tell me ...

Why don't the transgenders have their own gender or two, distinguished by different dress, speech etc.?

What is fake philosophy?

(from Tom) If you could ask God three questions: what would they be?

How can we speak | converse intelligently on thing we cannot speak | converse about?

What the nice way of asking: How did you get so fat?

What does it feel like not to be conscious?

What is the difference tween you watching a movie and a developmental-disabled person watching the same movie?

Who should have kids? Who is best fit to do this? The question cannot be asked, but can it be answered.

What is the difference between earning credits and actually learning something?

How can people be inappropriate? Of funny? Edgy?

What is Caesar's? By virtue of what?

What conclusion are we trying to avoid?

How much fact do you want with your religion? (Don't confuse me with facts.)

Can anyone be an actor? Should we teach acting?

How much information do we need?

Would it be a better world if people were all like me?

Answer me this smarty-pants: How could we stop population growth?

Answer me this smarty-pants: How could we switch from capitalism to socialism?

Why can't we come to some agreement on reality?

Why can't presidential candidates just sit down and have a chat?

Who would God vote for? Would God be a democrat or republican?

What would be in a class on Critical Listening?

What do you lose in a perspicuous representation?

So, what do you think am I trying to tell you?

What is there no adverting for? [government, clean air, quiet, self-sufficiency, freedom from advertising.]

What do you think of a person who does not honor anything?

What can you fill in the blank to make this be a positive statement? "I _______ like an old man."

questions for Old People™: What surprised you most about life?

Can we not bore one another?

Does god have an ego?

Are there other ways to pull me to my lord without praising and pandering?

Why do we think we can understand the world? Why do we not think we cannot understand the world?

What do we do when we have slaves? (as today we have machine slaves)

Why would God have men vote on what should be in the Bible?

To what extent are the limitations of language caused by the limitations of humans

What would it be not to overestimate your ability to understand science.

Is this consciousness I have or is this consciousness I am?

Does the Bible have to be completely historically true?

What would the earth be like if it were perfect?

Do I have to go out every day and the world be all magical and full of surprises? Sometimes I just like the world to suck.

Almost all people are nice. How would we organize our world if all the people in the world were nice, and we did not have to protect ourselves?

Why have they not invented any new sports?

Shouldn't people get more and more interesting as they get older? Shouldn't they be learning more and more?

If you can't love your spouse, or yourself, how can you love Jesus?

If everyone in the world was like you, would it be a peaceful world?

How do you run for the presidency of a loony bin?

Can you meet someone without making judgments? Don't ask me.

Without gender, is God then like Pat?

With all these people listening to music on their mp3-players, shouldn't everyone be smiling or toe-tapping? Or at least be moved?

Why are people sad when people die?

Who says we need to be forgiven for sins we did not commit? Why doesn't god just forgive us, as we forgive those who trespass against us?

What would it be like if people only said something when they had something to say?

What it is to be lonely?

What if a politician were to say "The problems facing us are very complicated and there is a lot of partisan and self-serving politics going on. I hope to work through that to provide the best solutions for the electorate."

What does it say about our society that you can't let a perfect stranger live in your home?

What do we do with our will to live towards the end of life?

The internet always sends us off on tangents, on meta-knowledge. And this is good for what?

Is there anything we cannot say by being politically correct? (It does make it harder to slam someone with a traditional insults.)

Is it better to see nature with a camera, or see nature without a camera and wishing you had a camera?

In what sense is this design intelligent? In what sense is it a design?

Would it be possible to practicing walking around the world being as unselfconscious of other people as we are of trees? We don't walk into trees.

Why is there so much we do not understand?

What would it be to be history free?

Why do we have so many feelings about the rich getting richer?

What would a non-humanoid god be like?

What do I know that I can't tell you?

Does it really matter if god exists? Could he exist like a virtual personal morality trainer?

Why doesn't everyone think just like me?

What if we were not constantly working for each other? What would the world be be then? Who would we be?

What do computers understand? Computers just don't get it!

What would someone who thinks like me think?

How did we get so damn postmodern?

With people constantly watching TV shows of interesting people speaking interesting dialog why is their conversation not more interesting?

When we externalize god, we run the danger of making him a celebrity, forgetting that he is more a possibility.

What would the syllabus be for a course in making yourself interesting? A course in dressing? Or how to make yourself hip. How to be comfortable with people? How to make conversation? How to care about others?

