dim beginnings

I want to explain everything.

Setting aside that this is a vague, hopeless—if not impossible—task, what if I did?

We are prone to all sorts of delusions, that we can meet a genie in a bottle to grant us three wishes, that a spell can harm a person we do not like, or a prayer can help. The ideal of a philosophy book is another such illusion.

For one thing, the universe, or reality, may be too complex for us to describe or understand.

Secondly, our minds may be too small. Suppose God himself were to come down to the coffee shop where you are sitting, and explain in some detail the basic structure of the universe. It would probably involve math which has yet to be invented, and you were never all that good at math anyway.

He might say, it doesn't matter, follow these simple commandments, assert your belief in me, and you will go to Heaven and experience eternal life. The universe, as you choose to call it, is only a stage set.

Third, people will always disagree, and stick by their foundational myths. Or they will tribalize out with ad hominems, or ad coetūs [to the group].

Fourth, people, many much smarter than me, have attempted this for several millenia without success.

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