On our super-surveillance™ society

December 15, 2013

We live in surveillance society.

I watched Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange last night and I was struck by how "off" it was on it's depiction of the future. People were tethered to phones, sex and drugs were socially available, and there was no Internet. People read newspapers! But what made me the most sad was that they depicted a world without surveillance. No one imagined we could sink that far!

Our cell phones, our purchases, our cell phones, our texts, our Facebook comments, our location are all monitored. We now realize how free we were in the recent past. And we did nothing of the many horrible things we could have done. We were great citizens, and got no awards. Now we cannot be good citizens anymore, since our society is resting less and less on self-control.

After a while, you think you might be good only because of the surveillance cameras. You forget people were good anyway. The same is true of a police presence. After a while we fear all unrestrained contact...

The smoothness of the surveillance society lies in the doors that open, the cards that get your car.

But surveillance is the death of trust.

I await the SuperSurveillance Society™ where I can find out who everyone who is who is reading Thomas Mann's Blood of the Walsungen at the present time?

And with the surveillance, would not the government know which person can be trusted — say, to board an airplane.

What do we not know about a person after we know all the facts about a person?

Super-surveillance means someone is always watching you. So how do you get away? And where do you get away?

Some people are fine conforming; some not.


In super surveillance mode. What can you learn about other people. Wrote a song. Knowing someone disappears in intimacy.

What do we learn from facts about people. You visit Prague. You visit not only the cathedral, but the apartment house near the cathedral. Do you look in the drawers, the medicine cabinet, or in the closet. Perhaps you look in the hidden compartment in the closet containing an intimate diary the writer has forgotten about.

With super surveillance, how will we|can we be bad!

With super surveillance, what could we find out. Who is reading the same book we are, or listening with pleasure to the same book.

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