The trouble with rituals is that they tend to take themselves too seriously.

If I do not love god like I love Linda, I do not love God at all.

Do you watch a movie in order to write a critique?

A meaningless phrase for our time: "Twitter those legs"

There is a certain kind of knowledge presented for people who do not like to think.

Our actual religion is commerce, or rather, commercial exploitation.

When I have emotions from a book or a poem or a movie (sympathetic emotions), are they mine or not?

What if we were all on the same side? The same race, the same religion. Would that make things any better?

Is there a lesson to be gained from my heart problem? Perhaps the lesson is that living is not a lesson, a trial, or an experiment.

I exercise to exorcise.

Humans are so easily and completely satisfied with a song.

What are the clichés of the future?

Why are most love songs sung by people in their twenties? Why are not the truest love songs be sung by those in their sixties?

What if all the the poor, the immigrants and everyone on welfare, were really good looking?

A Question to Determine Your Spirituality: Is there television in heaven?

Why do we take so much care in buying our hardware, checking models and specifications, yet we will watch any old crap on television (without thinking at all)?

What are people buying when they buy a book?

Can one be a religionist in the same negative sense one is a racist: by thinking that your religion is better than all other religions?

Why do developmentally disabled people smile all the time? Shouldn't they be scowling?

Why would not God appear to everyone in his own way?

Why do we love to read our text messages? Is the world is more interesting (and easier to take) as small sentences?

Can we lose our way in paradise? (There are no maps.)

Young women in their twenties are far too inexperienced to be loving women-persons. Why then do they form the image of a desirable women?

What if pet lovers were to take all the love they give their pet and give it to their significant other?

Pornography is often called inappropriate. When then is porn appropriate?

Why is getting excited and being disappointed more painful than never getting excited at all?

What is paraphrasing software for poetry? Another poem?

How much of your philosophy of life is pain management?

Why isn't it morally offensive to root for own team? Isn't that like rooting for one's race, or one's gender?

Nearly everyone has an opinion on how we we restructure American financial system. How is that even possible? Most of these people still cannot program their television set to record a show.

Why would we ever think that dreams are meaningful, when dreams are so foolish?

Why do we still have groundhog day? The science is completely bogus.

Science tries to explain everything. Religion tries to explain everything. What is this "explaining" we need so badly?

What if all you favorite musicians, poets, novelists and movies were known only to you and never seen by anyone else? What then would you communicate by talking about them?

Can you "be here now" on a cell phone?

Without my self-confidence, who am I?

Why is not work a sport, the sport of work?

If future does not have to be like the past, why is the future like the past?

People are constantly re-enacting the Civil War. Why recreate war? Why not re-enact the great parties of the past?

What goes on in a conversation that you do not talk about in the conversation?

I have a question: what is a question?

Why are we so interesting to ourselves?

Who is god's god?

Should politicians and CEOs be tested to be sure they are not psychopaths?

How can I be loved for things I don't love about myself?

Why do we need to think we can get along? Why do we think we can?

Why do heaven and hell seem to be just a continuation of earthly life?

What would an animal much better than us be like?

Is it easier to understand Heidegger (or Wittgenstein) or to understand the world?

Are we into education or are we into attendance?

A thought experiment: What would be an animal be like that is as superior to humans as humans are superior to beef cattle? (Would it too raise beef people?)

Is it ok to be racist in your choice of sexual partners?

Can democracy work if most people are ignorant assholes? Perhaps all that matters is that people thinks it works.

Are homosexuals also grossed out by heterosexuals?

Whatever made you think education should be entertaining?

How can you take something as interesting as life and turn it into something as boring as everyday ordinary life?

Do I have a right to have a sexual fantasy about anyone I want?

Why are people (at the airport) reading crap? Crap is interesting.

What if people could watch each other on the web+H+H570950 all the time?

What if Christ will not return for seven million years? Would that change anything?

If you think your dog is your best friend, what is your definition of friend?

What if you had to pass your school exams in order to get laid? Or get good grades in science? Things would change. But the requirements for sex are not of these kinds. No exam is required, either before the act, or after.

What if men (and women) suddenly and inexplicably lost all interest in looking at women? Suddenly (and inexplicably) tight shirts, low-cut jeans, cleavage, high-heels and long legs never got a second look. How would women dress then?

