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2019 thinks


With our empahsis on labor saving shortcuts.
It's that old Can Don't attitude

Two hundred years from now, if they read the comment threads on YouTube to see what people said and thought about the songs in 2019,
will they relate to them, or not?
Will they still be making them?

I ask so many questions in my thinking.
How many of those could I answer?
Are there some that should NOT be answered?

If the meaning of words change in meanings,
what we have are pluralities of meanings
— so pluralize.

Thoughts aren't quite like eggs.
Once eggs are laid there is little more to do with them.
But with thoughts we need to replay them, and think about them.

Thoughts in words are more like animals.
They have a mind of their own.
One must think about one's thoughts,
They will need herding.

Team | tribe | group affiliation is a huge distraction.

The world in our mind and the world apart from us.
There are contexts in our mind and contexts in the world.

The long ongoing primary is a burden on our collective intelligence.
We are asked to participate in a two year drama in which we take little part.
The candidate speak as though they are monarchs in a system designed to frustrate and cross-check those with monarchiacal, i.e. dictatorial, tendencies.
It fills the news blogs with drama, as though this is a sports event, a race,
evan as it downlplays the other things happening in the world,

For those who value absolute and simplistic understandings,
multi-culturalism is a threat.

The diversity in human understandings is immense and mostly unbridgeable.
There are fat exhausting books on Christianity, Muslims, conspiracy, astrology, secularism.
Needless to say, philosophy is of little help.
How can one balance diversity with a quest for truth?
Well, relativism is true.

Right and wrong, extending beyond moral injunctions against murder or stealing, also covers dress and table manners.
Yet all is taught in the same manner.
And what is also taught is a certain kind of guidance.
Perhaps appropriate to young children,
perhaps emotionally desired by adults.


It is within the power of technology to give each person their own experienced world
with only what they like and not what they don't.
We construct those worlds ourselves out of the tools we are given.
Where then is the objective world?
This is one lesson of traditional combat.

The objective world
in its tactile stability.

here is the gate
enter it dancing

I just learned abot dark matter.
It seems like a kludge to me.
But astronomers are smarter than me
they have studied astronomy.

Poetry rubs our face in the countless unexpected ways to experience our world.

The writing and reading of poems are an acquireable skill.


The art of thinking is knowing what not to think.
the paths not needed to be taken
the "Here"s not clicked
as they are a waste of time.

Most dark matter is thought to be non-baryonic in nature, possibly being composed of some as-yet undiscovered subatomic particles. — Wikipedia, "Dark Matter"

Astronomers have convinced us that the universe is finite, and even weighable.
So the world does not go on and on and on...

Are people no longer even trying to get their shit together?

What I do in the moment is not thnk about the moemment any more.

Its amazing we have taken wolves and bred them into pugs and Chihuahuas.

I'll die before the end of the quest.

We are the hobbits.

We have lived in peace.
We must also live in war.
Let us say that peace is just living a personal life, with kids and a woman and friends, with food and shelter and safety.
Why then are we not all happy?

If I could sit down with someone,
what could I convince him of?
Only that he is not right?

Intellectually it's a sequence of views.
In reality it is a simultenaity,
of which the intellectual is but one process.
We can only process it sequentially.
Within it are countless though finite realities.

Let us say we all sit down and agree.
When we get up, then what happens?
It gets complicated very quickly.

Is it harder to say we are a process, than to say we are a body?

The world is a show I can't stop watching, even if I wanted to.
The show goes on.

So where does philosophy fit in. The ideal of philosophy is the explanation into which all other explanations, even the mistaken ones, fit. Is there such an explanation? Well it wouldn't say much about the actual world, as it must apply equally to all worlds.

The world, as a chemical reaction, bubbles on.

What do we do with the fact it is all a little out of control, of not essentially but certainly actually.

We all dream the world is a puzzle problems for is to solve. The nature of reality. We will never know if we doslve i as it si difficult to say what winning would be. Realistically we are pleasing ourselves, or I am, in my hermetic existence.

I imagine someone will read these words and get some basic personal pleasures out of them. Perhaps kick the ball down the field.

Should more people think like me? That would be a diminished world, nor would it be much fun.

As someone utside the conversation, I see more clearly the small boats that carry us all down the lovely river. Until it is over. On the computer I write in print.

dark rings

Tomorrow is never late.

Do we modify the noun?
Or do we instantiate the verb?

I would be happy if I somehow incomprehensibly said profound things that I would admire, like the next person.

The trouble is that peace is boring in its sameness,
We get tired of ding the right thing.
It's not about surviving as a group.

Without the complex noises it's just a piano melody.

Space is the next wilderness. We explore it virtually.

Perhaps most artists are in awe of what they create.

Did Kant write sentences from sentences written in his mind.
At some point he had to write something,
Even if only in his mind,
(I mean how many places are there to write?)
and see that it was good.

The Internet makes the times pass.

Old age is free of most obligations.
There is less and less to take care of.

If I can't be a sex object,
what should I do with all this beauty?

Why then do I primp?
To please myself?
The question then arises: Why does this please me?

At some point in say your YouTube reocmmendations,
you become imprisoned by what you like,
as they will keep showing it to in recommendations, ads or clickbait.

It seems that women are allowed a wider range of behaviors than males,
and in most cases avoiding behaviors of violence.

Is it because they are smaller,
and smaller means no dangerous violent behaviors?

Our common culture is Modern Multiculture.
We can play off it in many ways.

What are we to make of long boring music form another culture that we do not immediatley like?
See who likes it, and start there,

Today's musician lives in the now.
There he is an equal.

Pie in the sky stays in the sky.

Listening to the songs I loved ten years ago I am disappointed they are not as great as I remember them.
Is thais a growth or a diminuation?
It is hard to believe I am better now than I was then.


We see tilted sedimentary rocks and simply cannot understand how they ever got there.
The time frame is too immense.

A simple moral condemnation of colonialism is too pat; much else was going on.
But leaving tribal cultures in peace was not one of them.

Why do we even have the illusion there's a secret to the universe
that I can understand?
And that there is a simple experiences to make me realize this.

With Trump's wall and immigartion policies
we are hunkering down as a nation.
Maybe this was part of somebody's plan all along.

To get yourself noticed on the internet
say something so stupid
a celebrity gets mad at you and retweets your stupidity.

We are in a landscape of moral choices,
And the landscape is changing.

Summa breeze

Thinking abut the future:
What will humans do under pressure can be very ugly.
And as always , the inevitability of unintended consequences

Wittgenstein may be a philosophers philosopher,
but who is not a philosopher.

The shibboleth of democracy

We cannot give the peopel what the want because what they want is a big part of the problem and will destroy the economy.

What we get is a journey
when most of us just want a tour.

The non-democratic nature of the future will not be decided democratically.

We cannot imagine the world in 6000AD,
And that is just 4000 years away.
So in what way can we understand geologic times of 500 million years?

Following up ont the momentary urgency of Greta Thunberg:
What if we did a website for that?
People would just disagree.
And the assumption is the problem can be solved with plans and ideas.
What if ir were curated? Who would be allowed to speak?

Also wire I liberty and freedom, the shibboleths of conservative points of view.

Simple foundations are illusory.

Can AI better solve the future problems?
Some say we build many of our human biases | limitations into the software,
to make them more human.
But humans is all we can see.
Its humans all the way up and down.

In fact history does not belong to us but rather we to it. Long before we understand ourselves through the process of self-examination, we understand ourselves in a self-evident way in the family, society, and state in which we live. The focus of subjectivity is a distorting mirror. The self awareness of the Individual is only a flickering in the closed circuit of historical life. That is why the prejudices of an individual are — much more than that individual's judgments — the historical reality of his being.
Hans-Georg Gadamer Truth and Method (1960)

I hear it through rose colored earbuds.

Nothing is happening.
Nothing ever does.

Not all problems are problems of climate change.
There are also problems of governance.

How should we think about climate change?
Many moral choices will have to be rearranged,
a landscape of moral choices.
But there is likely no uniformity
and, as always, some morality will have to be circumscribed.

The world can never be seen from one position
As expansive as the view might be.
You will need to focus in on all the parts
One by one,
and in groups.

To fit more of he world in, we lose detail and granularity.

When you ask about the understanding of the unverse and focus on it,
it becomes fuzzy or alternative,
spreading into different understandings
which are true,
and destructive of all simple statements about understanding itself.

Your experience of your understanding it is doomed to failure. You can only experience partial views.

There is an endless supply if understanding.

— Will Wilkinson @willwilkinson

You can no more experience an understanding of the world thqn you can look into the soul of a great musician by looking into their eyes.

You've got to read between the tweets.

Does the rain in Spain stay mainly on the plain?

It used to be an average job, one that most people could do, would get you a decent house in a decent location, and maybe a few perks, a summer home, or a boat.
Not so much anymore.
We are in a state where unless you are wealthy you cannot afford any of the basic perks of life: a nice house, a summer home, a great vacation.

Peace is no longer enough.

I used to (almost) believe in religion.
I used to believe in art.
I still believe in novels and philosophy, and music.
Not so much in movies, pictures and politics.

It is the aggregate of painintgs, as much as any one painting.
There is no one view for looking at a flower.

One of the great appeals of capitalism, often taken for granted, is that we can try to make money in a lot of different ways, including inveigling.

Seduce me.
Flatter me.
I am a consumer.


Neo Rauch: I see it as my responsibility to keep the well of inspirational flow in darkness and protect it from being dried out by the beam of analytical lights.

What is a educated person in the 21st century?

Most people never learn to focus on a classical music,
its delicacy of phrasing, its passion, its development.
Instead we have background music without development,
or we substitute recognition for appreciation.

Heidegger's existentialia are the modes of the manimal.

Awed by the intellectual alpha males, we form an implicit belief in the existence of answers.

Games, including language games, are contextual, though emphasizing social rules and their back and forths.
Contexts are individual situations that we are participating in.
Contexts are both in the world and in our minds; they are understood in the social world, but individually enabled in structure evolved for that very purpose.


Do I know enough to speak intelligently about the world?
Probably not.
Have I studies enough?
I many not even be aware of what I haven't understood.

I am here in this room? At least I know this. We have a firm sense of reality for physical objects. If I can't understand it, first take that in a way of humility then realize ot applies to everyone.
But this just says no one is in a position to understand annot that no one could be n position to understand it all.

But is now a small sometime forgotten part of our existence.

Making one's way in this physical world is no longer a problem.

In my lifetime there has been lots of food and areas of safety.
If this is permanent, the problem becomes how to work together to achieve and retain this level of comfirt for everyone.
Or is this period of peace temporary, and war the basic reality?

Or is the skill how to get along with people

It is important to recognize, however, that the unconcealment at issue is not a matter of the bringing about of some form of complete and absolute transparency. The revealing of things is, in fact, always dependent upon other things being simultaneously concealed (in much the same way as seeing something in one way depends on not seeing it in another). Truth is thus understood as the unconcealment that allows things to appear, and that also makes possible the truth and falsity of individual statements, and yet which arises on the basis of the ongoing play between unconcealment and concealment–a play that, for the most part, remains itself hidden and is never capable of complete elucidation. By giving a name to something as hermeneutics we assume it is a skill, an achievement, and hides it from oursleved. You need not give a name to everything you do.

