new words
(for new times)

It's not an airport, it's an airplaneport.





Lower brain-stem candy.

Green-light district

What is delusion and what is lusion?

In the interest of being PC, I believe the phrase should now be "Gay as a three-dollar bill."

Here is a useful neologism: unimpeccable

Godhog Day

Clam the fuck down.

The word "romantic" come from being "of the nature of a literary romance." We should replace it now with "cinematic."

The daily chum

A useful neo-cliché:
A day without ____, is a day without rain.


Gräfenberg spot on.

Typo of Note: persona life

I am wor(l)d weary

New Words for New Times™: Heisenberg uncertainty behavior — the way people change when you look at them.

New word for New Times ™:
[a cold off-putting beauty. A combination of attractive and Antarctic.]

.. at some point, the endorkins kick in


New word: wowman

Neologism: neo-paleo

Bull-shit / bull-sweet

Wemen like women.

. . . the symbilical chord.


Useful pop-words: philosobabble, pop-philosophy


Of course I am proud to be an American. I am ashamed to be an American as well.


The ego is relentless, and vigilant. Even being normal, it congratulates itself upon so being.


mentor / de-mentor

A Snappy Comeback: .You have a nice day!


relaxed fit | up-tight fit


New Acronyms for New Times®: SIIOYA Sorry if I offended you, asshole!

New Acronyms for New Times®: IWSTTYF(BINT!) I wouldn't say that to your face (because it's not true)

New Acronyms for New Times®: DHM don't hit me (used instead of a Smiley or LOL)



New Useless Word®: a chimputer

A Useful Meaningless Concept™: PG porn

Since most high schoolers are afraid of gay people, a good name for a high school sports team that would put fear into the hearts of the opposing team, would be The Gayrods.

New words for new times®: the pontifuckator

A modern form of intelligence could be called clicktelligence.

New Words for New Times®: shitistics

A Less than Useful Phrase (LTUPs): You call that a shit!

I seek youtopia.

New Words for New Times™: "No can fuck..."

New Word for New Times™: pontiphorisms

Compare: paper dolls, paper profit, paperwork

A cool-ish name: Proliffany

nubile /oldbile

I am not sure I actually exits. I am an a-me-ist.

Fail-your / fail-mine

workless / worthless.

What is the proper feminine form of "lout"? Loutessa? Loutette? Lady Lout?

Philosophers: free range scholars.


"All right, let's fuck it!"

Inappropriate uses of the word inappropriate: inappropriately real inappropriately genuine inappropriately kind inappropriately insightful inappropriately appropriate


Another new name: Persiffany

I impatiate.

A new term for counselors and therapists: soul coach

New near-edgy insult: You dinglehead!!

Driving in a winter wonder(if-I'll-die)land.

A snappy comeback: Let's examine your zipper!

They say (with mystic overtones) the Eskimo has ten words for snow. They forget that we have ten words for digital camera memory.



You cannot take the "lie" out of "believe."

New Words for New Times™: intimidatia

Let's keep the penis in happiness.

A small university is a puniversity.

dressed for sex-excess

A Not-all-that Useful Phrase: Habitart for Humanity

Why are people (at the airport) reading crap? Crap is interesting.

myth-illogical beings

I got zero-tolerance for zero-tolerance.


New fun phrase: abso-fuckin'-silly

I want to live in mytopia.


A New Hipper than Hip™ term: He's "rockin' a onesie"

What is the appropriate word for people who have too many kids?

It's time to discover a new continent, a New America. It's time to create a New New Jersey.

an explosion of understanding: a grokatoa.

stupid words for stupid times™: inturdesting

Someone, sometwo (somany)

laugh-out-loud intelligent

I am in the Zone — I am cerebriated

the unsound bite.

New phrases for new times™: "I am as happy as Hell."

New phrases for new times™: "...but I triviate."

New Phrases for the New Man™: "I'm not going to worry my pretty little dick about it."

"Don't give me a soft time."

The opposite of The Dark Side? The Sunny Side



taking the balls by the horn.

We should not use the word "mankind." Instead we should use the word "manunkind."

New Curse-word: fuckadoodle!

amusement drugs

Your jokes are laughable!

Less than useful phrases: "To gay or not to gay."

"We're bending over and we're talking it like men."

faith-based violence | faith based intolerance | faith-based terrorism

a new orifices: your nuthole

What was the pre-computer word for multitasking?

the fantasy of the moment — the Zeit-mirage.


Death Vader

What is a non-pejorative, value free word for pornography? What about VTSN: visual taboos of a sexual nature?



North Amiracle

"That is so old age."




A whore's shoe is good luck.

MOFO: Museum of Fine Objects

mindfelt words


Sinéad O'Connor : Skinhéad O'Connor

You say tomorrow, and I say tomorrow. (Let's call the whole thing off.)

It should be spelled: freeeedom!


food for anxiety.

something had gone terribly right

Some people believe that most slang comes from young, inner city kids. Not always. Tonight [January 26, 2004] I invent the phrase: "That is so fuck!"

after having had three wives, I am finally "spousebroken."

the Germans have a word for it: "pig-dog!"

Platonic sex

In your clit of clits

I love the name Shakespeare. Maybe I should call myself Wavegun.

Maybe people would like winter more if we changed the name of snow to syes.

A useful word: exuxoriphobia.