What do people like when they like nature? Why can't they answer this simple question? Perhaps in seeking nature, they seek to get away from such difficult questions.

Is it wrong to hum while having sex?

How much of the linguistic spectrum is reserved for hitting on each other?

What would be the signs of a sophisticated monkey? One who arranges the banana skins in patterns? One who gestures that he really wants another banana when in fact he is full. One who wraps leaves around his penis?

What is the appropriate word for people who have too many kids?

How do you build a rational and healthy society out of assholes?

Why should God care who sleeps with whom?

Why haven't the media taken on the post-modern viewpoint? Why does it still pretended it is simply reporting on reality?

Why don't all thoughtful people think like me?

What is this "real life" which yours is not?

We can imagine a being that is more intelligent than us. Can we imagine a being more sexually attractive than us?

The bear, the bird, the wasp and the frog, all have an inherent dignity. Why not the human?

Is it permissible to feel yucky about gay sex?

Why does everyone still act like we are fundamentally rational?

Why can we can only be ourselves in front of some people?

What is life without fantasy? How would I know?

We do this and we do that because it is "good for your health." What is our health good for?

People told you you were made by a god. Why would you ever believe that?

If everyone now dresses and poses like a bistro dwelling intellectual, how then should a bistro dwelling intellectual dress and pose?

Why does it seem strange to me that high school dropouts would go to an art museum and enjoy it?

Is it morally important what country we a citizen of? Isn't it like the bank we are affiliated with: The Bank of America.

Is common sense becoming more uncommon, or less sensible?

Does living in the moment mean that cannot think?

What will I think tomorrow?

Must I accept the world as it is? Must I accept the world as I see it?

Can you believe two religions at once? If religion is not a matter of reason, you should be able to.

Why do I worry less about my own failings than about the failings of George Bush?

When Jesus turned water into wine, did Jesus turn water into really good wine?

In a group of 50 people, and you had to pick out the person who most like you, how would you choose?

How much of being is human is over-riding human behavior?

Who is the world's richest blues singer?

What was the pre-computer word for multitasking?

How hard is life suppose to be anyway?

How did cowboys get to be so conservative? Shouldn't they be open, fearless and liberal?

Why would women dress up in a way that would attract any male in the world?

What are the limits to what we can legitimately be offended by?

How do you know what Jesus would do?

Does the salmon wonder what he is doing as he battles waterfalls up a cold surging river? If he could speak, would he find agreement among the other salmon?

Do we have a moral duty to be lovable? Do we have a moral duty to be tolerable?

Are you just who you happen to be?

There are stories about monsters in all civilizations. Why is that? After all there are no monsters.

Would you rather have the feeling of profundity than be profound but unable to appreciate it?

Why would a 19th century home need a clock in their home? It's not that they would miss their favorite TV show.

What if we gave free wet t-shirt contests, NASCAR races, loud rock concerts and nobody came?

I'm at the beach. (What does this remind me of?)

Which is more depressing? That no one out there thinks like you? Or that many people out there do think like you but it makes no difference?

Peaceful coexistence, or the even more peaceful non-existence?

Could the multinationals and banks buy up everything and just rent it back to us?

Which is worse: listening to the news and being upset over things you can do nothing about, or, listening to the news and not being upset?

Is finding happiness too easy? Or too hard?

Heaven or Hell?: You are sitting sit on a couch with grandma, while dad talks about his golf scores. Everyone is watching TV.

What is the exact opposite of flying the American flag?

I am getting older Who haven't I been?

Why do people not think (like I do?)

Isn't it a moral duty to get fucked-up on the holidays?

Why is it not acceptable for us as strangers to play with each others hands?

If everyone thought I was beautiful, would I be beautiful?

Am I not shallow enough?

How come the Europeans didn't invent summer wear or casual wear?

Is the division between deep and shallow, deep or shallow?

After you have made love, what is the right amount of time to wait until you start thinking of other things?

Couldn't (shouldn't) we teach people to be interesting?

The word modern dates from 1585. What is a more modern word for modern?

Isn't it unsafe to put the safety warning on medicine bottles in print so small that no one can read it?

Who is the patron saint of sex?

Why the fuck should God bless America? Anyone?

Why do we take sides in history?

How is it that so few people read history, but love to visit historical sites when they go on vacation?

What is the test for watching a movie correctly?

When it comes to religion, why is it so hard to say "But that's only my opinion..."?