...understanding and interpretation thus always occurs from within a particular 'horizon' that is determined by our historically-determined situatedness. Understanding is not, however, imprisoned within the horizon of its situation–indeed, the horizon of understanding is neither static nor unchanging (it is, after all, always subject to the effects of history).

You cam say study hides the world from us. There is no e. g. hermeneutical game because the clarity of the description is belies the vagueness of the behaviors.
— Gadamer

We are limited by our time.
If Gadamer understands the word, what is it that Gadamer understands?
We cannot conceptualize the world adequately
When we are thinking and the thoughts are coming
It is not the one overarching thought that will arise.
Thinking is an activity.

Many things need to be said and grasped simultaneously.
Those things cannot be summed up in a phrase although you can throw out phrases with which to describe, or give form to, the overall conceptualization.

You cannot depict the world in one picture.
Oh you can get something called a picture of the world (say a picture of the Earth from space) but it tells us almost nothing about what the earth is like and the activities thereon.
From a picture in space, who could imagine human feelings?

I am not summing up the world but summing up summing up the world.

with Linda,
even in our worst times,
I am not lonely.

Giving a description of how knowledge forms and is depended not on our time has no value on the processes of our time. Our time influence human thinking but many things influence human thinking.
And if human thinking is just a small part of the changes in the culture then...
But this is obvious, though it strip philosophy of much power.

The mind is not a ghost in the machine, but rather a way if describing the machine's activities. — [30-Second Philosophies]
Though the word ("mind") has other uses as well.

I sometimes I must wander in the dark thickets of pessimism.
Occasionally however there are clearings and sunlight.

There is much wonderfulness on the Internet,
yet how little we seek it out.
It is more of a distraction from our best life,
a life of betterment.

No elementary school understanding is enough. Placeholder understanding, even though you got 100% on your tests. In future, Google will explain at whatever level you want: a five year old, a layman, a graduate student, etc.

Two thoughts:
Some understandings involve math.
Some understandings involve math we do not understand.

With all the current surveillance and data storage,
and our culture of calling out,
we are raising the bar for saints.

After the clusterfucks
send in the understandings.

Most tattoos are aesthetically weak, in figure, in execution, and in drawing, or in all three. but I doubt those are why I dislike tattoos.

course | curse

In attacking Biden,
Trump fights with the only other candidate who has no genuine ideas.

The night is young but I am old.

Isn't a big part of life enjoying life, of like is there to be enjoyed?
It can be done responsibly?
But the point is not to be responsible.

Enjoy the moments, it all you get.

Trump story really is a classical tragedy:
A deeply troubled man fighting to keep up appearances at all costs, to the extent of believing them, And confused about what befalls him.

How much of a break is there | should there be
between youth and age?

Enjoy the moments, it all you get.

What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet.

If there a different knowledges, there are also different ways of thinking and reasoning.

What should the blind men say about the elephant?

Few have felt all the parts of the elephant.

A cat is not really a person;
It doesn't have the full panoply of processes that go up to make a person.
We can see these processes in our thinkings;
seldom in the individual before us.

The suchnesses of the times.

One limit of language:
A word is not the solution to an algebraic equation.

Writers have their own fantasies,
most dependent on the body of readers.

The tourists ruin the attraction.

Let us say all knowledge is cultural,
That makes it impossible to think of knowledge outside a culture.
Which is also impossible.

About PC:
There are no doubt some things we shouldn't think.
(we can all think of examples)
But can we ever do that, not think something?
But it takes years.

A song,
a series of multitasking (numerous simultaneous) processes.

There are many paths,
some yet to be discovered.

The perfect philosophy book:

I look up from my virtual world, the movies I watch in my life,
and I see my life: my yard. my home. the things i could do.
Learning is doing.
Following the Trump impeachment drama and other lurid tales from around the country is not.

What is studying.

In getting my works ready for internet self-publishing
there is no rejection,
just being ignored.

Am I in a position to know enough?
Are you?


Everybody is communicating but no one is saying very much.

Humans, as a species, feel so entitled.

We must have faith
in the meaninglessness of all general propositions.
Nei Lisboa

An understanding is not necessary to live in the world, but it is a crucial foundation stone, a very important and expected part in our picture of the world.

A name for something: Vicinity

There are countless lurid pictures of a modest pioneer family being viciously attacked by Indians, the subtext being they are savages attacking harmless people for no reason at all.
There should be a corresponding exhibit of harmless Indians being attacked by white settles and their pitiless military driving them away from their homeland for no reason at all.

So what should we do?
It seems we have to be different people.
Perhaps we will evolve into different people.
Extreme situations will make us try extreme measures, and a greater variety.

After two decades with no clear names for the decades, we're soon back in the Twenties.

Religion is not the answer.
Certainly not religions that celebrate the end of the world and delight in the torubles of the world.
Happy kids wont have kids.

Some of this coud be solved in Chritianity if we Jesus will come in seven million years.

We may muddle-through climate change with losses but perhpas with good morale, like WWII.

In the near future, to deal with Climate Change, we will doubtlessly sacrifice much in terms of beauty, species, habitats, rights etc. but at some point,...
And we will all try different directions.
What are these directions?
We can't know this.
especially the ones that will be crafted in more extremes.

We must be careful not to believe things simply because we want them to be true.
No one can fool you as easily as you can fool yourself!

— Richard Feynman

You don't mistrust yourself enough.

I may have good reasons to knowingly agree with person in some areas,
(but what areas?)
In others I take the word of someone else [ for a variety of reasons ].
A part of this is harmony.
Think of how you get your opinion on the New Deal or on World War I.

One passage an expanding civilization must goes through successfully is to live together on one planet without destroying themselves.

We have a slim idea what went on in us before we had language,
No dount there were nonlinguistic thoughts and nonlinguistic thoughts with sounds.
Then came the sounds.

We have a very slim idea of what it is to be us.

Alan Alda @alanalda tweeted:
7-year-old Zameer and 60-year-old Steve Strogatz explore math together in the most amazing video I've ever seen. At around 14:00, they leave earth and go into the stratosphere. I don't understand the math, but my heart blooms at the joy they share.
But I won't watch it.
Although who knows what I would have I gained if I do.
But there have been many empty wells.
So I use my prejudices.

We cannot think what would possibly get the world going together,
especially if WWII didn't do it.
It has to be something we haven't thought of yet.
Let us try to find this.

Our insignificance is difficult to see given the immensity of our self-importance.

We are but a packet in the fiber optic cable of the world
process simultaneously with millions of others.
A simultenaity impossible for us to grasp in any detail at all.

Although computers are buit on logic and logic gates,
at some point their behavior can become difficult,
difficult to predict,
difficult to understand.

Looking at comment thread, there are many self-confident stupid people in the world,
and who else would comment anyway.

Who is the real me?
He who understand and he who is understood.
Both and nether.
What makes you think you can understand yourself?

How malleable is man?
We now see many basic human elements are fundamentally baked into the cake.
With those baic ingredients,
what can we then make of it?

At this time I am a leaf floating down the river.
There are many leaves but none marked up exactly my way.

We will not go from one theory to another theory
but from using theories to being beyond any simple theory of understanding.
Because this is what we do anyway
but this is four dimentsional chess.

Our very understanding is a misunderstanding.
It has to be.
All we can handle are partial views.
The dream of guidance by reason is impossible
but we play the game of social survival at a dep level.

I nat think that I am the true Democrat, a true citizen,
until I remember that others are doing all the work.

It is easy to be a fool
if you don't bother to think about what you are thinking.

How would we know we had the ultimate understanding of the universe?
No one would disagree with that? Why not?
Could we vote on it? Who would vote?
Can just a few people have it? How would that work?
Others would throw up their hands and give up
But stupid people would not understand the understanding.
And there would be alternative solutions, some incomplete, others complete.

How does a scientist come to believe the truth of his view?
How would you know you have the right understanding, or that there is a right understanding?
Especially if you cannot understand it.
And no one else can either.

We want there to be someone.
Why are we not comfortable with not knowing what the world is like?
That makes sense in the metaphorical home of that understanding.

Not only language games have homes, but so do metaphorical understandings.

The language game concept is not about there being no defintion for games.
It is about it being so general it makes little sense.

Do you really see me?
Whataver you see is not really me, as I am still hidden.

In philosophy, It's the thoughts that count.

The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are coming together.
They may have fit together once, but now the pieces are jagged and clumsy, as thougha dog chewed on them.

At my age, all I can do is plan the one book.
I should not idealize myslf into different arenas.

We cannot say we understand something if we do not know it,
and we do not say we know it if we cannot understand it.
Though the latter statement is false.

You are nevr too old to pretend you are not old.

As far as we can tell the universe is depressingly huge and since we cannot travel faster than the speed of light we are condemned to remain here in our little corner.

In almost any other life I would be long dead, but here I am surrounded by millions of fellow boomers Equally clueless

How should I start?
How many tackles should I break?

Happiness is a crutch.

We have our ideas
And they form a whole,
but we are still outside anything like a descriptive understanding.
We look through portholes.

The news is terrible
It distracts us from what is important
It distracts us from what we think.

We long for the old order
whatever we thought it was
but who needs facts,
or even details.

The Inevitability of Unintended Consequences, might make our more intelligent leaders (we must assume there are some,) wary of change and knowingly ignorant.

The path forward for mankind must be a journey.
How do we get eight billion to go on a journey?

We judge people by their conclusions.
Understanding why they got to these conclusions is far from easy.

All the precious moments of our lives, the special experiences, nature, sports, romance, evertthing that makes us us we cannot communicate to one another. It is more like we resonate together.

I define myself as loving and needing classical music.
If this makes me educated, so be it.
If this makes me think I'm educated, so be it.

Probably a Beethoven sonata sounds different to us today, now that we have evolved into the individuality of someone like Beethoven.

I no longer want to seem sophisticated,
I want to be sophisticated,

You just enjoy it so much you forget to experience it
by paying certain kinds of close attentions to it.

Think of the difference between music played loudly and music played very softly. It is the same music but vastly different experiences.

Of course we don't know how Beethoven did it. Neither did Beethoven.

The fight over climate chnage is not us vs. them.
It is us vs. us

Who are they kidding?
Most people can even monotask.

We swim in a soup of information. Or a landscape if you will of information Soup is good at permeating.

Philosophy is an art.

The answer to the question: What should we do, depends on another: How should we think about this.



Unrhetorical questions

The world is not our picture of the world,
but you have a picture of the world before you have even seen the world.

As a child the world is assembled for us in components we can understand.

We like to see our reality on the screen.

Once it gets going we can see how people change under gene editing.

Have I seen everything I need to see?
Of course not.

You have shortcuts of understanding that gloss over a mind-boggling complexity.

