The mad philosopher

August 2010

fuck this fucking shit!

god damn it!

i am nobody
but all you big-shot somebodies
sure are fucking things up

is anyone out there?

am i here all alone?

(my head aches)
i need help.

can a group
of people
ever see the world

you sit so smug

The world splits and gurgles
down drains.
Certainties change.
Antarctica is calving.
And still
you sit there

Even if you are right
this is wrong.
Listen to me.

does anyone care?

we are floundering
and getting really angry.
does anyone care?

we are soft
and gentle creatures
who need to think
we are so smart
and now
we are failing badly
at this.

why is this
not headline news?

can we talk?

we who are not in charge
can only watch the demise
with thoughtful eyes.

you are committed
to your words
as i
to mine.
can we talk?

can we talk about
the many voices?
blind crowds?
the competitions?
heedless entertainments?
the small views?
the failures of love?
our yawning selfishness?
and the monkey self?

where are you?

where are you,
mad foolish and angry philosophers?
the other

how can I find
the other parts of my corpus?


Even if I could
the fundamental truths
about the world
as clearly as possible

they would still be but words
reminders and re-reminders)
worthy of a few short minutes of attention,
before we click onwards.


you don't want to think.

just watch television,
be entertained,
and for me to
"give you a break!"

humans are the invasive species.
they make sense
and are kept in check
best in a dangerous jungle.

stupid humans

you had a beautiful severe earth
an you ruined it.
you had
philosophies of love
and you hated and killed
those who did not agree

you had reason
and instruments
and good will to burn
but in the middle of the day
you can't wake up
as the cabin burns
and your children's children perish.

what you want

if 4000 years
of our most intelligent men thinking about it
is any evidence,
you are incapable of understanding what a human is
and are quite happy to grasp at straws.

you want human beings to be important
and it's not
except yours to you.

you want a happy ending
a story
a plot
a mathematical formula
you want nobility

you want to be
the image of a god,
and you're not.

you want it simple

you want it simple:
three parts of soul
five causes
seven days of the week.
It's simple to live in a simple world.
Even you can do it.
It's not hard to think about.

but there are hundreds of parts to the soul.
but parts is not the word
and soul is not the word either.

"700 aspects of the soul?
Well, I don't want to learn about it then."

But even that is not the problem;
the problem is words:
there are no words for what is going on.

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