on pets

April 9, 2013

If you want to irritate someone, ask a pet-lover why they like pets.
They will not have much of an answer.

It is interesting that after tens of thousand of years, people don't have an answer.
Apparently they do not need one.
Why is that?

Having pets, like raising a family, take place in a perceive zone of free choice.
It may indeed be satisfying a need, or an unspecified number of needs, but that makes little difference.
Satisfying a need is more than enough for most people

Pets set a low bar on relationships.
Compared to humans, pets increase your chances of success in being a successful caretaker.

Pets are people made simple:
people we can manage, people whose needs we can satisfy.
(Sports and, in different ways, celebrities, are also people made simple.)

We waste our love on pets and gods.
(It's much easier.)

People like to be stupid. (We can do stupid).
And that is in part what babies and pets are for.
Think of it This Way: People have kids and pets because they want to act like they can only act with kids and pets.

Is not easy to find someone to talk to in a manner we find interesting so actually we don't! Most people relate more at the nonverbal level.
How do I know this?
Their talk is all about weather, pets, kids and politics is boring and mundane.

There are many truncated functionalities: employees, slaves, pets, digital controls...
We like miniaturization.
We are comfortable with small.

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