Anectdotal arguments are bad. The emotional weight of one incident, overrides the statistics of the group as a whole.
There is always a multiplicity of responses, which we can and should experience in sequence to see the variety, and even the varietiespriences.
So anecdotes are necessary.
We just cannot experience it simultaneously, as we are already experiencing the particular simultenaity.

What good is an understanding of the universe? RQ: Real question. A questioln not to be dimissed with a flippant answer, or an assumed answer.

It turns out we thought we had the answers, but they prove unproductive for contemporary events.

Few can admit of there being other understandings on the universe,
Because it is impossible for the indivdual to conceive.

So we need to understand something we cannot understand. We adopt an understanding. What makes good candidate to understand?

Knowledge is never one person, but many persons.

I have seen enough, here near the end of my life.
It is time to sum things up.

We substitute an understanding of one world, or universe, for an understanding of the lived world and all that goes on here over an unimaginable period of time.

We can flip into humans and sadly into a god, overstating our powers of understanding.
This is a challenging proprosition.
1. There are many understandings, and
2. Don't we have to understand what is not understood in oder to know that our understanding is indeed an understanding?

Additionally, we've yet to cultivate a culture where phenomena can have multiple causes or causes having multiple, seemingly disconnected effects.
Chad V, The Hog Slayer @PrettyBadLefty 8/4/19

JULY 2019

What character should I play at being?

The layout of the type and page on a computer screen should be as self adjusting as seats in a modern car,
and if possible automatically.

I would like the conveniences of the laptop screen
with the beauty of (most) books.

There should be an app for our phones that beeps like the warning systems in our cars, warning us about a variety of dangers, and things of interest
as we walk around,

At my age, if I have sensual thoughts, I feel blessed.

We want there to be magic in the world.
We seek transformations.
Our world is seldom enough.

The confusing yet hypnotic eloquence of the Internet.

The ancients wrote without footnotes and attributions.
(Some things can not be attributed.)
Modern scholarly articles do, creating a buzzing confusion,a bit like a precursor of the Internet.

What can be, can be,
The future is ours you see.
Que será, será

We give credence to certain assertions without really having convincing evidence for it.

If we could hear ourselves think,
we would not understand it.

There is money
and there is money.

Its not that we couldn't learn to talk about the varied personas, sexually and otherwise, that we have in our heads,
but since there are few paradigms
we hear early discussions in varied ways.

With science we expect our understandings and the facts to change.
This would not always have been the case on knoweledge.
We have an institution for this on science.

I should not plan the outline of a book I can never write; it would be like planning a building I have nether the resources or the skill to build.

Is any money earned legally, after appropriate fees have been paid, belongs to us?
Though we are never allowed to spend it on anything.

Some people will never agree with you.
But usually we can work with each ther and can park our ideas.

Do we build a philosophical world form scratch, intellectually speaking,
or do we deal with the world as (we argue) it is?

Now everyone in America is thinking about the nature of government,
as the ship of state is in a storm.
This shows a belief that we can think this through
and that we have the power to change it, or to continue it.

We chatter onwards.
Twittering, texting, DMing, snapchatting...

Don't even think you can think,

If liberalism is not true then conservatism is not true either.

I have countless books whose titles promise enlightenment and understanding.
they seldom do either.

The simplest way to think if not better, but more accurately,
would be to pluralize most concepts.
Instead of truth we have truths,
and knoweldges, moralities, selves, etc.

If you can state your points in something less than a book,
do so.

There are values
and there are relationships between values.
Which value do you value.

Don't step on my values.

What deep truths about the world have yet to be discovered.

If you were to see your thoughts they would be boring
and you would not understand them anyway.
So many of our thoughts are responsible for reactions and for actions not taken

These days it's inappropriate to ask about your race.

What makes you think you know anything about reality?

A lazy day.
At least I didn't waste the morning by not wasting the morning.

"You're fat shaming!"
"You're shame shaming!"

We easily see a bird looking for food with birds.
But birds are far more complex than that.
and humans so much more.

We need new understandings, if that is the word.
We need new prejudices.

One of the basic philosphical mistakes is to assume there are philophical answers.

The problem is no one talks about the subtle dance of ultimate values. Whhc values do we value best?

What is it like for you to walk around with your sets of assumptions, judgments and proccupations and ignorancees?
Now, what about someone else.
And there is much diversity here.

We might need our simplicities.
But how can we evaluate them?

Perhaps we should not think in conceptual schemes.

The Twitter Mafia: "That's a nice little reputation you have here..."

Not so long ago, you cluld read say ten publihsed books and be very well-informed. Now we have an endless amount of input.
So John Kenneth Galbraith says this, but Bob in the basement sayt something different, and hold on, here's Karen.

The damage of rape is a conversation difficult to have in our society.

With the grandkids I am still old but also unjudged.

I am grandstepdad.

Nations involve us in their stories,
but there can be other ones.

If I ever wanted to hear this kind of music, here it is.

Is human life mostly the product of cowards.
And the importance of our little stories.

Keep up reality.

We like music because of the harmonies; it is the same with knowledges.

There are no magic concepts to unluck a true understanding of the universe.
Not being, purity, godliness, liberal, consciouness, atoms, etc.
There will always be a collection of explanations, and no one knows them all,

There is no one thing we are.
We are a composite, a bouillabaisse of mindings.

I am a village of limited mental processes

To live in the moment you must experience your surroundling as a separate if lovely thing.
As the place where you are.
This is hard to do if you are watching television.

Do you feel safe right now?
Well there you are.

As I get old I get more certain for no discernable reasons.

For singers as for all of us, life flows slower in middle age; we spend time in pools along the way.

It's a shame that generations of philosophers, bring young minds, have not been able to agree in a simple explanation for knowledge.

It must be strange for a celebrity. They know a lot about you, and you know nothing about them.

If there is no race, what are we talking about when we talk, blame, identify as a race?
Swatches of understanding of history, and incidents in the past?

Do we have to live as though we are simple? It is an ppen question.

How can the world change its consciouenss, if you cannot change your consciousness.

We live in hysterical times. There is much shouting.
We are afraid, or at least, not secure.

How can we look at the same universe of facts and cie up with radically different, inconsistent, conclusions?

We might have to come to terms that we will never figure out the future.
It won't be horrible to the people living through it. Well it will, like WWI, but the people won't feel it.

But we are ignorant of what it will be like. As we are ignorant of what the world was like before the Internet. Today that would be a loss, but it was not a loss at the time. We seemed to have a fine time at the time.

We won't figure out the future.
Every "fact" we think with can be false.
And then there is all the things we don't know about.

All of us have little worlds of plausibility we carry with us.
Some of it exists only in its elaboration but also in a tendency to elaborate certain ways,
although elaboration can lead to inconsistencies.

Being stupid is worse than being wrong.
After all, we went and belived in God.

God as our creator makes us too simple.
We are like a cell-phone dropped into a forest.
We are complex, but not in harmony with the complexity of nature.
Nature is for us to use and should we deem it so, to destroy.
The alternative is seeing ourselves as part of a very delicate web, with a time-frame we cannot actually comprehend,
seeing our connectivity in a number of ways.

Philosophy is a basic human trait elevated into grandiosity by the philosophers.

The smartest among us is still looking out their own window, no matter how grand a view.

Old peoel tend to run out of pep.

There are hundreds of great singers, rightly judged to be so, but no one likes them all.
And that is a small subset of the subsets all throughout our lives.
A simple epistemology is impossibly hard,
but it would be useful
ff only in an aesthetic way,
which is not the most useful useful.

It's interesting we can see the world made out of god.
Here the question of who created god has no meaning.

Not only do we not know what the internet is/does,
we don't know what a book means, or why we like kittens.

Notwithstanding the harsh political opinions of Bob at work,
Bob might a a good helper in times of need.
Deal with it.

We each have our own communities,
with their possibilities mostly folded up.

We write from an intuitive certainty.

Why can't we ban words?
Or what does that mean, "ban."
Not say, not think, not synonymns, don't go there; we might be in a land of concomitant mistakes.
We can disparage certain ways of looking at things,
as the conceptual abberrations they are.

In fight between reason and certainty, back reason.

They are something like the natural linguistic canyons in our mind, the erosions and now the channels of our mind.
But that is not a biological explanation.

There are only so many geniuses, around us, in the world.
The rest of use are... also rans.

Most of us are also-rans, the sheeple Nietzsche mocked, but here we are.

RQ: Well why can't we all get along?
How hard can it be?

The real problems in modeling life is that no one understands life.

Models themselves are part of life.

In life we appear in many plays, or contests.

Why model human life is all you now is your own? If cannot imagine another person, the our theories are self-serving.

JUNE 2019

Consciousness is difficult to think about.
It is hard to avoid falling into one rabbit hole or another

Consciousness as a reification as a soul.
Or a small conceit of our own individual individuality.
Or thinking we know we are conscious by direct intuition.

Consciousness can be an honorific.

Your phenomenology does not trump the ontology. [Jonah Goldberg]
But the ontology is only accessible through the phenomenology.

Question: Can you ignore keeping up with the news?

Everyone, whose main daily activities are eating and dressing, has an opinion on Iran.
Should you have a modicum of demonstrable knowledge before you have an opinion?
Say pass an interview with an AA robot?
Like A test at the DMV.

We abandon previous housing units and build new ones, lightly made, ones on free land,
in most cases bulldozing out the local landscape and replacing it8 with labor intensive pesticide controlled fertilize needing artificial landscaping.
We have a verb — landscaping.

I dislike the tall formal lobbies of building which as are disinviting as they are spectacular.
Here there is no place inviting to sit or enjoy, and experience surprised.

The mind thinks by itself as in dreams, and feelings and opinions.

Socialism means many things — at once.

If we don't trust scientists to be experts in their fields . . . we have no way of making it into the future
— former MIT president Susan Hockfield

If we don't trust scientists, who can we trust?
our gut feeling

Question [Spell-It-Out™]: why should we trust scientists

I am getting mad. At what? ?? I read news and twitter and getting mad.

Question: Is it wrong to make fun of races, say mu mimicking the way they talk, behind their back?

We can enter a simplistic nationalism...
statism, tinged with racism.
"Racism" leads with emotive baggae.

It's a question of questions.
There are fake questions, and there are fake answers?
Freedom isn't free.
What is mind, never matter. What s matter never mind.

About the ineffectualness of philosophy in today's world.

Driving through the west we hit zones of no cell connectivity.
We are out of brainge.

I want to explain the limitations of our understanding
but that explanation has its own limitation of understanding.

Originally you have a phony B-game for people
saving your A-game for those few who are worthy.
In time you talk so much B-Game your A-game goes away.

People need thrills
distractions and excitement
sitting safely in a chair.

Question: What do people miss by not having war?
Actual combat.

In a movie we can understand the impossible,
the myth
the adventure and the romance.

Our self is a virtual self
concocted of dreams

In the future
our movies of missiles and rockets will seem like medieval movie where people made really big hammers.

A classic movie scenes is like a well designed tool.

It is claimed that knowledge is not power. Not only is it not material power
but it is also not power over oneself.
(For most of us power of ourselves is but a flickering goal.)

