth before they noticed it was round. As ambiguous as the truth before they noticed it was true. As real as reality before they noticed it didn't exist. As beautiful as a woman before they noticed she wasn't one.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [23]

Reality for us is a little like the ground for trapeze artists, who work with a net without knowing that beneath it the ground has disappeared.
In this way, screens allow the real to slip away. In this way, icons allowed God to slip quietly away.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [24]

What is one to do against an enemy whose weapons are conformism and stupidity? Should one make oneself more conformist and more stupid?

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [25]

The fact that the real exists in no way detracts from its unreality.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [25]

I didn't necessarily want to be immediately in contact with him. I just wanted, perhaps, to toy with the idea of seeing him.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [26]

The profoundly negationist character of information, the demand for which has no concern for any historical reality or any moral meaning. Shoah or no Shoah, if Hitler were alive he would be on all the screens.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [26]

Just as dust is what is born out of the erosion of all landscapes, so the real is what remains from the wearing down of all systems.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [27]

The reality principle has disappeared, but it has left us with reality, which keeps on running like a headless chicken.
Artificial intelligence? The intelligence has left it, but we are left with the artifice, which flourishes better on the ruins of intelligence.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [28]

Mentally and affectively we have remained hunters. At every moment, in thought and writing, there is a prey and a predator. And survival is a miracle.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [30]

Language — any language — has a fine ring to it when it has no meaning... As soon as it means something, language merely peddles the banality of the common speech of all languages the world over.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [33]

There is a great presumptuousness in wishing to measure oneself against some other species only on the basis of consciousness. That is a distorting mirror which prevents us from seeing that the con confrontation already exists outside of consciousness, in the infra-human, in the animal, in the unfolding of the world without us, outside of us.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [33]

... The problem ... [is] that there is too much of everything everywhere.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [34]

It is the practice of evil, and hence, in a sense, the inhumane, that is the distinctive mark of the human in the animal kingdom.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [35]

In fact, history is over for us, in the sense that it is unfolding on its own, on automatic pilot, and most often in a loop: we are through the looking glass of history, in a disembodied present. But the others, those who haven't experienced this stage, can only aspire to history or, possibly, destroy its symbols — including Western power, in which everything that has assumed the form of history culminates.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [38]

The hell of the ghostly ideas that signal to you from a very great distance and which you are no longer able to formulate.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [46]

... The art of using one's own misfortune as a credit card.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [49]

Relatively speaking, September 11th will have had the same impact as the asteroid 65 million years ago, following which a kind of nuclear winter spread over the planet, causing innumerable species to disappear, but also new ones to emerge. Unfortunately, the latter were most often smaller in scale...

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [56]

Once the analysis of causes is complete, everything is as it was: the pain, the disillusionment, the desire. . . In fact, causes are merely a diversion, effects have not the slightest interest in them.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [59]

[Today God] is, ultimately, no longer anything but the expression of our resignation at this unacceptable world.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [60]

the Bureau of Protests and Desires

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [60]

Objectively, the world is an illusion: it can only appear to us. Subjectively, it is the opposite: we regard it spontaneously as real.
But one may propose the opposite: subjectively, the world is an illusion of our senses. Objectively, it has the force of reality.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [62]

The cultural greenhouse effect: the toxic cloud caused by emissions from millions of museums, galleries, festivals, conferences and symposiums ... The asphyxia caused by the activity of thousands of creative brains damages the quality of life more certainly than all the word's industrial revolution.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [62]

We can bear ideas and events only when laundered by commentary...

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [63]

Thinking is as difficult as walking in the snow without leaving any tracks.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [64]

Who would come and sit next to you in a near-empty cinema...

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [64]

The language of the weather forecast is as rigged as that of politics. Distilled panic, blackmailing with safety . . . 'The elements are raging' (no, it is safety measures that are raging), 'The snow is late!'

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [67]

[the days before mankind] did not descend form the apes

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [68]

To be operational, you have to put all useless complexity out of action. You have to have determinedly simplified your mental functioning. It is in this way that you respond best to an environment that is itself simplified and operational...

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [71]

It is like truth, which one deludes oneself one discovers, whereas it is thought itself as produces truth as its justificatory horizon.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [72]

The car awakens in each of us the slumbering killer and the sleeping policeman.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [72]

If there are vigilantes, surely it is to rid us of vigilance?

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [73]

Cloning must be sacrilege to the doctrine of metempsychosis, as it interrupts the sequence of reincarnations and the migration of souls. But it also sacrilegious to the laws of evolution are concerned, since it is tantamount to an unlimited perpetuation of the species.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [74]

...a rushing towards the other, whose presence clouds the issue..

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [78]

They Other should be glorious, not a pitiful Other, an object of admiration not of commiseration, the object of a challenge, not that interactive, democratic Other which is not even really your equal.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [80]

The point at which the intuition forms in the child that other people exist who think differently is the point at which he learns to lie.
Later on, he will perfect that duplicity by learning to lie to himself.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [84]

A mirror in which, when you look at yourself, you would see your face emerge only gradually, in ghostly fashion, as from the light-sensitive film of a Polaroid.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [89]

This comfortable, democratic, cultivated mode of life, the mode of welfare and affluence, is something we have shared for a long time innocently, without bad conscience, on the assumption that we were the search engine for the future happiness of the planet. This illusion is no longer possible today...

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [91]

One is reminded of the Japanese tattoo on the woman's thigh that is invisible ordinarily and shows up only with sexual excitement. One of the finest metaphors for the Unconscious.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [92]

... simulation is a hypothesis, a game that turns reality itself into one eventuality among others.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [92]

Who would be so strange under the sun as not to believe he is playing as long as he lives? Our sky itself, by the filter of clouds and atmosphere, play-acts light.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [96]

In the excess of security lies extreme peril.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [98]

Eliminating all complications, all vexations. Without this protective obsession, no serenity. And without serenity, no lucidity.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [98]

The child that slumbers within us has become a confirmed insomniac. What is the point of growing up?

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [103]

[Some people] are absolutely set on having an Unconscious.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [104]

We shall never manage to identify this creature, whom self-knowledge alters his essence, nor therefore, shall we arrive at any future programming of the species.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [109]

We have lost our shadows, not simply for a lack of light source, but for a lack of a ground on which to shine. So, the trapeze artist doesn't need a net now, given the absence of ground to crash down on.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [110]

With time, something vulgar reappears: health, the signs of health. And a certain nostalgia for the stet of grace, translucency and powerlessness of the illness.

Cool Memories V: 2000-2004   [112]

... If truth were established definitively, that would put an end to science and the scientific community. Now, the survival or that community takes precedence over the survival of objective knowledge... Scientists apply themselves to this by producing more hypotheses. But the world itself systematically sidesteps truth.

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