my big ideas

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last edit on June 15, 2018

Here are my main ideas:

The world cannot be conceptualized

  • Our general philosophical words for thinking about the world are delusions
  • "World" is one of those general philosophical words.

We are prey to countless misunderstandings

We are deeply, if not essentially, ignorant.

Our ignorances is vast And we always fail to know this.

  • factual ignorance
  • our ignorance of what is right in front of us
  • our ignorance of our limitations
  • our conceptual ignorances.

We need a new way of looking at things

To this end, we need to understand how words are slippery

They are slippery because of active family resemblance

There is active family resemblance because of the multitasking mind

  • We talk and we understand with a variety of processes that are at work in our minds all the time.
  • We do not have words for these processes.
  • We will need to find ways of talking | thinking about these processes.

We live in contexts

  • We live | behave and understand | speak in contexts
  • We grow up and thrive or fail in a world not of our own making.
  • This is as much a social world as anything else.
  • Our contexts are both natural and social, and we do not usually discriminate between the two.

Our language is deeply flawed

when it comes to thinking and talking about the biggest aspects of our world. It impacts everything said so far.

  • We are constantly deluded by our words (This is particularly true of our abstract or philosophical thoughts.)
  • We speak and think in metaphors
  • Not all our questions are meaningful. (And an answer to a non-meaningful question is not an answer at all, but a mistake.)
  • We are deeply ignorant about our language and our words.

Some hints of useful future directions in philosophy

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