It is hard to shed the resonance of the present.
One might argue one should not.

It must be nice not to have to be conscious...

We search out meaning in films.

True knowledge knows there is no true knowledge.

True knowledge knows there is no true knowledge.
There are arenas, cineplexes of knoweldges.
There are also base beliefs,
often unquestioned
even in something as highly complex science.

Many people have said the same things I say,
but I think I mean them better than they do.

We go through the world comparing this to that
for what end?

Do we then go forward without purpose?
But keeping life alive.

We don't teach how shitty and racist America has been in the past
so when we hear about it now
it amplifies how shitty and racist America is in the present.

its not so much that philosophers have wasted their time but
(1) these were the brightest of their generation, and
(2) this is not a unique situation unique to philosophy. Many other subjects are an equal and similar waste of time.

When everyone twitters that the sky is falling,
it is good to find those who don't.

Consciousness exists, so what?
Is it one thing?
What does consciousness travel over?
Do dogs have it?
Do all people have it?
Are there degrees of consciousness?
Is it more of a rubric?

To argue we must show you this, that and the other things.
And each thought occasions its onw response.
How many thoughts are in the nexus?
Probably too many to do or comprehend.
Where are all these thoughts "going"?
We are persuaded in many ways, with some are enforced on us.

We jump into beliefs,
or what might be called over-arching beliefs,

Traditional church belief was a whole bundle of activities which only made sense with a certain conception of the words.
It was no accident they used monasteries.
(For the benefit of the people?)

Is it just the experience of conscious world that is consciousness.
And hard to say it is not the same.
But the world they see and inhabit is far from the same.

In a world without any overarching belief,
or a diversity of such,
how can we find our way>
1. personally, and,
2. collectively

Personally, there are ecologies of thought. Collectively we are only metaphorically like personal.

What are ecologies, contexts of thought?
Do we multi-task? Or time share?

To write we must adopt several implausible and unconvincing beliefs,
primarily that we have something of i9mportance to write,

One of the greatest gifts of philosophy to a democratic culture: it makes it very difficult to assume that, just because someone fundamentally disagrees with you on a supremely important matter, they are therefore stupid.
&mdash John Tasioulas @JTasioulas

I should be speaking from a place where I give the definitive exposition of our human reality.
We should at least, consider that there may not be such a place.
Reality may be too complex for our understanding, which, however vast, is still greatly limited.

We cannot listen to two pieces of music at the same time.
Though we can listen to two harmonies pieces at the same time.

We need is a non gendered saultation
and ungendered possessive pronouns.

The Bible is a bouillabaisse

For all the lip service we pay to the Bible and to Jesus,
and the truly astounding things about the message to love others
is that it almost never carries over into personal or political life.

Why has philosophy so little intellectual humility?
After centuries, there are so many inconsistent interpretations
and no way to adjudicate amnog them.

It is one context in may or may not fall into. Radical equality of persons.

We want the simplicity of reading books about the great explorers,
without hearing that they were exploiters and destoryers of other human lives
and stealing their land.

So your country was shitty.
Every country has been shitty.
But stop being shitty.

If we can find facts to justify every opinion,
then there is no truth in a simple sense of truth.
And it becomes not only permissible, but possibly morally incumbent upon us,
to adopt a world-friendly POV.
[ POV = seeing things from that perspective ]

Music has complexity of variation and complexities of soundscapes

Music gives me hope.
People can groove together,
safe in the music.

We lose sight of how strange it is so have a huge number of people who do not fundamentally think like you and never will,
and vice-versa

We all agree the mass media are not giving a true picture of reality,
emphasizing the bad while skipping the good.

I can visit the clans of the God-belirvers
and I can see how I could live a comfortable life there,
up to a point.

What is wrong with phoniness?

As we age, life slows down
becoming more simple
and now we can circle around it and look at it.

No one notices reality.

There too much going on down here.
Not only is everything always there
but we are aware we are but a part of a spinning pattern.

If you,a mature person,
were given the energy of youth to do more and multiple physical activities in every day,
would you find it necessary to adopt the outlooks of youth?

We like to keep ourselves mysterious,
So we don't know ourselves,
we deliberately do not understand ourselves.

We are reality.

If someone wears a geneder neutral haircut, is it OK to look at other parts of them to determine their gender?

There is no history, only histories.
There are facts, but their meaning, importance, evauaion are up for competition.

We fight with our limitated understandings,
in part because we love to fight.

Even to think about this can be dismissed
as being something discussors do. So we keep it inconsequentiual.
I disagree wth professor x dismissial of professor's y's theory of a minor point of philosopher z.

We pick a side because picking a side is easy.
Delineation what my side is is hard,
and we soon run up against the facts that many people on my side disagree with me on this, this and that.

One major epistemic choice is god/religion vs. secularism.

In the not to distant past there was a path for being an educated person.
Now one is not educated, a long and time consuming process,
instead one is woke, no matter how groggy.

Hope is in the task.
It might be to conform to God's wishes and plans, fight one's enemies, or to fix up the earth and deal with what we have done.

Religion will not go away.
We are not immune to any of these passions, religion or patriotism, or whatever they may be.

How do we help with the task?
Would it be to keeping everyone alive in a quality way?

We given dreams at birth.
After a long war we won without suffering much damage boomers entered an optimistic times.
In the 18th Century there was cheap land, a way to leave and enter an alternate life-style,
much less strange at thet time than it would be today.

We must drop the idea of a fixed human nature and be flexible,
we should abandin the assumption there is but one way to behave.

Thinking goes into a number of things.

I think therefore I am
But I do many things without thinking.

Poets may do better philosophy than philosophers,
as they are better at imagery and metaphors
and similies.
And they are persuasive.

Must you know something in order to have intelligent opiniona on things?
Or you could you mouth the opinions of those you consider to have the truth.

There are those who know little
and those who can think
like you.
And those better than you (insert here your thoughtful ideal).

Build a nest,
or, sadly, nests,
for the thoughtful contemplatives.

Americans and Europeans set out for the gold fields of the west,
not knowing what would happen along the way.
Mostly it was the accidents and happensatnces that get us moving along our path of existence.

We ended up living in the virtual world
which we think of as the actual world.

What do I know?
There were no doubt some diversity of the childhood experiences in my time.
It's not like I know my childhood was the best,
or even particularly good,
but it served its purpose.

I think I finally have enough ill-informed, ill-conceived ideas for an essay collection.
— Mat Johnson [@mat_johnson] 6-20-2019

We might think that since we all see the same stuff,
the decent people in power,
who think and feel like me,
will make the right decisions.
But that is not what we feel. We feel we must constantly push our legislators.

And who is this person who thinks like me,
when it is far form obvious I think much at all?

Why does social pressure work to align attitudes?
For most it is cowardice, q fear of disagreement.

Speaking different languages automatically turns people into separate self-understanding teams

Why don't we all agree?
Well, why doesn't the world all like one kind of music?
It might be the way we were brought up,
or emotional connections. Music connects with memories and emotions.
But surley political opinion are not a matter of taste!
Or are they?

Why do critics, our professional arbitrators, disagree?
Or, why do we accept a multiplicity of judgments.

I don't think
I read.

MAY 2019

What is good music for rockin' the nursing home.

When I look at my fellow aged,
I look for a certain wink, a smile of conspiracy.
We have lived out life.
Oh we may not have been all that good at it,
and we wasted a lot of time.
But we got our shot, our ride, our journey our self, our memories, our four score and ten.
Even if someone were to kill me,
they actually could not kill me.
I have already been me.

When I was young I loved to read the classics and feel,
there us a person who I like to be
and with whom I feel a connection or community.
An early virtual community.
Now I want to feel there us a thirty year old who thinks like me.

Someone said Excel is out of date.
Isn't this like saying math is out of date?

You can be happy
and not know the answers.
You can be happy
when you are close(r) to death.
You can be happy
when the world has intractable problems
that you cannot solve.
You can be happy,
and happiness makes life worth living.

My thoughts of what could be really cool in my philosophy book are actually a way of not writing the book.

Why do we want to know about truth?
Nostalgia, for a golden age that never existed?
BUt we get so confused when we look at truth in all its rich contextuality.
We jump between statements true by definition, to empirical statements, to generally true statements, to metaphors, to statements too general as to be useful, statistical correlations presented as causes without all the caveats.
Multiple causes and inputs put into one.

School shows us the seductive powers of knowledge
and we are barely aware of it.

One can be knowledgeable abut Batman, who has never existed,
and whose narrative can be made up.

Most tattoos are aesthetically weak, in figure, in execution, and in drawing, or in all three.

•  What is truth?
•  How can we determine what is truth?
•  What is the truth about the world?
•  How can we believe in equality of persons and still have war?
•  What can we disagree about?
•  What is the best way to secure a livable future for mankind?
•  Why are there unintended consequences?

We have a strong sense of being on a river that is hurtling us towards unknown situations and possibly dangers.
We are not participating in a great battle
(which sadly we can best do against each other).

The limits of reality is a mirage,
A wall,
we paint on the walls of our knowledge.

A border in our world always has something on the other side.
A limit to our knowledge has nothing on the other side because it is by definition unknowable,
Yet we want to ask: What is it that we cannot know?

The ways in which we brish up to questions about ultimate realities shows that they are not all that important, although some think they do.

Ultimate reality
is never cheese,
or that toy figure sitting in the cabinet.

Abstract concepts have a social as well as an academic reality.

... any more than you can speed up the motion of the little floaters that sometimes move across you field of vision.

Is there something else beside atoms, or atoms and energy, or quantums, or whatever else the scientists are worshiping now.

Some words I think should be banned:
•  consciousness
•  evil
•  the will
•  free will
•  nations
•  we, us

A list of some of the things I will not get to do before I die
•  read my books slowly, writing out the best parts
•  cutting out pictures of my art books and art magazines and place them in a nice box labeled My Art Pictures
•  wood carving
•  suffer?
•  Be a great philosopher

Nationalism diminishes progress, the feeling we are moving to a better world.
Nationalism does not focus on common human achievements of science, music and free trade.

Just like n expert in an out of style musical genre, may not be able to develop his art because it was not in fashion,
there are human communities that will not appear in our lifetime,
because in a slightly larger sense, these communities are out of fashion.

Maybe we should give him some credit.
In attacking Biden,
Trump fights with the only other candidate who has no genuine ideas.

All the philosophical questions we have are spectator sports.
But that may not be bad.

We can go with the process
more than with leaders.
At some level we hate being told what to do.
So we invent a world where our orders do not come from a leader.

Philosophers are their own reward.

Does there have to be an overarching story above and beyond the simple pleasures of living safely in an organized society with large amounts of safety?
We must wake from all our ancient dreams,
though this is a glacial, as in receding glacial, process.

At my age
it's nice to have the energy
to do even the trivial.


If I had written the absolute perfect philosophy book
And showed it to the world,
And very little changed,..
This would tell us something about the nature of philosophy.
What would that be?

