My life may not be a journey as much as a junket.


Privileged lives do matter,
but they are already
very well taken-care-of.


Not only do I not know
what color my parachute is,
I also do not know
who I am.


A New Exercise Program for the old: getting up!


A celebrity face invites...
there can be no rejection.


Would our attitude to immigrants change if we only let pretty people immigrate?


My mind has a mind of its own,
which in turn has a mind of its own . . .
and so on.


I like to visit San Ity


It has been a real honor to have been given a life, my life.


Too much is going on here to be said in words, and words are intrusive.
Let us enjoy the ineffability of it all.


Has anyone seen my pearls?
I am worried the swine ate them.


I forget, as I often do, that I am crazy... or as other people would say, normal.


I am at the beach.
The experience seems beyond rational comprehension.
Indeed it puts thoughts of understanding it out of your mind.


I'm not sure you can bring great joy to anyone's life, but you sure can help them out.


In the future, all cars will be police cars.


Let nothing stand in your way. . . except reality.


Usually honesty is honored because it is part of a process of recognition and change.


We are too focused on the world going round.
The world, if we reconfigure our heads slightly,
also goes forward,
and at times backward.


I have seen what was once harmless become anathema,
and the morally impermissible
become permissible.


Many brooks make the lake.


Demonic thoughts are not put into our heads by a demon.
We are the demon.
We are partly demonic.
and that is only partly bad.


Do not confuse yourself with your appearance.


I gather my thoughts like in Pokemon Go.


and yet we disagree in our simplicities. And think there is no unreachable destination.


You can talk about reality all you want
as long as you don't really think
you are actually talking about reality.


Too many people are confusing understanding with likes.


What should we say about the world?
How should we understand what we say about the world?


What would be good reasons for granting a thought plausibility?


Marijuana shuts off a number of monitoring and evaluation systems.
Why would this make reality more real and enjoyable?


As humans we are hardly omni-scient;
we are barely bi-scient.


As age buckles the armor, we respond with repairs and denials.


Why do we feel a pull to reveal our political position?


At bottom, it is just Americans and immigrants.


Of course we read for conclusions, we have to have conclusions.
What would be the alternative?


Perhaps I should stop thinking that I am going to decease my way out of this.
(Though it is of some comfort.)


Our impotence is our shield.


Also, don't pull the river.


T-shirt that says:


I am embarrassed by what my country does,
but now more than ever, I am also ashamed.


I am not either or.
I am more or less (more or less).


Humans need food and shelter.
Cool shelter.