Aug 2015


No one understands the world.

We are doomed
to invent
fantasies | misunderstandings of the world.

So goes the world.


You don't have to do philosophy

any more then you have to build a model train in your basement
or learn to crochet.
Nothing hinges on it
but your mind.

The minds you change
will be your own.

worlds of illusion

We are surrounded by panels
of illusions.

If you remove a panel 
by philosophically exemplary demolition, 
you can see there is nothing out there.

We don't live in the world
but in our illusions of a world.

You do notice strange machinery.
that creates these panels
of understanding.

And how comforting
they are.

the contextualizer

A law about rape 
(for example)
connects to a word 
which connects to emotions
(about rape)
which  connect to contexts
(like sexual situations 
where rape is never to be done,
instances of rape
and how to talk about rape,
to name but a few.)

Contexts of understanding
are created | perceived 
by a contextualizer
to coin a word.

It both creates contexts of understanding
and recognizes contexts to understand.

The contextualizer is sophisticated,
with many nuanced levels.  
It does not have free reign
but is constrained by the things is has learned.

It fits contexts in other contexts.
Harmonizing a few
but not all.

Also some are metaconexts
like love and heroes
and life patterns.

The contextualizer 
though only a metaphor, 
is built of the brain.

The brain is the contextualizer.

the future does not exist

and never will,
anymore than the present.

We think of the future as a film
just one we cannot film yet
but is it?

You cannot film the present.
You can film things present
a chair, a sunset, a television show...
You can know many facts
and feel many things

but you cannot know the present.

(Isn't this obvious?)

so what exists?

"what" exists 
is the wrong question,
existing exists.

it is only partially yours
You have no control over where and when 
you were set up in this existence.
You are a drop in a swirling stream
of histories cultures
and other people.


The world cannot be captured in true sentences.
Truth is an attribute of sentences.

And do not be too sure you understand the previous sentence.
Understanding is also usually an attribute of sentences.


Oh look:
an other!
another other!

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