Writing the philosophy book is like the ideal of two hours of sex,
we cum to our conclusions too early.

In the same way that you can't know something that is false,
You can't comprehend something incomprehensible.
If you now comprehend something that you thought was incomprehensible,
it was never incomprehensible after all.

Let us say that AI can make any person say anything in any voice in any video
and you cannot know if they did or not.
On the one, we get back our privacy,
while on the other, more things will happen in back rooms.

What do people think they should have an opinion on? Gender, meaning of life, sciece, religion, god, educarton.

The trajectory of Owen Benjamin from Intellectual Dark Web comedian to flat earth theorist is 100% explicable because at the core of both groups is the belief that it takes nothing but your own perception and experiences to understand the totality of the universe.
Flat Earth Theory only exists because it is possible for people to stand and from their perspective be unable to see the curve of the earth or perceive the movement and so it is easyish to convince some people that they can make broad statements about the universe just from that
Similarly, the bulk of the appeal of the far right is that you can understand the entirety of the world, power, etc. without engaging with anything outside of yourself or your own thoughts, and of course the people who are coddling your them and telling you how special you are.
Jordan Peterson was literally convinced he knew Marxism, an actual dense canon of material, because he had just thought real hard about it without reading anything but a blog post. I will say, this aimless pondering framed as analysis about things that have actual answers, or scholarship, by people who have not engaged with any of it is not entirely unique to the far right, definitely a facet of our hottake culture.
There is nothing you can't be an expert on if you just think about it hard enough without reading or talking to anyone.
That's an incredibly seductive thing to tell people who already are disaffected, entitled, and a little dumb.

Chad ''Yogymbo'' Vigorous @PrettyBadLefty May 3, 2019

There is a quote from a movie, whose name I don't remember, and it is
"I used to think you were smart, but now I realize you're just opinionated".
Chad ''Yogymbo'' Vigorous @PrettyBadLefty May 3, 2019

In Thucydides, people were stupid, open to demagoguery, and loved force,
There were smart and intelligent people even then,
and who were mostly ignored.

In a multicultural we focus on what we don't have in common (culture, skin color, language)
and not on what we do have in common (humanity, children, loves of life...)

Do you look like yourself. What if you changed your look? Self is a multiply determined word.

The world may be comprehensible in some plausible version of that term, but it is not conceptualizeable, fitting neatly into categories.
•  categories are fuzzy
•  any set of categories cut across other categories
•  We understand categories but have a hard time seeing what is not categoried

Most comprehensible philosophical sentences are yes and no, true and false,
because they are metaphorical,
and as such, are and are not like what they are applied to.

We all have a secret fantasy of who we are,
or who we might be,
if it weren't for all these losers around me.

The ability to chat constantly has lowered the reflecting vs. talking ratio.
Or fit it into in an interesting complexity,
one the ancients do not want to learn.

We are constantly distracted.

What can we do about loss of human habitat?
Or any of the large issues of our age.
Someone should see this as maybe the most important thing to do. But no.

While we set here
the world grinds forward like bulldozers
tearing up the landscape.

Nothing can be done?
Government leadership?
Investment in answers?
Some laws?

Speaking of reason,
What can reason ascertain?
What can reason not ascertain?

Why would we let anyone believe in one book,
say the Bible,
over all other books,
sand say the collective ideals of science?

Science covers an awful lot of stuffy stuff.

Our day-to-day lives are largely disconnected with what is good for the planet: fashion, convenience, keeping up, self-worth and status from possessions.

If you find your friends boring,
does that mean you do not like your friends?

Why are you allowed to think whatever you want?
Why are you allowed to dismiss science?

Humans have a minuscule time frame,
unable to appreciate the billion year timescales of evolution and of the universe
and of Earth.
Humans think one hundred years is a long time,
and that things don't change that much.
We we have before us animal behavior that has evolved over time, complex behavior without much we would call conscious awareness.

Just because a statement is not simply true,
does not mean it is a simply false statements.

The word "soul" presupposes what should be argued for,
that there is such a thing as a soul.
The word is more dangerous than useful
or not useful at all.
It distracts, like clickbait.

Clickbait is a less profound version of
and handlebait.

Tentative title:
a and not a

We must have a false and simplistic narrative.

If you can't comment something nice,
don't comment anything at all.

On the Internet, we're all Archie Bunkers.

Why do we keep up on the news?

What is none of your business?

What is gossip?

We're little busibodies.
We tells stuff shouldn't.
We spread malicious and often false gossip.

The humans are puzzled?
How can we run a planet without war?
(No we're not going to try "peace". That's just a dream.

Can do something about it, or welcome is as a glacially slow Ragnarok.

As I am getting old, I realize I may not be able to solve all some any of the world's problems.

People are so busy solving the world they have little time for personal eccentricities, for they always have something to talk about. A communal task.

I must wear my lucky hat to please my god and be a part of the order of the universe.

When I retire I want to be a rock god,

The times you are thinking best may not be the time you feel best about thinking.

I drove across the state yesterday, seven hours straight.

I don't have much time left to be happy.
I sure hope I have learned how to be happy?

Are we permitted to be happy in the Years of Trump?

Could Beethoven rocked out?

Nations though somewhat similar in structures, are like two paints grown in different pots.

What is my culture?
Do I need one?

One can be racists in variety of ways,
not all of which were equally reprehensible.

Can I be a Swede?
I could be Swede in many aspects
but I wouldn't actually be a Swede.
But some Swedes aren't.

You might think you can fully understand a philosophical point of view,
and nothing would change.
But that is something you cannot know.

You could totally understand a political situation,
noting all its major aspects,
and it would change nothing.

Sometimes I have what I judge to be a good thought,
whihc I then forget,
and I have to search around for the thought in my mind.
How did a thoughts get so definite?
Some connections must be being drawn.

What then makes one connection better than another?

A lot of the time thinking is work
I hope.

Do you see your thought
as a discovery
or as experienced description?

I have a small but definite sense of commitment, and pride in Norwegian.
I was raised in a culture of Norwegian heroes, so to speak.
But one mistake in thinking about this
is to think that my sense of culture is what others have,
or even mean when they talk about culture.

Q: How fast can a person think?
MetaQ: What are the assumptions and the driving metaphor behind this question?

We have categories in our mind we feel free to use without much initial study:
society, science, religion, government, knowledge.

A person who does not mind inconsistencies?
I say: Nay, nay!
One must struggle with this

What is it to do a favor for someone?

The Never Ending Contest

To show the horror of x,
you show many horrible things.
So we incorrectly think the horrible things are the global climate problem.

Formerly we sought individual authenticity,
today we incite a twitter mob.

The virtual world is exciting, dangerous, insulting, emotional,
while the actual world, mostly boring and calm,
with the worst problems being medical ones.

The death of history
is death of story of civilization.

Why are we prone to binary distinctions?
Does language create the binary
or is there something deeper creating binary language.

We do routines so we won't have to think,
or perhaps not to worry.

But someone, God, had to create the universe.
And who created god? Another god?
It's gods all the way up.

Youth is just a number.

Evolve or die.

At very least our media and leaders should present a number of sides,
as there is no simple answer.
Is also a side?

As adults we all want to chit-chat about science, government, art, religion, education,
each so complex we cannot possibly know what we are talking about.

What do I need to say?
What needs to be done?
Is something not being said?
Pretty much everything is being said,
and that is a part of the problem.
How should we think about this cacophony?
How can we decide what is right?

We need a framework of how to move your mind forward.
We cannot get a consensus on that either.

It seems that if we figure out the world it wouldn't mean much,
but we cannot know that.

Can we come up with a language that can describe how we describe the world as well as itself,
and also its role in creating that world?

We should consider the perhaps we will deal with global warming in the background,
as we go about our business,
as a series of disasters and changes,
while the pontificating classes pontificate.

I wish I could have gotten to my self acceptance much earlier,
though maybe I had to abandon many of my engagements.

I need status to be myself.

Music as a momentary effortless meditation.

Will I ever be winded again?

Here is what you should say,
Here is what you could say,
Here is what you should not say,
Here is where you lie.

Political correctness leaves no place for my sins.

What needs to be done?
Is something not being said?
Pretty much everything is being said,
and that is part of the problem. How should we think through this cacophony?
How would a person decide stuff like that?

We need a framework of how to move our minds forward.
But we cannot get a consensus on that either.

We think that if we figure out about the world it would mean little,
but we don't know that. (It might not.)

Avoid poetics — felt meanings that cannot be put into words.

I wish I could have gotten my self acceptance much earlier in life,
but maybe I had to abandon many of the many engagements of my youth.

Music as a momentary meditation.

Think of some words are requiring a world of engagement.

Here is what I need to tell you:

  1. the way words work is not getting enough attention
  2. We must have pictures|metaphors and simple words
  3. The statements of philosophy, like the generalizations of religion, politics and economics, show us nothing.
    Going out in space, you can see the whole earth but you lose all the detail, including all that is important in your life.
  4. Highlight some bad assumptions
  5. Because of our constantly ongoing multicontexting, we jump easily and nonconsciously between different mind sets.
    And there are multiple ones.

Most people are not looking for a philosophy book but some are.
Is this the philosophy book you are looking for?
What are you looking for?

What would a really cool philosophy book be?

The understanding of life at seventy
is an understanding of the limited life of a seventy year old.
There are far fewer balls in the air.

And even so your answer will only appeal to those
looking for your kind of answers.

Perhaps do not think we can ever get along.
We are like an alpha male in a pride of lions whose days are numbered
and only held onto by combative instincts.
Perhaps that is both a false image,
and a superficial view of lions.

The demons you fight need not exists.

I thought singer songwriters would accompany me through my life.
guiding me as they age.
Most don't choosing to remain lovers,
[Paul Simon in Surprise is singing of age and his life on this world.]

In making poetics,
the poet gives birth to words with a life|meaning of their own
of which the owner|sibyl takes a limited responsibility.

In philosophizing,
take responsibility for your words.
If you think something is important or deep, be prepared to say how,
and what this importance is.
This cannot always be done on the spot.
One part of philosophy should be a slow constructed conversation.

Consciousness dances
but who composes the tunes?

We each have our own conscious dance, things we think about.

APRIL 2019

I am morphing into Andy Rooney: a grumpy man railing at the silly peculiarities of contemporary life
which are so different form my youth.
It was not always like this and in my world it was harmless.

about Joe Biden:
The thing is that at the time, people like a touchy-feely person.
It was not, and consequently does not need to be, seen as creepy.

Authority, not as in he or she is to be believed, but of authors.

I believe it but it is not true.
It is false but I believe it.
Some beliefs are comforting.

"Ethical statements are social instruments. They are used in a cooperative enterprise in which we are mutually adjusting ourselves to the interests of others. Philosophers have a part in this, as do all men, but not the major part." Stevenson - The Emotive Meaning of Ethical Terms, 31

"[Persuasion] depends on the sheer, direct emotional impact of words —on emotive meaning, rhetorical cadence, apt metaphor, stentorian, stimulating, or pleading tones of voice, dramatic gestures, care in establishing rapport with the hearer or audience, and so on. A redirection of the hearer's attitudes is sought not by the mediating step of altering his beliefs, but by exhortation, whether obvious or subtle, crude or refined." — Stevenson, Ethics, 139-40

The group has extended from the relatively civilized discourse of educated men and women, academics, theologians or politicians.
Now anyone can comment on anything, with small scruples and large egos.
Certainty is cultivated.
Things are presented with a sense of insight and beliefs,Bbr> often with contempt for those who think differently.

I've got nothing to say,
but (not sure) it's ok.

Why do emotional stories in movies and sitcoms make me uncomfortable, but not so much those situations in real life.
Are media constructs caricatures?
More raw focus, more facts, and more perceived feelings.
And we do not have to do anything?

I can watch relationships on TV and cringe. It can be difficult to watch, whereas a daughter can be going through a severe emotional situation,
but no one talks for long periods at a time.
And this is also what is left out of TV:
the long boring not unpleasant times where nothing happens, minds wander, you think about something different.
You watch TV or read a book.
Things don't just come to you.

Th American dream was mostly a white dream.
Though in theory other races, the Negro and the redskin, could join in.

There are so many language games we can use.
probably many thousand.
New ones can be invented,
like new musical styles can be invented.

What do people like in people?

Would Americans be more amenable to immigrants if they were more beautiful?

"I thought about this for a while, or tried to." — Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending

Look at say Viking period and see a number of people doing some things, and other doing other things as opportunities were tried and if possible, seized.
History is like an avalanche, perhaps describable, seen from afar
but composed of millions of small particles just tumbling along, at the mercy of local forces.

We should take all polysyllabic words (of PSWs) and make them into three or four letter words.
Make words slang for themselves.
And no word should have more than two syllables.

Repressed thoughts seem larger than they really are
because of the work it takes to repress them.
Let them out and they are almost never as large as they seem.

We substitute our understanding of the world for the world.

Social score for interestingness, intelligence and attractiveness.
You would have to get them renewed from time to time.

Of course we are overreacting to Donald Trump.
Reacting is over-reacting,

We've taken the smell of lilacs from the lilacs and used in soaps and air freshners.

People are afraid of each other or are they afraid | repulsed by me?
It can be hard to tell.

Why be so set up at being the greatest philosopher ever.
Why not have philosophizing as a hobby.

A name for a something:
The Last of the Mall Walkers

As you age you no longer hold life fresh and unknown and for the defining ahead of you rather than a series of doors closing gently behind hearing a soft audible click as the locks shut.

There should be a Reality App on your phone
that alerts you to things happening around you
and records the best parts for you.

Do we have tribal duties?

The future has its own future.

We can say there are no tribes,
but look how easily we join them.

In the future, toys will speak to you and interact with you as small people.

Do I like people, or do I like to be interesting with people?
It is like a musician who prefers making music with people as opposed to hanging with people.

I want to see how good I can be at understanding the universe.

I am not as productive as I used to be,
but I have moments of happiness as deep or deeper than any I have ever had in my life before.

I would exercise so I will read better.

We may be the last generation to drive ourselves around in automobiles.

To be fearful of immigrants is to be insecure about making it on your own.

What argument can we make that we cannot conceptualize the world adequately?

My consciousness has a hard time with theories that say there is no consciousness.

The computer word is just data, or directions if you will.

When I was young there were many calls to personal or individual authenticity;
today we call out for twitter mobs of outrage.

We live in two worlds,
which is a luxury.
We live in a virtual world or worlds of news
which is visceral and dangerous and filled with problems.
And we live in the actual world around us,
which, for most if us, is boring and predictable,
with a large amount of safety.
We do not interact much with the many people walking around in this world
, nor do we want to.
That is also a luxury.
The main drama of people in the actual world is usually illness or disease of some kind.

One way that we can say we are the end of history,
is that we are no longer seeing ourselves are being in a story of rise of the rise of a superior civilization of some kind.
Word wars and pollutions have made that narrative harder to justify.
Our history is no longer grandiose.
We may be less inclined to identify with "our" history,
and take less interest in it.

Old school disrespect: sticking your tongue out.

All I can do is move in small steps, as the journey is said to be of a thousand miles.
I step along until I realize there is no journey.

Although old,
I do not have the inner peace and certainty to give advice or insights,
so I present thoughts as given me.

These days we cannot let the world be.
We think it needs our help, and our vigilance.
We are helicopter humans.
It is an open question if this is indeed the case.

The first thing, the handle to use,
is that I love this person.
This guides my subsequent reactions.

Today I thought,
I achieve complete happiness every few days
which I never thought could happen.

Still, I cannot walk the world in nongrasping.

California is not a place, or a life-style, but a process,
a product of colonial expansion.
They came for the gold, but soon turned to other professions,
all according to the logic of the capitalistic tradition.

Religion is written for everyone individually and equally.
Your god loves you and you nothingburger of a life.
This is nice.

It's the truthiness stupid.

Most truth is not a quality of a sentence;
most truths are a quality of many sentences.
This, sadly, makes truth somewhat ambiguous and/or multifaceted.

"I only get away with it because I am old."

Linda is suffering from her procedure.
At the very best it is not fun.

All these stories, all these lives,
Are happening at the same time.
It boggles the mind.

It does not take much to boggle a human mind.
One can imagine beings who could hold a lot more things in mind than a human,
such as the ability to listen to two melodies at once.

Old people have won.
the turtles have beaten the hares.

I take my aging one year at a time.

Money is a number.

A game whose point is to make love not war.

Somewhere there is doubtlessly a complete snapshot of all the information on the Internet.
Scholars will analyze this.

Giving up on weltanschauungs is the best weltanschauung.

That thing,
the thing that can be understood in so many ways by so many people,
that thing is what I am talking about.
What is it?
A complexity beyond our understanding(s)
It is only deep complexity.
Need it be more?

I am tired of the traditional celestials
giving platitudes and ambiguous concepts.
Why do they not fix the place up?

The traditional divines remain out of reach.
Simply superior, they are a clique we may not join.

I don't want to say it is wrong to believe in gods,
but it is wrong to believe in gods.

If you want to believe in gods, you can expand the word god to be almost any reality.

Individually we humans are wonderful.
In groups we are mindless assholes.

It is hard to talk about reality in its essential incompleteness.

Reality is a fantasy.
(Mull on that.)

Now try:
Fantasy is a reality.
These philosophical sentences are like musical compositions, works to be performed.

Would you call someone enlightened,
who has found the perfect combination of drugs to achieve happiness?

GoFundMe to change the spelling of "where" to "hwere", "what" to "hwat"
and (why not) "who" to "hwo."

Remind me
of things I already know
like lifting off in an airplane
the moment before I sleep
remind me of my past
and my future
and how the see looks
through the wind
that squint my eyes
crossing the last small hill.

Not only is my childhood gone
Childhoods like mine,
untroubled by adults,
are gone.
Though childhoods are not gone.

When speaking of big things
perhaps all we can do is speak in metaphors,
but there is no need to assume all metaphors work alike.

Some kind of calculations in done by processes in the mind,
to see that something is not like something else
But the calculation is preconscious:
it is simply felt to be like something else.
It is similarities gone wild.

In theory anything can be like anything but in practice this is not how it works.
We do not start with random association and judge if they are appropriate or not.
Metaphors arise.

Two metaphors about metaphors:
Like describing America in one sentence
Like being at the shore and mountain meadows at the same time.

Q: why do we need metaphors?
Not falso, and therefore discarded.

The best starting point for truth is Austin:
It is not that a sentence is either true or false, but it is apt, useful, wise, etc.

My wisdom draws closer;
it is now half a toke away.

Society is a complicated dance
one can escape by withdrawing to Walden,
not of course without dancing the dance to explain getting out here.
And one can say that one's true character is the one forged in isolation,
but that is also to deny the inevitable judgments by others.
("Others" is here used as a metaphor.)

How can there be two philosophers and which on do you follow?

We "know" in different ways,
in different contexts,
though we cannot explain this in any way.
We like kittens in the same incomprehensible way
Yet we think that thinking about this will clear things up in some way.
Maybe. Maybe not.
It probably won't make us enjoy kittens or philosophers any better.

But clearing things up is also a fuzzy fluid word.

We can speak of the limits of language,
as we can speak of the incomprehensible truth,
though the metaphor itself is misleading.
When we think of a boundary, a wall, we think of what is on the other side,
but at the limits of language there is nothing comprehensible on the other side.

Thinking of the great world outside humans,
the universe
as though there is such a thing
and asking what more is out there?
Thinking there must be some overarching point to all this existence.
Why do we think this?
Why is nothing a less plausible answer than something?

We cannot understand kitten
And doing so by making a list of all things we can think of.
Makes little difference,
Though some aesthetic pleasure. But it highlights the onto logy if you will,
the complex structure of certain kinds of knowledge,..

Wittgenstein wanted to say you cannot "know" you have two hands,
to point out an asymmetry in a sophistication of words
I may not go along with that trope
we should be prepared for both possibilities.

Words in a different language sounds lovely in a song.

The world can only be understood in words.
Or, that is the understanding we are most interested in.
And these words are slippery,
Subjected to multiple understandings
Heading in different directions,
Calling up different examples and metaphors.
As the Ordinary Language philosophers exhorted us:
Think of many examples.
And think how these words are used in actual life.

MARCH 2019

Games, including language games, are LIKE contexts, THOUGH emphasizing social rules and their back and forths.
Contexts are individual situations that we are participating in.
Contexts are both in the world and in our minds; they are understood in the social world, but individually enabled in structure evolved for that very purpose.

Philosophy weaves together all the things we think we know.

All this philosophizing gains us nothing.
But nothing gains us anything, and we should not pretend it can.
It is more like the feeling we get from completing a difficult crossword puzzle.

Understanding is a social umbrella.
Something that covers us in understandings on what is going on in some superlinguistic sense.

Caution: slow thinkers ahead

We hold on to certain beliefs, both personal, collective and organizational.
Why do we do that?

What is this notion of privacy that we hold on to?

A man's house used to be is his castle.
Today a man's house is his glass cell.

Even knowing ful well it is fiction,
we wonder what's coming up in the plot, what's going on.

Body is more than a vehicle for genes to reproduce themselves. It is like the space program, the got us to go the moon but look here is Tang!

Most people live $100,000 lifestyle on $60,000.

You can experience experiencing all times simultaneously
but you cannot experience all time simultaneously.

We humans are constantly puzzling things out and understanding things.

Let us assume Michael Jackson is a sexual predator. Should we therefore not listen to his music and encourage others to do the same?
(assuming the songs are not anthems for pedophilia)
• If someone has been a pedophile it trumps everything? Not if discovered that Newton was a paedophile.
• So enjoy any aspect of his character? Does it matter if he is dead?
• Not give money to a predator?
• He is dead, and heirs might benefit. Not they not the pedophiles. Or did they participate by tolerating this?
• Does not stress enough the sheer horror of this [Note - The horror must be argued for.]

If there is an antichrist, is there not also the seductive antiholyghost, and of course, the antigod?

Before god comes, there is the antigod.

With Trumps new SpaceForce, space is no longer a safe space.

We can no longer walk across a mountain range to take things from our enemy.
This was done for necessity and for combat and competition,
Something we now do only in games.

We can now sit and be constantly entertained.
It's not a bad life, but it may not be a good life,
or perhaps not a life at all.

Where do we get off?

Canada is having a political problem
one all about proprieties and being too slow to investigate.
I can't follow it as I am now used to US lower brain-stem politics of Jerry Springer.

What we will be judged harshly on in the future
depends on what that future is.

We suck at creating new societies.

Music can be enjoyed without paying much attention to it.
It is a simple multiprocessing event of which we are capable.
We probably have many ways of monitoring the world, most of which are subconscious.

To say something is subconscious is to say that it does not activate the various programs of consciousness.

The world continues unabated in processes that seem they will lead us to destruction, or degradation,
and it seems we cannot change, or stop,
or can we?

Time will tell
but time tells different stories to different people.

Time has very personal side to it,
as my time,
or my time with time,
without which there is no me
only a blank slate.
(which is a great simplification)

I could write a poem
if I could write poems.

My time with time is very specific
which is impossible to appreciate in more than a few people.
My time with time is time with Linda.

My fingers are resting on the keyboard,
ready to type words that flow from somewhere is a very complicated game, or processes.
(hijacking processes meant for other processes)

The evolution gene.
It was found to be useful to evolve into something better at living.

We carry around little pictures of understandings,
like children's books,
while the universe around us roils in stories.

We can see that each understanding is inadequate,
And we can make it a rule.

What is a nuanced statement?
It manipulates a palette of associations.

For a poet any statement is fine,
with no need to explain a compelling vision.
He had already done that.
But a philosopher should only speak in true sentences,
but what does that mean in the abstractions of philosophy?
Avoidance of the poetic, striking statement is right
in the wrong way.

I am afraid that Trump believes his own lies.
Shouldn't a president have a better grip on reality?

Barry White was performed by Barry White.

How does my life compare with another's, or of someone living 200 years ago?
Damned if I know. But I can read books.
What then is the common narrative we can accept.

People who see racism, in people as is books, may be missing the good in them.

As a wittgestinian, these are base analysis, Would I have been different, if course, but would I have been more correct. I beluve Wittgenstein wes correct. That his philosophical instincts were highly debloped. Not the last wrd, but the next directiin. W. was cirrecti in alarger concepts, whohc were plausible, but nevertheless cleverly and fascinating universe, much like ours.

Books and history are fascinating study that is worthwhile for a sense of broadness and time,
There is a community of good people
monitored by academic wizards.
But now stupid people want to wear the robes.

In life, understanding that understanding is never enough, unless you are a top-notch philosopher like me.

I am a great philosopher.
Prove me wrong.

The hands pause, awaiting motion.
I should not make independent beings of them,
as they are part of me.

Of course I can poe,
(A poe is what a poet does)
but it is precisely a creation of anti-truth.

Before the truths, come the antitruths.

Sometimes you've got to cover up the mirror.

Facebook, snapchat - here we have no guiding clichés

We have hamburgers and meat products made out of vegetables.
Shouldn't we have vegetables made out of meat
(for the Keto crowd)?

Signs of aging: I can no longer read in the bathtub.

No longer | no linger

a poem
I capture your attention
as your mind struggle to understand
my unexpected words.
In the end we have an understanding,
or its beginning,
but we do not have knowledge
except we know our minds can move in strange directions.

There will never be a time on earth, no matter how utopian and stable, where there will not be gossip and talk regarding other people.
Or where some people are not privileged.

Some amazing things have been done by privileged people,

Can we imagine a world without celebrities, legends, major accomplishers?

Everything you see, you should meta-see.

My path is the path of no paths.

You think because I can say it, I can do it,
or I have gotten this saying from my experience and my observable success,
but no,
it is intuition, but of a peculiar verbal kind of skill,
the expelling of words that resonate with meaning.

When you erase a misspelled letter in phone, where does the letter go?
Should you keep it alive if possible,

England is more multi cultural as we value blending in.

People are drugged with spring.

You're probably the only person in the world who thinks you are not old.

I hve never mat anyone high on life.
Life is a bad drug.
That's why we like to get high.

I have met plenty of people who have never gotten "high"
not that there is anything wrong with that.

Our personal experiences of what it is to be a human,br> may not quite translate to how others may experience their life.
(Though there are limts to what we can experience our life
as hat very experience is a part of the life.)
We know we run a lot of similar programs,
especially the "we are similar" program
stimulated by something hat evolved before language,
indeed before any kind of thinking,

Nothing happens in my town anymore.
The local newspaper is dead
in part because
nothing happens in my town anymore.
We have to go further and further afield
to find things worthy of our horror,

Do anti-depressants make you happy?

Everyone is on the spectrum now.

Look carefully at animals.
They seem to exhibit many human characteristics:
care, love, tools, learning, etc.
So much cooperaton happened before language and language thoughts,
which are the thoughts we can put into words.
So much happened before reasoning.

Why don't presidential candidates run in teams?
It is what enterprise would do.

What is the reality of facebook?
Can we truly see another person's facebook?

Let us not forget as we sit, sleep and ponder out what should be done,
life barrels past, like a big river,
vast and out of control.

Global warming is like the songs of the whales,,br> undetectable by the normal human ear.

To what do we want to assign the word real,
and what are we saying when we so designate?
Not just that it is not unreal.

Each country has its own history,
the thing we teach the children in school.
(It would be good to have a book of them.)
Even so, these stories are not without effects on our thoughts,

For others,
it's gods,
all the way up.

I am living my life.
Right now this place, this situation is 100% of what I get.
(Though I may dream of something else.)

The first step towards a good relationships is is always to remember your love the person.

Modern TV shows have multiple characters because they have the time to develop them. Instead of looking down at all TV shows, I should think of these shows as something positive,
for those who want that sort of thing.
The way you might think about books.

We are now keeping down (not up) with America


Art must not only be beautiful
but also evocative
stirring us
ushering our thoughts onto new places.

People assume that the world is just like they assume. — van Morrison

One should not judge a theory on its defensibility,
because a theory not simply true or false.

What makes one house better than another house?
And the better the design, the less you notice it.
A good philosophy is a house but a conceptual framework
a way to think about and be at home in the world.

Is there a reality above and beyond your fundamental beliefs?
For some things yes, for other things no.

There is a good case to be made for reality.

Are there questions one should not ask or answer?
What is the problem if answering a question does no harm?

Our identity with our fellow human beings ebbs and flows.

Old age is a time to figure out who you were.

I don't need to say every time I disagree with someone
Or have a negative opinion.

What is there? is not a valid question?

You don't understand language
if you don't understand you can't understand language.

I cannot imagine a world without music.

Music is other people signaling that we are here.
And we want to play.

Perhaps we don't need an identity,
but it is a fun thing to play with.

Think of a world without music.
That is what a world without philosophy would be like.

The job of management is to give an alternative meaning,
a cover if you will, to what they do.

Much of history is predators against predators.

Someone is missing a marketing opportunity:
•   gourmet Cheetos
•   gourmet handcrafted pig rinds

Musicians are exceptional people
pretending they are us.

Many so-called philosophic questions don't seem worth answering.
They are more in the nature of a competition.

What is worth asking?
(That's one.)
How is it that we have philosophical and religious world-views?
What are they?
And that involves asking:
What is language and what is not?
What is man(kind)? (A new benign view of human nature?)

A new catchphrase: "It doesn't suck to be you."

"Thoughts go out the window."
That metaphor would be if you were to personify thoughts,
but I am not sure how useful that would be.

Resist the blandishments and the exhortations of the despot.

We might think we want a unified philosophical theory.
Consider that there have always been a variety of religions.

It is possible that our species' population pressure will modify our ideologies.

Techno music
or rather the technology behind it,
not only separates the song from the musicians,
but also from the band,
the being there together making music.

As I become, more human,
I begin to understand the power of royal palaces.

Most other people do not disagree with you,
on things where one can permit differeng opinios,
are not stupid.
There is often a value judgment.
supported by a fantasy.

There is no world peace because our "leaders" will not permit it.
Conflict strengthens authority.

We think there is one treasure,
one ring to rule them all.
The ultimate perfect treasure does not exist,
but there is lots and lots of treasure.

I have gone through my life without an identified identity,
though I have played a number of roles.
Was that a faux pas?

The world is and is not real.
We can think if contexts and situations which would make us say either one of these.

Discounting hallucinatory reality is no different that our quick ability to abandon physical reality for the new reality.

What life scenes are you mostly subconsciously living with assent?

There are many fortunate among us.

News headlines are becoming more clickbatie
and consequently misleading.

First take out morals What is left?

Conversation is not exposition, or setting forth a framework.
it is testing your view in words and deflecting the power of criticism or disagreement,.

In the future the computers may read your screen as you type.

Or you could get glasses that will tell you exactly who each person is who you see.

One problem is that all we can do on the internet is disagree.
Even when I am not posting anything on the internet, I am thinking of things that could be hooked into the internet.
I am drifting on a monstrous stream of conversation.

but not not ongoing agreements.
For how would that work?
"Oh yes."
"You got that one right!"
"Yesiree Bob!"

One dark lesson as we internetwork the Internet is that you are powerless to change another person's opinion.
It is painful to lose that crutch.

People have their beliefs.
They're a bit like their furniture.
But what people really like to do
is to defend their beliefs.

Thinking about who will run for present is avoiding the real issues. One of which is, what to do,
and how to do it.

"America's Got Presidential Candidates"

Even as I age I think of myself as a kid
growing better,
not realizing that a kid in slow motion has a whole different name.

The slowness of age means
I cannot play so many simultaneous games.

So we are a stream of people who communicate in little packets of information
using the language language.

Must I be, or have been someone someone, in my fife?
Yes and no.
Yes. By default I am someone, even if be the indecisive kind.
No. I do not identify with any of my attributes or social roles.
I am remaining vague and ambiguous
and perhaps hidden from myself.

This is true of most general and philosophical questions.
So we might make it a rule of philosophical thinking:
New rule: In all philosophy quest(ions) look both at yes and at no.
So.... in what way is this not a rule.

There is chain of reality to pass on to the next generation,
even if just decent human survival.

listening to each other's shit,
and each other shit.

It's one thing to save the world,
navigating Spaceship Earth through changing times,
but does it have to be done with drama, commentators, shrieking and yelling?

We cannot comprehend the time scale of evolution,
with its depths of connections and miracles.
Even as it is a game of Survivors.

Then there is our immense sense of self-importance.
We love to think we were created by the most powerful being in the universe,
in its very image.
we think he made this world for us
to do with as we please,
as we are all that matters.
(More likely we are but a phenomenon.)

One appeal of StarWars is that it shows us a unified Earth.

Instead of words we can now use emojis or animated gifs.
A picture may equal a thousand words,
But a thousand words can be confusing and send all sorts of distracting messages.

Like Trump, AOC has a twitter personality.
We of course have no idea what a twitter personality can potentially be.
nor do they.

I still do not see how rocks can melt.

I want to enjoy the sheer pleasure of not using any muscles, an achievement made easier by age.

We don't want to live and think about all this new stuff.
The way we were was fine.
Except it wasn't.

Twitter levels the playing field, or at least the cost of admission.

Democracy is not good if ignorant people get to decide,
at least on things that are not a matter of opinion,
and would need some background.

Since most white people in America do not know their heritage,
or it is hopelessly spoiled by people who may have had a tenuous if not hostile connection to it,
we can only identify as white people.
And that narrative is something we need to address in a thoughtful manner.
What would that story be?

In the future, Noam Chomsky may be seen as a great thinker of our time.

ME: Can I get you anything from downstairs?
Wife: Can you get me water . . . and ice?
ME: Do you think I am made of refrigerators?

Instead of documenting the complexities of philosophy, you can throw out the whole enterprise and simply be happy.

Double entendres, of the philosophical kind need to be stated in single entendres.

I like all the Democratic candidates.
With Republicans in 2016 I picked our things I hated,

Of course I don't want to die.
I want to read tomorrows news.
I want to be around for season 2038.
The plot seems to thicken,

If what I think is true, all strong philosophical opinions are inadequate.
This can be seen in several ways which in turn can be seen in several ways,
all of which end in ignorance.

I must pretend to be what I am.


Whenever you say something
and generalize about the world
Listen to what you say
and see if that is really true.

Most people can't really distinguish the past from fantasy.
The important thing to keep in mind is that it did not happen all that long ago.
We think we had changed and put that genie in the bottle of history books

A model of the human mind would not be a logic machine.

There is such complexity in nature,
participation without conscious awareness.
Consciousness is something we add. It is not the generating factor.

A family from Indiana came out West and found a perfect piece of land to build a house on.
This we do not see as any kind of landgrab
we decided,
thinking it much like the land of our youth
and only this,
was and is life.

We would like to have a war
or perhaps more accurately also a contest.

What is useless information?
(The daily states of most everything?)

Taleb Nassim EYI implies, without argument that there is a non-idiotic way, to behave in the world.
Also. If the non-EYI were to be given more power things would be better.
But people with skin in the game recognize that is is their own skin in the game.
Other people's skin are of secondary concern.

America has a truncated view of the past.

Twitter feeds cannot give you the complexity of the world, or the personalities of the people who care about the life of the planet.

Philosophy wants to sit down and figure it all out.

I read another philosopher,
and from the beginning I say you are not using words properly.
Always start with that.
The emphasis should be on our essential ignorance cause by fuzzy words and their apparent understandings.
One must recognize the things that cannot be understood.
Is this counseling skepticism?
Perhaps. No matter.
And we apologize for the blunt fuzzy tools we only can use to understand the words: words.

We cannot understand understanding,
and we don't understand that understanding is not the true understanding,
which is an illusion, it does not as it cannot exist.
Only its felt conceptualization.

On drugs there is a context behind the present,
and it can change like the weather.
And this brings out idiotic false thoughts.

When we simplify,
do we want an outline, a simple loss of detail,
or do we want modern art with its distortions of the human figure.

If we the reader still have piece together an understanding,
even of a linear sequential presentation,
why not make it easier and just show them the piece.

Most of us seek an understanding we don't understand.
It could be a mirage on the horizon.
It is the understanding that cannot take place.

We never had a common understanding,
so what keeps us together?
our faith in a common understanding?

What is cultural life without common understandings?
Can that state be satisfactory?

Understanding the world
is like I'm humming an opera with some words and some phrases and some blanks to be filled in later
but also I can see parts of it in my mind though there is nothing there.

I sit here in absolute heaven.
You might call it wasted
I am but it is en-lightened

Is there a class of people who enjoy classical music more deeply than most?

Some people can think so much faster than me.

We cannot think about billion years ago
We cannot comprehend much before 200 years ago.
We cannot comprehend the length of life and the minuscule part we are playing in it.

Music you can really take and you can give your full attention.

Here in my older age is my last chance to be happy.
I'll go for it. How hard can it be?
It seems largely to be about being satisfied.
I am satisfied in being an old man who had had a wonderful life yet not lived up to some of his ridiculous dreams.

I made a bad them, but eventually I made a good me.

We have never had a chance to see
how we would handle a president who is ignorant stupid self-centered and disrespectful.
It's a little hard to handle.
We need a classy new way.

Washington crossed the Delaware is a simple narrative that tells us nothing.
The history of the world only exists as perceptions experiences of people.
History without that is misleading parade of pseudo-concepts.
[Sentence from Sicilian history.]

Complexities of animal life.
1. Extreme behavioral programming
2. A chemistry we are just starting to puzzle out
3. An incomprehensible time scare.

Our decoder ring is our understanding.
Our decoder ring is our understanding is our decoder ring.

The world has a suchness to it.
Like its solidity
and our embedment in our bodies.

We really did build our world on rock 'n roll, but this is mostly forgotten as denied as something for how could that be?
I welcome new music into my heart.

I sit here in stupefaction wondering how I got this far without major violence, but this is true for most everyone I know.

There is a reality but it is unique and everything you say about it dices up an organized multi-faceted / multi-processes experience.
You can of course dismiss the world.
and its mindless bustle.

Maybe if you were feeling a certain way,
Just hope with a reasonable chance of success.

If David Attenborough has taught me anything he has taught me that we are first of all food to each other.

Perhaps we all succumb to the charm of being a shaman.
or sha-person.

In Active Family Resemblance (AFR)
we make sense of what people say,
and do this with a net of associations.

Philosophical sentences in general words can be understood in a number of ways
as well as its opposite.

Capitalism, give the people what they want?

Understanding life, be it philosophical, poetical or musical, is a simulacrum, and not the real thing.

Understanding music does not absolve you from having to experience it.
Understanding life does not absolve you of living it.

What is a formerly educated person in the 21st century?
Most people never learn to focus on a classical music
with its delicacy of phrasing, its passion, its development.
Instead we have music at background music (with no development)
or we substitute recognition for appreciation.

ANd what do we gain by reading the Greeks or Russian.
Two lessons
•   people were like us and better
•   this stuff is better than.

What does it mean that you cannot google "best videos on YouTube", or "best music," or "wisdom," or "truth"
and come up with the best videos on YouTube, the best music, wisdom or truth.

Understanding makes things small.

Music is a very fuzzy word with multiple criteria, and a wider range of resemblances.
There are words with small criteria and large criteria that flow over a wide range of things.

Listening to my CDs to see what I may want to listen to again before I die, makes me want to live longer.

Modern capitalism:
If a food is only liked by 10% of the population, we don;t stock it.
Instead we get 25 varieties of things liked by 60% if population.

What makes a word free to extend itself?
No easy answer.
There is always poetical and metaphorical use. Why?

You cannot avoid being judged, but you can ameliorate and deflect such judgments.
Or decide that I want to be judged worthy by these people.
You can be judged on what you like and what you don't like.

Music, especially classical music,
is now more than music,
it is life.

If you like classical music you think you have acquired a noble skill that others are not _____ enough to accomplish.

Life experienced, and language as well, is a river of chords.

So much of what makes life convenient and easy is bad for the planet.
The same is true for our economy is as well.

On the Internet we have no skin in the game.
On the Internet we have no skin.
We have no bodies,
and we cannot be punched.

Things that did not happen in my lifetime:
•   death of religion
•   death of nation-states
•   a new view of human nature: view is simple
•   world peace
•   spiritual growth of mankind
•   brotherhood of man

Things that happened that I did not anticipate
•   internet
•   photo recognition
•   language translation
•   internet having a negative
•   and bad things, not pollution or nuclear disaster but global warming.

It is interesting that the Internet and the wisdoms of mankind have not made a positive effect on literate societies,
quite the opposite.

How did it get to be possible for total strangers to trash talk each other
when, in the cosmic sense,
we are all on the same team.
Some people believe we are here to fight
and that we are in the thunderdome.
And how is it possible that we all watch this,
we are like a ring of students standing around in a school fight?

Words as piano keys.
Who knows what a gifted musician can do.

There are chords of truth.

You make a clever synthesis of alternative views bit still it's not enough.

The news we should be interested in
is not usually the news we are interested in.
Also distractions and competitions.

We cannot agree on a world view.
Why do we believe such irreconcilable conclusions?
No doubt a number of irreconcilable theories of that as well.
And if we had a theory that reconciled this
We would not believe that theory either.

Nationhood is more of a stance than a narrative.

You would think we would have learned after two world wars that the game of nation states does not come to a happy resolution.
There is no narrative where this is the case.
IS it that only opposition keeps the nation consolidated.

Why do we not have world peace?
•   we appeal to our own tribe
•   our fear of strangers
•   economic equality
•   immigration
•   difficulties of multi-culturalism

We humans and all other earthly life
are the end process of an incomprehensibly long time period.
The traditional story of god creating man and animals and the earth at the same time makes is easy to think of the earth and its biomes as somehow being created for our use, as they are so useful.
We need to invert the thinking for the length of time to recognize out disruption of this process,
which is both unconscious and horrid.
Will the earth recover.
Of course, Give us a another 500,000,000 years.

We read an ancient thinker for their ideas
and simultaneously what is wrong with their ideas
and what their ideas tell us about them.

We read philosophers to see where they went wrong in spite of their acceptance and their plausibilities.

Plato is not right but he is a genius.
We should admire and recognize that.
He shows what can be done.

Heidegger's existentialia are the modes of the manimal.

Kant' categories of the manimal.
The concepts and the reactions in which we perceive our world
Space and time are perhaps the greatest though often of smaller significance.

So what is the world without our understanding of it?

With a creator it is easy to think there are principles and rules of construction of the human awareness. Without it, and with evolution, the picture is more challenging.
What is unplanned order?
But somebody had to build it?!
It grew.
It unfolded
And it gives us no guidance at all.
So what should we do?
One can go in many inconsistent directions at once,
A kind of expansion without direction.

I am marooned here with all these other people around me.

Ultimately bigger events are afoot.
Why we care about ultimately and not tomorrow is strange.

I can imagine it — but it breaks on reality,

Collectively we are on a voyage
albeit a slow one.

We may fashion our own realities
but we are not in control of the process.

Part of studying in philosophers is seeing multiple valleys of got us nowhere.

Just like nerves must send a somewhat unspecified impulses to be recognized, our words must make a certain kind and numbers of connections.

Somewhere out there sits a person much smarter than you, but this is hard to notice because he is also faster than you or of the opposite gender. And you fight against people smarter than you, in some important way.

Musical cocoons are wonderful.

As I age I doubt I will figure out who I am.
I have always been an experiential ring moving forward.
But judging myself as I judge others.
What other am I?
I am that limited package.
But do I need to know that?
Could it be useful?

It's all fun and games until the glaciers show up.

I have been told I should not be so arrogant.
The trouble is I like arrogant people.

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